Battle High 2 A+ is a 2D fighting game featuring high school students with the ability to manifest and manipulate the elements.

You can read more about the story of Battle High 2 A+ in the Journal game mode.

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Fight against a series of 7 (or 8 if you're really good) CPU-controlled opponents.

Fight against a friend (or foe) locally offline.

Practice your skills, combos, and other techniques.

Attempt to perform various attacks and combos for each character designed to teach and challenge.

View biographies, endings, and other unlocked items.

Adjust various parameters regarding gameplay, including Button Configuration.
Buttons Description:
Light Kick
Heavy Kick
Light Punch
Heavy Punch
Reset (In Training Mode)
Xbox Home Menu
Note, all attack buttons -- Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick, Overhead, and Throw -- can be configured through the Button Configuration menu.
For more information on specific maneuvers, refer to the Command List, which can be accessed through the Pause menu during gameplay.
Version: Updated Released
  • Mysterious Aquatic Wrestler, Beat is now playable!
  • Added 3 new Achievements!
  • Fixed Mai's projectile infinite.
Version: Updated Released
  • Added 17 new Achievements!
  • Added Stage Type to Options, allowing players to switch between the original 2D stages and the current 3D stages.
  • Added Music Configuration to Options, allowing you to switch between characters' current theme to their first.
  • Reversals can now be performed by pressing Overhead while blocking or getting up.
  • Fixed Jada Elemental Super Bug.
Version: Initial Release
Q: Who's the best character for a beginner?
A: I would recommend Jiro or Mai. They have projectiles and good anti-airs.

Q: How do I do special moves?
A: There is a command list available for each character that can be viewed from the Pause menu during gameplay. They differentiate between characters, but most involve quarter circles. If you're new to this technique, imagine rolling your thumb from the down position of the directional pad and sliding it in a circular motion in either direction and then pressing the desired attack. It takes some practice, but don't give up! If you are using a fight stick, you shouldn't have to ask this.

Q: My joystick doesn't work for this game! What gives?!
A: Sorry about that. If your joystick works on this console, it should work with Battle High 2 A+; however, we were unable to do extensive testing on all joysticks available on the market.

Q: Why isn't there online multiplayer? Will there be online multiplayer?
A: Unfortunately, a suitable online multiplayer mode was unable to be developed in the time allotted. Instead of shipping with a rushed, substandard, and frustrating online mode, we decided to omit the feature altogether. As for the future, we cannot promise that there will be online multiplayer; however, we know the importance of this feature and will investigate the feasibility of it in future updates.

Q: Will there be future updates?
A: Because of the fragility of promises, we don't like to make them; however, we would like to make updates in the future with new modes and characters.

Q: I don't like parsnips.
A: Another, more notable game made a similar joke; I'm not going to soil the seriousness of a fighting game about high school students who can create icicles and fire by acknowledging this statement further! GOOD DAY!
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