Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 lets you take your ninja skills to a whole new level. Whether it be by honing those you already earned in the classic Quickplay modes, or by training new ones in Festival modes, exclusive to Kinect for Xbox One and its unique features. Friends can join you in the adventure or compete against you in multiplayer modes.
To slice, move either hand quickly across the screen.
To throw a dagger at the screen, do any quick forward motion with one of your hands. This works only in specified game modes.
To jump in an on-going single player game, walk next to the active player. Once the prompt appears at the top of the screen, wave at the Kinect until your shadow appears.
To pause the game during gameplay, bow to the Kinect.
To scroll through a list in the Swag menu, put your open hand over the scrollable area and close it. This initiates the scrolling. Move your closed hand to scroll, then open it to stop.
A Ninja is nothing without a belt! Earn tokens by completing missions and mastering the art of fruit slicing. Earn enough tokens and you will a get a new Ninja belt, rank and title, progressing towards the prestigious title of Fruit Ninja!
Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 offers extra challenges in the form of Missions. If available, a Mission is shown to you before you start your game. Some Missions need to be completed over the course of multiple rounds. Other missions will have you rely on your skills by completing it in a single round. By completing Missions, you earn Tokens towards new Ninja belts.
Slice 3 fruits or more with one slice for a combo.

Perform multiple combos in a short amount of time and you'll get Blitz Bonuses! (only available in specific modes)
You earn starfruit after each completed game in Festival or Quickplay modes. You can also earn them by slicing them if they appear during a game, by leveling up or by completing Missions after you've reached the final Ninja belt rank.

Use starfruit to buy items in the Swag store.
The Festival was created by Sensei to help find the next "Fruit Ninja" - the 4 Ninjas in Training are helping by offering their expertise to teach you the ways of the Fruit Ninja.

Learn to be stealthy! Stay out of the spotlight and slice fruit while no one is looking.

Be quick on your feet! Dodge shurikens and quickly slice the speedy propeller fruits.

Keep a clear mind (and garden). Slice the glowing seeds so the bamboo doesn't grow. Dropping seeds will speedily grow bamboo which get in the way of you seeing the fruit.

Target practice! Throw daggers to pin fruits to the wall. Pin fruits on the targets for bonus points.

Quickplay lets you play the good old Fruit Ninja Kinect games with the Kinect for Xbox One well as a few surprises here and there!

Slice all the fruit! If you miss one, you earn a strike. Three strikes and you're out! Hitting a red bomb will cause the bomb to explode and the game to end.

Time to Power Up! Freeze slows time down. Double points doubles your points while it's active. Jumbo makes your fruits super big. Frenzy puts you in the middle of a fruit storm.

Just play and relax! No bombs, no strikes, only slicing.

Multiplayer lets two to four players play in a competitive way. There are no missions in here, except to beat your opponent!

2 - 4 players. To choose the number of players, each player must select a color.

Slice only the fruit with the outline that matches your color. You lose points for slicing your opponent's fruit.

Slice the coin to start the minigames. The winner of the minigame get bonus points that are added to your score.

Head-to-head battle! 2 players only. Only slice fruits with an outline that matches your color. Lose points for slicing your opponent's fruit.

Slice power up bananas to give your opponents trouble! Bomb Attack sends them bombs, Fast Forward makes their fruits move twice as fast, and Mini-Fruit shrinks their fruit to a microscopic size.
If errors occur during calibration, press the Y button on your Xbox One Controller or go into Settings from the Main Menu and select "Recalibrate".
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