Blocks fall from the top of the bin. You can move them left or right, rotate them, or drop them quickly.

Blocks make links with adjacent blocks, if the colors match. This is a chain!

This is a Detonator. It makes blocks of matching color explode!

That detonation continues along the entire chain. Some rare Detonators are white, and will match any color!

Detonate another chain within 5 seconds for a sequence bonus. It'll keep getting bigger the longer you keep the sequence going!

Want to link two different colors? That's what a Coupler is for.

Use a Coupler to create even longer chains for even bigger scores! Connections from the side work, too!

Detonate a chain with more than 7 links, and you will earn an Item.

Activating an Item can help clear the bin, give you more Detonators, stop your current block from falling, destroy the bottom row, and more! You can have up to four items at once.

In Multiplayer mode, the two players are competitors. Multiplayer features additional items which can attack your opponent! These can prevent them from rotating their block, instantly add a row, or hide their block preview.

Detonate a chain more than two links long, and the extra blocks will be sent to fill your opponent's bin. Look for lights at the bottom of your bin, when all seven are lit you'll have a new row to contend with!

Different game types have different leaderboards, and playing without items is a different set as well.

Make sure to check the leaderboards to see where you stand!

Fast Down
Rotate Reverse
Use Item
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