Thank you for purchasing GALAGA.

GALAGA first appeared in arcades in 1981.
This version is a faithful recreation of the original, with additional options that let you adjust screen and sound settings for a truly authentic experience.

Beloved for its simple rules but deep gameplay, this game was the inspiration for the many subsequent titles in the GALAGA series. We hope you enjoy playing!

How to Play

Move the fighter left and right, and fire missiles with the A Button.
* You can change the fire and rapid fire buttons from the Controls menu.

Defeat all the aliens to advance to the next stage.
You will lose a life if you are hit by an alien missile.

The Dual Fighter

Occasionally, a boss will capture your fighter with its tractor beam.
If your fighter gets captured, you will lose a life.
Defeat the boss to reclaim your fighter and combine into a Dual Fighter.

Earning a High Score

More points are awarded for shooting aliens while they are attacking than when they are stationary.

Bosses with escort ships grant more points when defeated.

Every few stages, a Challenging Stage will appear where the aliens will not attack.
Shoot all the aliens in such stages to earn a Perfect Bonus.
Move Fighter
Display Menu
Fire / (In menu) Confirm
(In menu) Cancel
Rapid Fire

* You can change the fire and rapid fire buttons from the Controls menu.
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