NOW That’s What I Call Sing, the karaoke game where you have to sing like a superstar.
Follow the on-screen lyrics and comments to help you improve and get a better score.
The better you sing, the higher you score!
Think you could be the next NOW star!

NOW That's What I Call Sing has seven game modes. You have to complete challenges to unlock the game modes for each song (for example, get over 50,000 points) or buy the mode using VoxPoints. To start singing, choose a song from those on offer and select your mode.


Sing a song solo or play against others. The person with the highest score wins!

By Heart

Up the ante with ‘BY HEART’ mode. Like ‘CLASSIC’ mode but some of the lyrics will disappear during the round. How well do you know your hit songs?


‘EXPERT’ mode has no on-screen lyrics or visual cues. Think you’re a superstar? Now you can find out!

Pass the Mic

Let’s you play with a partner sharing one mic. During the round, a signal will tell you when to pass the mic to your partner.


Multiplayer only. ‘DUET’ mode gets you and your friends singing just like a real duet. Each player sings their part.


Multiplayer only. The first person to get 20,000 points wins!


Multiplayer only. Start with a full bar of energy which depletes with every wrong note. If you lose all your energy, you’re out! The last person standing wins.

Listen to your favourite songs and watch clips of your favourite artists. The songs play one after the other, but you can select another song at any time.

When you sing your voice is analysed by the game, which then gives you a score. You can assess the quality of your performance using the on-screen comments.
OOPS!: you’d better brush up on those skills!
OK: rather encouraging, keep up the good work!
GOOD: great job, well done!
PERFECT: what skill! How are you not a star!?

Golden notes

Golden notes give you more points than normal notes. Concentrate so you don't miss any!

As you play each round, you'll set records for each song. Beat your previous score and aim for perfection.
The greater the difficulty mode, the more points you can score:
Classic: 100,000 points maximum.
By Heart: 110,000 points maximum.
Expert: 130,000 points maximum.
In the multiplayer modes, the scoring rules are different:
Pass the Mic: 100,000 points maximum (accumulated score of the two partners).
Duet: 100,000 points maximum.
20,000! 20,000 points maximum.
Elimination: there is no maximum score. It depends on how long you manage to keep playing.

VoxPoints are the currency within the game and allow you to buy game modes. Sing as well as you can to get the number of VoxPoints corresponding to the quality of your singing.


You need a game controller to navigate the menus, select game modes and choose a song.

Using the mic

You will need at least one mic to sing.

Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in all game modes of NOW That's What I Call Sing. We recommend using a USB hub to connect more than one mic.

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