EA SPORTSUFC ® delivers a more realistic simulated fighting experience than ever before.

Step into the Octagon™ as one of the world’s premier mixed martial arts athletes. Use the environment to your advantage as you throw superman punches, deliver roundhouse kicks, and maneuver careful takedowns. When playing against the game’s AI, your opponent will adapt to your strategy based on their real-life tendencies, giving you a true-to-life fighting challenge.

Performing mixed martial arts requires precision and endurance. As you progress through the rounds of a match, watch the fatigue and damage appear on the fighters' faces and skin. Keep fighting. See if you have the strategy and heart it takes to leave the Octagon a champion.

Move fighter
Left straight punch
Right straight punch
Left leg kick
Right leg kick
Lunge (flick)
Slips + (flick)
Body/ Takedown modifier
Technical modifier /


Single leg + , ,
Double leg + , ,
Power single leg + + , ,
Power double leg + + , ,
Defend takedown +

Clinch Attempts

Single collar
Double under +
Thai clinch + +
Over under +
Defend clinch +


Hooks / +
Uppercuts / +
Front kick / +
Roundhouse / +
Body modifier
Technical modifier /
Cage strike (when near cage) + / + / / /
Weak block
High strong block + / (time for parry high)
Low strong block + / (time for parry low)


Whip left/right (has opponent in Thai clinch) + /
Rotate opponent/ Push opponent/ Pull opponent / / /
Break clinch

Advance Position

Transition left/right , , / , ,


Single leg + , ,
Double leg + , ,
Power single leg + + , ,
Power double leg + + , ,
Trip/ Throw + , , / , ,
Defend takedown/ Trip +
Defend escape +

Defend Position

Defend transition left +
Defend transition right +


Hooks /
Uppercuts / +
Knees to leg /
Knees to head / +
Body modifier
Elbow strikes + /
Weak block


Posture up (power strike)
Posture left/ right /

Advance Position

Pass/ Sweep left/ right , , / , ,
Advance position/ Sweep + , , / , ,
Submission attempt + , , / , ,

Defend Position

Defend pass/ Sweep left/ right + /
Defend submission attempt +


Straight /
Hook + / (from postured up)
Elbow + + / (from postured up)
Hammer fist + / (from postured up)
Knee /
Body modifier


Ground Position

Left kick thigh
Right kick thigh
Tomahawk sweep , ,
Scissor sweep , ,

Standing Position

Move fighter
Dive punch /
Axe kick
Left kick thigh
Right kick thigh
Enter stacked guard


Gain quick access to the Octagon with Fight Now, compete online with Championships, or check out your defining moments in the Highlight Reel.


The Play panel is your hub for accessing UFC’s major game modes. Jump into a quick match with Fight Now, launch your path to glory in Career mode, play against live opponents in Online, or access Challenges to practice your moves.


Access FighterNet to see memorable Highlight reels you have uploaded from UFC® Spotlight™, see what other UFC players have shared, vote on your favorite video submissions, and view stats in your Profile.


From the Customize panel, you can adjust various settings, create a new fighter, view your saved fighters, or customize a music playlist.


As you progress through the various online divisions of Championships, you can keep track of your experiences in your Profile, accessible from the FighterNet panel. Your Profile shows your Wins and Losses, Striking and Grappling stats, the percentage of game time you have spent in each weight division, and more. You can also view the UFC Spotlight to see the community’s Highlight Reels and Highlights of the Night, your friends’ activity, and your own highlights.


From the main menu’s Customize panel, select MUSIC to start customizing your sound experience in UFC. Selecting music from the four available music tabs, choose which songs you would like to assign to the menu screens, your training gyms, or your Octagon walk.

EA SPORTS™ Soundtrack Listen to music from the game’s official soundtrack.
EA SPORTS UFC Theme Music Listen to the game’s theme, which plays by default from the main menu.
EA Bonus Tracks Hear extra tracks from EA’s music library, which you can assign to your fighter, training gyms, or the main menu.
EA SPORTS UFC Bonus Music Choose music from the UFC official music library for your fighter, training gyms, or the main menu.


  1. 1 - Health/Stamina
  2. 2 - Clock
  3. 3 - Round number

Keep track of the damage you inflict at the top of the game screen. Your health and stamina information appears in the upper left corner of the screen, while your opponent's information appears in the upper right corner.


As you damage, the parts of your body that are under attack or injured flash red. When this happens, get into a defensive position, move away from your attacker, and start dealing your own damage to stay in the fight!


As you perform moves to attack your opponent, your stamina will gradually decrease. Watch your stamina bar in the top left corner of the screen to make sure it doesn’t deplete fully, and move away from the attack to regain stamina. Your fatigue will also show as your moves become heavier, sloppier, or generally less precise.

Reading Your Opponent

Do you crave a realistic match with a clean screen? During any round, press to access the Pause menu, and then select SETTINGS > GAMEPLAY to toggle the Fighter HUD On or Off. If you turn the HUD off, the only way to tell how each opponent is doing is to watch for visible signs of injury and fatigue, such as cuts, bruises, and slower movements.

Get ready for a true-to-life challenge, and make sure you’re constantly reading your opponent to time the right attacks!

Fight Now

Select FIGHT NOW to put your mixed martial arts skills to the test in a UFC match. Soak in the electric atmosphere as you watch each fighter enter the stadium to the sounds of cheering crowds. Once you’re inside the Octagon, think like a champion as you try to take down your opponent!

To get started, choose your weight division and scroll through available UFC fighters for each corner. When you’re satisfied with your match-up, press to advance to the next screen and choose your difficulty level, the type of match you want to play, the length of rounds, and the venue. Select ADVANCE TO FIGHT when you’re ready to jump into the Octagon.

