Step in front of Kinect to play. A good playing distance is 1.5-2.5m (5-8ft). Another player may take control by standing in front of Kinect. To change to a different account, return to the menu and select your gamertag.

Using Menus

Raise your hand to use menus.

To select a button, hold the cursor over it for a second.

Grab to zoom the map.
Grab and drag to move the map.

You can also use the gamepad to navigate menus.

Voice Commands in the Menu
  • "Xbox Play" - when in map, starts the highlighted level.
  • "Xbox Show Menu" - when in map, brings up the Help & Options menu.
  • "Xbox Go Back" - goes back to the previous menu.

Voice Commands in Game
  • "Xbox Pause" - pauses the game.
  • "Xbox Show Menu" - pauses the game.
  • "Xbox Play" - resumes game after pausing.
  • "Xbox Go Back" - resumes game after pausing.
When you first enter a level, you can view all of it by leaning or stepping left and right.

Start by reaching up with your hand. A ball will drop down. You can use either hand, and you can even reach up at different places to drop the ball exactly where you want it!

You control the two paddles with your hands. Launch the ball by swinging your hand so that you hit the ball with a paddle.

The ball will fly in the direction of your swing, so swing sideways or upwards to aim the ball. Push forward from behind the ball to launch it straight ahead.

Your goal is to clear out all of the cubes in each level by hitting them with a ball, or using any other means of destroying them. After launching the ball, keep it in play by hitting it with a paddle as it comes back to you (the ball gets a green glow when it's a good time to hit it).

If you miss, you will lose a ball. After losing 5 balls, the level ends and you'll have to try again.

Remember to aim carefully! If you want the ball to bounce straight ahead, keep the paddle still. To guide the ball towards a certain direction, swing your hand as you hit the ball. Big swings work better than short movements.

In many levels, when you've cleared almost all cubes and reached the marker, you'll reach Boom Time! Normal balls are replaced with Fireballs.
Fireballs can be aimed just like normal balls, but they'll seek out cubes in the general direction of your hit, and will explode on contact!

You can play for as long as you like, but beating the silver or gold time of a level will award you with a medal - and stars for unlocking levels.
In the beginning, you can play any level you like in the Forest area of the map. To unlock more areas, you need to earn stars . The following actions will award you one star each:
  • Clearing the level
  • Beating the silver time
  • Beating the gold time
  • Not losing any balls (only for levels where you play with normal balls)

If you get stuck in a level, feel free to play a different one and earn stars from there.

If you find yourself in need of more stars, you can replay levels and try to earn a better time. Or you can try to beat the level without losing any balls. Earned stars won't be taken away, so you don't have to earn both "gold time" and "no balls lost" at the same time!

After you've unlocked all areas on the map, there's still the bonus level waiting for you! To unlock it, you must successfully clear every single level. Just clearing them is enough - it's not necessary to reach a gold time or not lose any balls.

Can you become a true master of balls and beat the gold time on every level?
Regular Cube
Hit once to break.

Cube with a Face
Cute. No other special properties.

Explosive Cube
Blows up nearby cubes.

Special Cube
Break a special cube to reveal a bonus pickup!

Stone Cube
Hit twice to break. Heavy ball and big ball will break it in one hit!

Steel Cube
Can't be broken.

Generator Cube
Creates more cubes unless you destroy it! Target these first!

Hitting this will make you lose a ball. Avoid!

Special cube
Break a special cube to reveal a bonus pickup!

Multiball Bonus
Picking this up will create more balls! You don't have to keep them all in play, it's enough to have one ball left.

Big Ball Bonus
The big ball will smash multiple cubes in one hit, and will also destroy stone cubes in one hit.

Heavy Ball Bonus
The heavy ball will smash through many cubes instead of bouncing back, and will destroy stone cubes in one hit. Use it to get rid of big walls in one go!