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Cheer Attack
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Cheer System
This game makes use of the "Cheer System" to support other players online.
When playing online, by fulfilling various requirements for impressive actions, other users will be notified and be able to send you a "cheer" to back you up.
Cheer Attack
Sending and receiving Cheers fills both players' Cheer Gauges.
A full gauge allows you to activate special attacks, and allies who assist one another can use this gauge to temporarily give one another massive damage boosts.
Info Area

On the left side of the screen is shown various statistics about your current game, individual data, and other pieces of information. Press the button to switch between the three different pages of info.

[Cheer Info & Score Graph]
Displays Cheer progress and Cheers received, along with scoring info.
[Personal Info]
Shows details on play data and accomplishments.
Shows hints and tips based on the current scene.
User Support
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