Pause Menu

Press to pause the round and view the Pause menu. Here, you can change sides, adjust game settings, check out stats from the current match, and more.

Resume Resume your current match.
Rematch Start the match over.
Select Sides Switch sides at any point to play the match from the other fighter’s perspective.
Settings Adjust gameplay, audio, and visual settings, or review the controls.
Audio Settings Choose a preset mix and customize the volume of various sound effects and music to make your fighting experience more vivid than ever.
Fight Statistics See each fighter’s overall Fight Stats, such as Knockdowns, Significant Strikes, and Total Takedowns. You can also review the specific stats for each round you’ve played so far.
Game Manual Review the game manual to brush up on your knowledge of UFC.
Quit End your current match and return to the main menu. You will lose all progress from the match.
The Sounds of EA SPORTS UFC

Make your EA SPORTS UFC sound experience your own by choosing from five different preset mixes and customizing the volume of the Crowd, Sound FX, Music, Commentary and Trainers to your liking.

Choose Broadcast to enjoy the default mix, which sounds exactly like watching a real UFC fight on television.

Turn on the Spectator mix to listen to the fight as if you’re sitting right in the crowd during a packed championship match. Hear the cheers and crowd heckles as you win your title belt.

Want to hear what the fighters hear? If you do, Octagon is your mix. Being able to hear your trainers shout advice to you while you fight could be the difference between winning and losing.

Choose Party if you want to turn off the crowd noise and just enjoy the Music and Sound FX. Play songs from the vast soundtrack and bonus music while you fight.

If you want to fine-tune your sound experience, go with Custom and adjust the audio levels for the Crowd, Sound FX, Music, Commentary, and Trainers. Your fighting experience is your own—now you can make it sound that way.

NOTE: Audio settings are only applied to fights in Fight Now mode. Players will still need to access the Audio Settings screen to adjust the volume in all modes.


Create or import a fighter and get ready to take him to the top of his game. After you choose your martial artist, you must select your difficulty level. Then, you'll advance to training and take on opponents as you strike your way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship®!

Creating a Fighter

Select START A NEW CAREER to create a new fighter from scratch. This lets you choose everything from your most impressive moves to the gear you wear inside and outside the Octagon.

General Info

Start with the basics. Choose your Name, Nickname, Home City, and details such as your Age, Height, and Weight Class.


Your look will help define you in the Octagon. Customize your Face, Hair, Body Type, Skin Tone, and more. You can also show off your individuality with Tattoos, available in different styles and for various locations on the body.


As you gain sponsors, decide which gear you will wear during a match and after it ends. You can choose everything from your walkout t-shirt to mouth guard— but first, you’ll have to impress the sponsors.


This is where you decide your game plan when facing an opponent. You might choose to be a master of the takedown, a powerhouse striker with lots of stamina, or a high-speed martial artist with extra defense. The vast number of options gives you plenty of ways to fine-tune your fighter.

As you level up, you will be able to select ABILITIES and choose which ability to include as part of your game plan. You can see the Ability Distribution between Ground, Stand Up, and Physical abilities in the lower right corner of the screen. Select MOVES to choose what maneuvers you will master, and select ATTRIBUTES to choose skill levels for Standup, Clinch, Ground, and Health. Customize your strengths to your liking to become a unique and masterful martial artist.


From the Career hub, press to view menus covering your Attributes and Moves, the UFC Newsfeed, your stats and awards, and more.

My Fighter View and customize your Abilities, Attributes, Moves, and Sponsor Banner, or make edits in the character creator.
UFC World Keep up to date on real-world UFC events with UFC News and Power Ranking.
My Career Review your career so far with Career Stats, including your Level, Time Played, Fans, Wins, and even details about your performance in the Octagon. You can also view your Fight Awards, the Media Center, and Settings.
Quit Quit Career mode and return to the main menu.


Are you ready to unleash your competitive side? Online gameplay in UFC lets you square off against live opponents to test your skills, see if you can beat the competition to championship trophies, and more.

Origin Accounts

At home and on the go, Origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. Use your Origin Account to access EA games, apps, and sites. Don’t have an Origin Account? Sign up now for free in UFC.

NOTE: To unlink your Xbox Live profile from your Origin Account, go to https://account.origin.com/cp-ui/aboutme/index.


Fight your way through belt divisions and enter tournaments to win trophies. All of the competition is online, so you’ll have to prove you can handle yourself in the Octagon against other UFC players!

Fight Now

Face off against a live opponent in your choice of weight class. You may choose more than one weight class for more matchmaking options.


Jump into a weekend tournament and see if you have what it takes to walk away with the cup. White or blue belts can get their feet wet with the Starter Cup, while other cups require higher belt levels.


View the Leaderboards to see the Top 100 fighters around the world, the number of players in the various Divisions, and how your Friends rank.


How many division championships and tournament wins have you racked up so far? Awards is your trophy cabinet for your UFC Championships experience, where you can check out your history of successes in various belt divisions and tournaments.


Face off against friends and see if you can beat them to the title in a series of fights. In the Rivalries Hub, you’ll be able to see who currently hoists the trophy, how many fights you have left this Season, the number of seasons you’ve won so far, your Points, and your all-time record for this mode. When you finish a Season, start another one to see who will come out the victor next time!

Quick Match

Want to jump into the action just for the fun of it? Play an unranked head-to-head match against another competitor online. This is a fun way to see how your skills match other players’!


Work your way through a series of Standup, Clinch, Wrestling, and Submission Challenges. Select which category you want to focus your energy on, and then choose specific aspects you wish to master. As you finish Challenges, more difficult ones will open up. You’ll be able to keep track of your progress in the upper right corner of each main tile, which shows how many Challenges you’ve completed over the total number of Challenges available.

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