Can't decide which side to pick between Cop or Racer? Find out more about the rivalry between the two factions.

Racers live by risk and reward earning Speedpoints (SP) by entering Races with each other and escaping the pursuing Cops.

The goal of Cops is to track down and bust Racers using any means necessary; taking whatever SP the Racer earns for themselves. Cops focus on teamwork, helping their fellow officers in the pursuit of Racers, and busting them before they can return to Hideouts and bank their SP.

Scoring & Heat

Heat is your notoriety as a Racer with the Cops combining your car model and Heat accumulated from earning Speedpoints.

Your Heat continues to rise until you enter a Hideout, where it diminishes as your SP is banked.

The more your Heat rises, the bigger target you become for the Cops who earn bounty based upon your Heat level when busted.


Racers earn Multipliers by completing events and escaping Pursuits. The longer you stay out the higher your Multiplier can reach up to a maximum of X 10.

When you are busted or enter a Hideout, your Multiplier is reset.

Hideouts & Command Posts

These are the hubs of your driving experience where you can buy and change cars, add upgrades, pursuit tech, and customize their appearance.

Hideouts also give Racers a safe haven when pursued by Cops where you can bank your session score. Banked score is saved and cannot be taken by Cops.

When you want to leave you can select a different starting point to where you entered, helping you move quickly around the map.

There are many different kinds of events Cops and Racers can enter across Redview County, with new ones to discover as you increase Rank.

Every Event in Need for Speed™ Rivals except Racer Interceptor can be started as a Single-Player or Multiplayer Event.

To play an Event with a Friend, just make sure you are both in the Start Area and playing the same Faction when initializing the Event and you can complete it together.


Compete with other Racers to be the first across the finish line. The race route is defined by Checkpoints along the way, and be on the lookout for shortcuts that could gain you an advantage against the competition.

Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuits are organized Street Races that attract maximum attention from the Cops.

Drive up to the Start Area alone or with Friends and compete to be the first across the finish line while evading the pursuing Cops. The better your finishing position the more SP you will earn.

Play as Cops and bust all the Racers before they can finish their Race. Hot Pursuits require Cops to make full use of their Pursuit Tech to stop all the Racers before they cross the finish line. The more Racers you bust the more SP you will earn.


Interceptor is a cat and mouse game between Cops and a single Racer.

Start it alone as a Racer and your goal is to escape as quickly as you can.

Play as a Cop individually or with Friends, and bust the fleeing Racer as fast as possible using every means at your disposal.

Rapid Response

In Rapid Response Cops need to drive fast and clean while rushing to answer a request for backup.

Play it alone or compete with another Cop to be the fastest to the end point, with every mistake earning you time penalties.

Head to Head

Head to Heads are open route Races that can be started by two Racers anywhere in the world. Just drive close to another Racer, press the button prompt to initiate a challenge and wait for them to accept.


As a Cop you can start Pursuits with any Racer at any time in any event. When you spot one, drive up close and turn on your sirens, or slam a Racer to activate them automatically.

Once started, if you spot more Racers they are automatically added to the Pursuit, and any Cops that cross paths with the Pursuit can join in.

Racers escape by putting distance between them and the Cops, and making sure the Cops can’t see them. Cops Bust Racers by forcing them to Wreck or performing Lockdowns.

Once started, you will find many EasyDrive functions unavailable until the Pursuit is over or you abandon it.

Time Trial

Time Trials for Racers are all about high speed precision driving.

Play it alone or against Friends - anyone inside the Start Area when the Event begins can participate, with the a chance of earning Gold for everyone.

The Need for Speed™ Network is your destination for all things Need for Speed™.

When playing the game it can be used as a second screen to see your Friend’s activity in real-time, and create Playlists with the events you want to play next.

Download Need for Speed™ Network for Tablet and Mobile devices, or visit


With the Need for Speed™ Network on your Web Browser, Tablet or Mobile Device you can create Playlists and prepare future gaming sessions in advance so you're instantly ready to pick up from where you left off.

Add Events, Autolog Recommends and Collectibles, and you will find them waiting for you in EasyDrive the next time you play Need for Speed™ Rivals.

When you play OverWatch and unlock special challenges, they are automatically added to your Playlist letting you unlock exclusive vehicles and liveries.

Autolog Recommends

When you unlock an event or collectible Autolog Recommends keeps track of your score against your Friends.

Want to see if a Friend is ahead of you, or if you’ve left them in the dust? This is the place to come.

Not unlocked an event yet? Then you see the time your Friends have set and be ready to take them on.


Speedwalls show who’s best at every event and collectible in Redview County.

Who raced the fastest, jumped the furthest? Who has the highest speed through every Speed Zone? Speedwalls tell it all.


Compare and compete with Friends and experience a whole new way to play with OverWatch.

OverWatch lets you to join your Friend’s multiplayer world and interact with them from your Mobile, Tablet or Web Browser to continue the rivalry.

Help your Friends by refilling their nitrous or repairing their cars, or hinder them by deploying Roadblocks - all in real-time.

Progress through OverWatch by earning Speed Points to unlock exclusive cars, liveries, and new OverWatch Abilities.

