Valiant Hearts is a puzzle adventure game telling the destiny of 4 unsung heroes during the great war.
Solve puzzles and sneak through enemy lines while doing your best to stay alive. Each of the 4 playable characters (including the lovelorn German soldier) work alongside the same faithful canine companion at different times, all trying to survive in the trenches while doing their best to hold onto their humanity in the face of loss and tragedy.



Emile was born in Saulcy-sur-Meurthe, Lorraine on March 12, 1867, to a family of miners. In 1894, he fell in love with Paulien in Rotterdam, a Dutch laundress and a strict Roman Catholic. The couple married in 1895 and settled into a quiet life dairy farming near Saint-Mihiel, France. Three years later, Paulien died giving birth to twins, only one of whom, their daughter Marie, survived. After a life resolutely dedicated to his work, God, and the rearing of his daughter, Emile was called-up on August 13, 1914, just a few days after the declaration of war. While fighting on the Western front, he became a prisoner of war after his first battle.


Freddie was born to a Creole family in La Place, Louisiana on February 27, 1882. In 1912, he began a secret courtship with Margaret, a young white woman and daughter of a prominent steamship magnate. He asked her hand in marriage one year later and the couple decided in the spring of 1914 to get on a cargo ship and head to La Rochelle, France, where they could be married. When the war broke out, Freddie enlisted with the French Foreign Legion.


Anna was born in the Belgian city of Ieper (more commonly known by its French name “Ypres”) on December 26, 1891, into an aristocratic family. Her father, Paul was a highly respected pioneer in engineering who sent her to Paris in the spring of 1914 to complete her studies. When conflict broke out the following summer, Anna quit school to help the war effort by working in a munitions factory, but left Paris immediately after discovering that her father had been forced into service by the German army after the occupation of Ypres. Selfless and ready to shun her life of entitlement to help serve the less fortunate, Anna left Paris on September 6, 1914, during a famous moment in WW1 history: the Battle of the Marne.


Karl was born on May 6, 1896 in a small village in Germany near Strasbourg where his father served as a Lutheran pastor. By all accounts, Karl's home was cold and conservative. He was educated as a youth, but having neither the money nor the inclination to go to college, Karl left home at the age of sixteen, finding work in factories and on the odd farm in Belgium and France. One year later, at a village farm belonging to Emile near St. Mihiel, France, Karl decided remain behind to work as a farmhand. It was here that he fell in love with Marie, Emile's daughter. From this love a baby was born just as the war was starting and Karl was asked to leave France.


Walt, a Doberman Pincher, was raised in a German military kennel and trained to become a Dog Medic in the German Army. Along with the 30.000 other dogs who also served during World War 1, some used as watch dogs and others as letter carriers, Walt is loyal and always ready to serve. Separated from his German owner at the start of the war, he will end up playing a key role in the lives of our Valiant Hearts.

Historical Facts and Items

With our historical section you'll be able to discover various actual facts (battle, strategy, new weapons) but also objects from the 1900s to have a perception of what life was like back then.


Need a hint to solve a puzzle? Wait a moment, you might see a bird.It means there is one or several hints available.
Once the prompt appears press to display the hint menu.

Pause Menu
Hint Menu
Get out of a vehicle
Historical facts
+Push / Pull / Lever
+Throw item
Dog Mode
+///Dog Order

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