Controls - Solo Move Move Igniculus Glow Fly Igniculus Dash Jump / Dash Interact

To activate Two Player mode, connect a second Xbox One Wireless Controller. The second player will have control of Igniculus. Controls - Aurora Two Player Move Fly Jump / Dash Interact Controls - Igniculus Two Player Move Glow Interact
The daughter of a duchess and duke from 1895 Austria, Aurora is intelligent and mischievous. Since her mother's untimely death she has grown up sheltered by her father. Igniculus the firefly came into being when Aurora entered Lemuria, so everything is new to him. He was sent to find Aurora by the Lady of the Forest.
A battle is triggered when Aurora touches a dark creature. Casting on the Timeline Once in a battle, whenever a member of your party reaches the beginning of the Cast section of the Timeline, an action (an attack, defense, or spell) must be chosen. Time pauses while you choose an action. Then the party member will cross the Cast section of the Timeline and act upon arrival at the end. Interrupting While a party member is traveling to the end of the Cast section, if an attack hits that party member, he/she is interrupted, meaning the action will be cancelled and the party member will be bumped back on the Timeline. Your foes can also be interrupted. Always try to hit foes while they are in the Cast section of the Timeline. Choose your own party members’ actions carefully, since different actions have different casting times. Some are slow and some fast. Battle Commands Act When you select "Act," you will have access to all unlocked skills for the acting party member. Skills have different effects, cast times and may cost MP. Once you have chosen the skill you intend to use, select the foe or party member you want to use it on. Note: Skills that can only be applied to one target are stronger, while skills that can be applied to all targets at once are weaker.
Potions Selecting "Potions" will let you use a potion on any party member.
Swap Selecting "Swap" will let you exchange one party member for another.
Flee Selecting "Flee" will allow you to flee the battle.
Status Ailments
  • Paralyzed
  • The party member becomes frozen on the Timeline.
  • Slowed Down
  • The party member travels very slowly on the Timeline.
HP The number of Health Points of each party member. MP The number of Magic Points of each party member. Magic Points are necessary to cast spells. Strength The level of damage it is possible to inflict with physical attacks.
Defense The level of resistance against physical attacks.
Magic The level of damage it is possible to inflict with magical attacks. Magic Defense The level of resistance against magical attacks. Speed The speed traveled along the Timeline during combat. This influences the frequency with which each party member can attack. Critical Hit The chance of executing a Critical Hit during each attack. Dodge The chance of dodging an attack.
Skill Points As your party members level up, they will gain Skill Points. Use them in the Skills Menu, which can be reached from the Pause Menu, to buy new skills or to upgrade existing skills.

Skill Characteristics Cast Time Indicates how long it takes to cast the skill. Attack Power Indicates the intensity of the physical damage of the skill. Spell Power Indicates the intensity of the magical damage of the skill. MP Cost Indicates how much MP the skill costs during battle. Elemental Magic Fire is strong against Earth, but weak against Water. Water is strong against Fire, but weak against Lightning. Lightning is strong against Water and has no weakness. Light is strong against Dark and has no weakness.
Pause Menu The Pause Menu is your portal to several important gameplay features It links to your Inventory, Oculi, Skills, Party, Map of Lemuria and Confessions. Inventory The Inventory Menu holds the items you find across Old Lemuria.
  • Potions
  • Potions are used to give back HP and MP, cure ailments or revive an ally.
  • Stardust
  • Stardust lets you permanently increase an attribute of a party member of your choice.
  • Lemurian Items
  • In the course of helping a Lemurian with a request, some items may be given to you. You can find them in the inventory.
Oculi The Oculi menu allows you to equip Oculi on every piece of your equipment. Oculi will boost the attributes of your party members and grant them special abilities. Craft Oculi The Craft Oculi Menu allows you to mix Oculi together to create stronger Oculi. Skills The Skills Menu allows you to spend Skill Points to buy skills for your party members. Party The Party Menu displays the current status of all party members. Map of Lemuria Through the Map of Lemuria, you can travel back to locations you have visited earlier. Confessions The Confessions menu lets you read confessions you have discovered while exploring Lemuria.
A Uplay Account is required to give Oculi to your Uplay friends. You can link your Xbox Live profile to a new or existing Uplay Account by going to the Uplay button in the main menu. To unlink your Xbox Live profile from a Uplay account, please go to
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