To play OverWatch download the Need for Speed™ Network for Tablet and Mobile devices or visit

Set the longest Jump, record the fastest speed through a Speed Camera or average through a Speed Zone. There are many collectibles to be found across Redview County.


There are Jumps to be found all over Redview County.

Use them to confuse pursuing Cops and log your furthest Jump on the Speedwall to compare with Friends.

Speed Cameras

Speed Cameras are found along all the main routes through Redview County.

Passing one registers your speed on its Speedwall - but beware, every time you are captured the Cops are alerted to your location, increasing your risk of being found.

Speed Zones

Speed Zones are short stretches of road where you compete to set the highest average speed.

Perfect your run up then blaze through as fast and flawlessly as possible to secure your top spot on the Speedwall.

Your Garage and Mini Map helps you find your way around Redview County and logs every Event and Collectible you unlock so you can easily find them again.


Need help finding your way to an event? Simply select it and your GPS will plot the fastest route to it on your Garage Map or Mini Map.

Garage Map

Your map of Redview County doesn’t just show roads. Attempt a Jump or Speed Zone, find a Hideout or Command Post, they will all be logged here.

Your map also shows you all the events you’ve unlocked, with new ones to discover as you increase in Rank.

Mini Map

Your heads up display (HUD) features a Mini Map that works with your GPS to route you between events, then to the finish line once they begin.

It also shows the direction of the closest Event or Collectible you’ve unlocked, plus the nearest Hideout or Command Post.

Triangular icons show the positions of any Cops or Racers nearby plus the direction they are driving. If any Cops are in a Pursuit their icon will show this too.

Cops and Racers can purchase Pursuit Tech to give them the upper hand when their rivalry comes into contact on the roads of Redview County. Spend SP when inside Hideouts and Command Posts to add Pursuit Tech to the two slots on every car you buy, then upgrade it to increase its effectiveness against your rivals.

Start customizing your cars by choosing custom paint colors and rims. Then go further by adding strips, decals and full body wraps. Add the finishing touch with a personalized license plate so everyone knows who you are.

You can change your Matchmaking settings between Public, Friends, Private and Single Player.

Set your game to Public to play with anyone and you will be matched into an AllDrive game with players as close to your Rank as possible.

Set your game to Friends and you will be matched into an AllDrive game with the players on your Friends list. Once a Friend has joined, their Friends can join too.

Set to Private if you want to play alone, but still want friends to join your game via invites.

Set to Single Player if you want to play alone and do not want Friends to join your game via invites.

Nitrous (N2O)
Use Pursuit Tech in Slot 2
Use Pursuit Tech in Slot 1
Toggle Sirens / Head to Head Race
Cycle Cameras
Steer Left / Steer Right
Car Horn / Turn Camera Left / Turn Camera Right / Turn Camera Back
Skip Track / EasyDrive Down / EasyDrive Up / EasyDrive Left / EasyDrive Right


"Change view"

Switch the viewpoint of your car between Bumper and Exterior view.

"Rear View"

Temporarily switch the camera to look behind you.

"Look Around"

Pan the camera 360 degrees around your car to see your ride in its full glory.



"Start Points"


"Hot Pursuits"


"Time Trials"

"Rapid Responses"

"Speed Cameras"


"Speed Zones"

Filter events and collectibles you have unlocked on the map.


Closes the Start Menu and returns you to the driving seat.



Opens the EasyDrive menu.



Navigate up and down in the current EasyDrive Menu.


Opens the highlighted EasyDrive section.

"Go Back"

Return to the previous menu in EasyDrive.


"Open Map"

Opens the Start Menu to show the Redview County Map.


Start an event when the accept / decline prompt appears on the screen.


Activate your sirens when playing as a Cop.

"Leave Event"

Abandon the current event you’re participating in.


"GPS Home"

Set a GPS route to your nearest Command Post or Hideout.

"GPS Command Post"

"GPS Hideout"

"GPS Repair Shop"

Set a GPS route to the nearest of many specific locations on the map.

"GPS Event"

Set a GPS route to the nearest Event.

"GPS Clear"

Clear your current GPS route.


"Next Track"

Skips to the next music track in the playlist when not in a Pursuit

At home and on the go, Origin is the gateway to your entire gaming universe. Use your Origin Account to log in to EA games, apps, and sites. Don’t have an Origin Account? Sign up now for free in Need for Speed™ Rivals. NOTE: Unlinking your Xbox Live account from your Origin Account is available at

“You must be connected to Xbox Live and the Origin servers in order to access the online features of this title”

To access online features and multiplayer gameplay in Rivals a connection is required to Xbox Live and Origin. If you receive this message, please check that your console has a working internet connection (this can be tested in the Settings app within the Home screen) and also ensure you are signed into your Xbox Live profile.

If you’ve checked both of these and are still encountering this message, you may need to reconnect to the Origin servers.

To do this, return to a hideout / command post and then open up the Map Screen. From here, navigate to the Settings tab > Extras > Origin Sign-in. Selecting “Origin Sign-in” will reconnect you to the Origin server. Once successful, online access and functionality in Rivals will be fully restored.

For support on Rivals head over to