Tour de France 2015 invites you to choose one of the official teams taking part in the Grande Boucle; to embody its riders and pursue the holy grail of cycling: the yellow jersey!

We recommend that you begin with the warmup before engaging in your first race.

The Manual accessible from the main menu will show you how the game works and teach you cycling from the basics to the most advanced techniques.

For more information or tips on the game:

Team Comm
Gear ratio
Aerodynamic position
Race info

Carte blanche

The rider is free to do what he wants.


The rider tries to break away from his group.

Follow attacks

The rider follows opponents who break away from his group.

Wait for me

If your rider is dropped, the rider slows down to wait for him.


The rider moves next to another rider to protect him from the wind.


The rider consumes the feed if it is available.

Launch the sprint

The rider goes full out in the last kilometres.


The rider takes the pull at the head of his group. Then choose the intensity of the relay.

Stay in his group

The rider remains in his group without taking any initiative.

Disrupt relays

The rider moves towards the front of his group without taking a pull.

Tour de France

Take part in the Tour de France and complete the missions of each team.

Pro Team

Advance your team to unlock new races and new riders.


Achieve the best times in more and more difficult descents from mountain passes.


Quickly learn the basics of the game and how to control your rider.


Compete against another player on the roads of the Tour de France.

Name editor

Change the name of all riders and teams in the game.


Gain strategic advice to help you win and learn the rules that apply to the Tour de France race.


Change various audio and display settings.


The list of those who contributed to the development of the game.

Create your team and win the Tour ! Complete different objectives to unlock new races, win money and improve your team during the next season.

Your ultimate goal is to recruit legendary runners !

Play in cooperation mode

You can play in co-op in Tour de France and Pro Team modes. Each player controls a different rider in the same team.

New game

Player 2 can join Player 1 for a new game during the presentation of the next stage. He can also join him from a saved game.

Game in progress

Player 1 must save his game and return to the main menu so that player 2 can join, either a new game, or to continue player 1's game that was in progress.

Play in Versus

You have the possibility to challenge one of your friends through a Tour de France.

Each player selects his team before engaging in the competition.

Technical support

If you encounter problems, please contact our technical support department by e-mail (service in French and English):

Please provide technical support with as much information as possible on the type of problem and how it occurs.


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