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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut is a post-apocalyptic, party-based role-playing game. In it, you control a fully-customizable squad of Desert Rangers, sole upholders of justice & order in the lawless deserts of Arizona. Using both diplomacy & violence, you'll deal with mutants, cannibals, raiders, robots & other threats, & in so doing, decide the fate of the Wasteland.

A Ranger's basic capabilities are represented by the following Attributes: Awareness, Charisma, Coordination, Intelligence, Luck, Strength, & Speed.

Attributes influence such things as: combat effectiveness, concentration, health, leadership, how many Skills a Ranger may be able to learn, etc.

Skills allow your Ranger team to interact with the world in different ways. Skills are divided into three different categories: Weapon Skills, Knowledge Skills, & General Skills.

At the start of the game: you will be able to customize the Attributes & Skills of each of your squad members. As your Rangers level up: you will be able to upgrade their Attributes & Skills.

Once you have spent your Attribute & Skill points: you will not be able to undo those choices; so choose wisely!

Perks are additional abilities & bonuses that help fine-tune a Ranger's existing skill set, or help shore up weaknesses. They can even open up new tactics & strategies in combat. Your Rangers will gain Perk Points as they level up, which can be spent to unlock Perks.

Quirks are special personality traits you can pick for your Rangers during the character creation process. You can pick a single Quirk for each of your Rangers; which will define that character throughout their adventure in the Wasteland.

Each Quirk has an effect that can be both positive or negative depending on the context. Requiring you to change the type of orders you might normally issue to your Rangers. Quirks are optional; so if you prefer to not live on the wild side: feel free to skip them.

The wastes are a dangerous place. You may be able to: avoid an ambush, talk your way past raiders, bribe others, & so on. But sooner or later every Ranger ends up in a situation where it's you or them.

In combat: gameplay changes to a turn-based mode. Where combatants take turns performing actions. Each individual combatant has a pool of Action Points, that will determine the number of actions they will be able to perform during their turn.

To come out alive: utilize cover, flanking opportunities, different weapon firing modes, smart tactics, & all the other various skills your Rangers possess!

Buttons Description:
Interact / Confirm
Cancel / Back
Switch Weapon [Hold]
Examine / End Turn (In Combat)
Switch Ranger
Switch Ranger
Skills Radial
Combat Radial
Move / Navigate Menu
Rotate / Pan Camera
Change Movement Mode
Change Camera Mode
Map [Up]
Radio [Right]
Logbook [Left]
Change Stance [Down]
Gameplay Menu
Pause Menu
Xbox Home Menu
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