The Island of Banoi, just off the coast of Papua New Guinea, is a wild and untamed paradise, virtually untouched by modern civilization. From the lush rain forests to the mountain highlands to the white sandy beaches, Banoi is considered the pearl in the necklace of the Oceania Archipelago.

For many, it is heaven on Earth - a place of peace and pristine beauty where travelers can leave the worries and cares of the workaday world behind. But something evil has arrived in paradise, spreading chaos, madness, and death. Heaven has become Hell, and for those who still cling to life, there is only one thing left to do: survive.

Characters info
They came to Banoi from all over the Earth, each for a different reason. They have nothing in common except for the mistakes, regrets and missed opportunities that mark their lives. If they are to survive, these unlikely heroes must band together and journey into Banoi’s heart of darkness.

If someone has money, if they have power, they can pretend to be as pious as hell and no one will ever suspect how evil they are. I learned that first hand working as a vice detective in Sydney. You know how many female half-Aborigine detective’s there were before me? None. You think it was easy? Suffering the abuse of my so-called colleagues. Half of ‘em hated me because I was a girl and the other half didn’t like the fact that my mum was a Koori. But when it’s the end of the bloody world, no one gives a shit who you are or how big your bank account is. I saw it in the resort as the infection spread and the rich died just as quick as the poor. And in Moresby, where the powers that be blew the bridges and trapped the less fortunate in the worst of it. But in the end it didn’t save any of them. When all the lies are stripped away and the only thing between them and the bloody end is me, suddenly Purna is their best friend. Well bugger them. I’m not here for them. I’m here for the ones who can’t protect themselves. Anyone who lives in fear. I will protect them. And I will die for them, because... I was one of them.

I always thought I wasn’t worth a damn. Even when I made All-Pro quarterback. Even at the top of my game, leading my team to the championship, deep down I didn’t think I deserved any of it. That everything would come crashing down. And dammit if I wasn’t right. But did I learn from that? Did I change who I was? Hell no. I just enjoyed wallowing in my own goddamn misery. Boo hoo, right? Well, I’m done with that. Seeing the whole world go to hell puts your own goddamn problems in perspective a little bit. I would have died at the Royal Palms for sure if good people didn’t put their lives on the line for me. Not to mention what happened in Moresby and that goddamn jungle. I’ve seen some sick and horrible things, brother, but I’ve also seen people sacrifice everything for some poor soul they hardly know. When you’re saving some terrified sumbitch’s ass, you don’t have time to wallow in self-pity. There’s a lesson there. I’m not sure exactly what it is. I’m not that fucking smart. But I do know one thing, man. Logan Carter ain’t as big a douchebag as everybody thought he was.

Sam B
When I was growing up in N’awlins, all I ever wanted to do was rap. But, man, I couldn’t catch a break until “Who Do You Voodoo.” It was just supposed to be a joke, but all of a sudden, I was rich as shit. I had everything I ever wanted, man. Everything. Except respect. Nobody thought I was the real deal. Just some no talent one hit wonder. And hell, if I didn’t start believing them. It’s no surprise I didn’t have another hit after that. I had nothing to say. Well, you know what? I got something to say now. Didn’t think I’d ever see anything as sad as Katrina, but this plague... what happened at the Royal Palms... what happened in Moresby... it’s something out of goddamn horror movie, man. The dead are rising up against the living like it’s the end of days, and maybe it is, but I gotta say, people do amazing shit when they up against it. The ones you think will stand their ground, they fucking run. And the quiet ones. The ones you don’t even notice. Man, they don’t give an inch. They’ll give up everything for someone they don’t even know. There’s a song there somewhere. Shit, I don’t even know if I’m gonna still be standing when all is said and done. But if I am... believe me, Sam B got something to say.

Xian Mei
My father was a Chief Inspector for the Hong Kong Police. He died when I was ten and I told myself then that I would follow in his footsteps. I joined the force after graduating at the top of my class, but the men in charge never intended for me to be a real police officer. They didn’t believe women were up to the task. But now... no one can deny who I am. What I’ve done. What I’m capable of. I thought I needed to prove my worth to my superiors. But now I know they are not and never were my superiors. It doesn’t matter what they believe. It matters what I believe. And I know there is more to this tragedy than meets the eye. This infection, this plague, is human born. This is not nature correcting itself. This is mankind destroying itself. I saw how it swept the resort and reduced Moresby to bloody chaos. I don’t know where it came from but I do know that there those in this world who would sacrifice millions to make billions. They operate unmolested with the approval of those who are supposed to protect us. In the end, I they will I expose them for the monsters they are. For I am Xian Mei and I will honor my father’s memory.

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