PLATINUM DEMO — FINAL FANTASY XV is a playable demo featuring specialized content, telling a unique story set across myriad locales from FINAL FANTASY XV.

Saving Data
This game periodically records your total play time. Do not turn off your console when the save icon appears on the right of the screen, as it could result in loss of data.
Select NEW GAME to start from the beginning. Please note any pre-existing data will be overwritten when the game saves.

When starting the game for the first time, or when data is otherwise not present, you will be prompted to set your preferences. You can change these afterward from the Options menu on the title screen.
During the game, certain preferences can be adjusted by pressing and selecting Options.
Cancel / Back

Look around

While playing, controls are displayed on the right side of the screen.
Various panels known as dream plates are located in each area of the game. Step on an illuminated plate to enact various changes based on its design. Certain panels can be reactivated after a certain amount of time has elapsed, while some operate in a cycle. An unlit panel cannot be activated.

Cycling Plates
・Time Plate: Morning > Noon > Evening > Night > Morning
・Weather Plate: Sunny > Cloudy > Rainy > Sunny

Brilliant crystals known as dreamshards float around each area of the game. Collect these crystals by touching them or by taking down enemies. While dreamshards are not required to complete the game, collecting a certain amount unlocks special dream plates.
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