Super Time Force is an old school run and gun shooter with a Time-Travel twist. Anytime you die or choose Time-Out, you can rewind time and respawn your next life at any point in the level. When you spawn back into the level your past lives are all doing exactly what they did their first time around, allowing you to team up with your past selves for some action packed single player co-op.

or Move / Aim
Attack, hold for charged attack
Fast Forward
Rewind to Start
  • Time-Out allows you to spawn in different characters, redo sections of a level, or simply build up a virtual army of past lives fighting together.
  • Each character has their own Attack, try out different characters and combinations to find a good match for different levels or bosses.
  • Preventing the death of a past life will create a power-up. Collect it to combine your charged attack with theirs and earn and one extra HP.
  • Try building up an army of characters to tackle tough sections. A boss that might take a single character a long time to defeat can often be accomplished in seconds with a small army!
  • Rewinding and replaying longer sections of levels is a great way to optimize your playthrough and beat the level more quickly.
  • Collect Glorbs to earn extra Time-Outs, and collect CLOX to earn time bonuses.