Las artes marciales de motocicletas sensibles es una disciplina relativamente nueva, pero tú puedes encontrar el éxito si tienes confianza en tus armamentos y en tu compañero humano.

Sé agresivo, contrarresta cualquier ataque, y sobre todo, mantén un desprecio absoluto por los límites de velocidad indicados.

  • Move
  • Melee
  • Pablo Action
  • Fire Weapons
  • Turbo/Dash/Counter
  • Fire Weapons (alternate)
  • Turbo/Dash/Counter (alternate)
  • Main Menu
  • Xbox Home Menu

I.R.I.S. is able to counter a wide variety of attacks; be on the lookout for the counter crosshairs for possible counters. Counter with theButton.

It’s possible to melee most vehicles that shoot at I.R.I.S.

Until you get the shield upgrade, boosting into traffic will damage I.R.I.S.

Time Bonus makes up a large percentage of your final score, so turbo often and defeat enemies as quickly as you can.

If the standard controls aren’t comfortable, try out an alternative control scheme in the Help & Options menu.

Points can also be spent on bonus content available from the Garage in the Main menu.

Too much awesome voice in the game for you to handle? Go to the Help & Options menu and turn off voice.

Ranged enemies get a score bonus based on your accuracy.

Pablo’s tough...he can take it.

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