Welcome to GH Live! Rock real crowds with real reactions!

Welcome to GHTV - the world's first playable music video network!

Initial Setup

The first time you play the game, you will be asked to complete a short setup and calibration process to ensure the best gameplay experience:

Step 1
Right-handed or left-handed. Select the silhouette that matches your play style.

Step 2
Adjust Brightness. Use the strum bar to make the image lighter or darker.

Step 3
Your Speaker Setup. Select the option that most closely matches your speaker setup.

Step 4
Video Calibration. Use the strum bar to move the bell so the ball hits in time with the sound.

Once the setup process is complete, you're ready to hit the stage!

To change the settings at any time, press 3 in the Main Menu to open the Options Menu.


Dynamic Range
Adjust the difference between the quietest and loudest sounds. Select Full for the complete experience. Select Night Mode for quieter play sessions or less powerful speakers.

Use the strum bar to make the image lighter or darker.


Guitar Hero Live requires precision timing.

It's important that the audio and video are in sync.

Game Calibration
Turn ON to activate Game Calibration. This will automatically correct calibration problems as you play. This may temporarily affect gameplay and cannot be cancelled once activated.

First Play

The first time you play, you'll be taken through a short tutorial explaining the various gameplay features of Guitar Hero Live.

The tutorial can be replayed any time from the Live Menu.

Following the tutorial, you'll be taken straight on-stage to rock your first live festival crowd.


To play a setlist, select either Rock the Block or SoundDial from the setlist menu, and choose a band to enter the setlist screen.

Here, you can view the tracklist for each set, select your difficulty and switch to left-handed if required. Select Start to hit the stage!


Live is split into two festivals: Rock The Block and SoundDial, each with their own unique stages and crowds.

Rock The Block

Set in the urban sprawl of Boulder City - the rock capital of Colorado, USA - Rock the Block invites half a million people to three unforgettable days of pop, EDM, and modern and classic rock every year.


SoundDial is a two-day, three hundred thousand capacity festival based at Stoneford Castle in the heart of Southern England. First established in the 1990s, SoundDial's popularity exploded at the turn of the century and now hosts the biggest names in folk, rock and metal.

Festival Guide

To open the Festival Gallery, select the festival you wish to view and press 3.

Earn stars in Live to unlock band bios, stage info and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.


Quickplay allows you to replay any songs you have already played as part of a setlist, create a playlist of up to ten songs, or hit the stage with a second guitarist or vocalist.

Quickplay Songlist

The Quickplay Songlist allows you to replay individual songs, view your high scores and create a playlist.

Scroll through your unlocked songs using the strum bar and open the menu by pressing 1 to play an individual song or create a playlist. Once songs have been added to a playlist, press the Hero Power button to begin gameplay.

Multiplayer and Vocals

The player setup screen allows you to select your difficulty and add players before creating your setlist.

To add a vocalist, plug a USB microphone (not supplied) into an available USB port. The vocal player will be added automatically.

Select Start to progress to the Quickplay Songlist.


Just like Live, press the neck buttons indicated by the scrolling notes on the highway, and strum as they pass through the catcher.

Hit as many notes as you can in an unbroken streak to increase your score multiplier. Earn rewards and level up by achieving top scores and completing challenges.

On-Screen Display

Score and Stars

Your score and stars for the current song are what determine your place on the totem. A high totem position will increase your status. Note: Changing difficulty during a song will reset your score.

Note Streak

Your current streak of consecutive hits.

Score Multiplier

Maintaining your note streak increases your score multiplier - essential for high scores and rising up the totem.

Hero Power Indicator

Your current Hero Power. The icon will fill when the power can be activated.

Score Totem

Placing high on the totem at the end of each song to increase your Status and gain access to unlocks and premium content.

Player Menu

Press the Pause button to access the Player Menu. Here you can change difficulty, lefty-flip the highway and access the audio and video options.


Press Pause at any time to access the Player Menu. During local multiplayer, the Player Menu is unique to each active guitarist. Changing the settings for one player will not affect the other.


Drop straight back into the current channel or show.

Multiplayer and Vocals

Press 1 on the second player's guitar to drop in at any time during gameplay. To add a vocal player, plug a USB microphone (not supplied) into an available USB port. The vocal player will be added automatically.


Press the GHTV button to open the GHTV Menu.


Change channel and view upcoming shows.


Check out the latest music and browse the Song Catalog.

GHTV Premium

Complete challenges to enter Premium Shows and win prizes.

Hero Powers

Change your active Hero Power.


Check your progress, customise your highway and player card, upgrade your guitar.


Open the GHTV Menu and select Store to access custom highways, player cards, Hero Powers, Plays, Passes and more. (The GHTV Store is not available for guest players.)

Store and Rewards

Each song you finish will earn Coins and Status based on your performance. To view your Coins, Status and Hero Cash, press the GHTV button and check out the icons in the top right.

Status and Levelling

The higher you place on the totem, the more your Status will increase. A higher Status grants access to exclusive content and unlocks, including Premium Shows, highways and player cards.


Coins are awarded at the end of each song based on your performance and can be used to purchase Plays, Hero Power Packs, Guitar Modifiers and much more.


Plays can be purchased through the GHTV Store using Coins or Hero Cash, and can be used to play songs on-demand from the GHTV Catalog.

Hero Cash

Hero Cash can be purchased through the GHTV Store and can be used to purchase Plays or accelerate access to Premium Shows.

Other Items


GHTV Passes grant unlimited access to the full Catalog for a limited period. The perfect soundtrack to any party!

Guitar Modifiers

Guitar Modifiers provide a permanent boost to your streak counter, multiplier and score, and can only be purchased with Coins.

Hero Powers

Each time you enter GHTV, change channel or start a new song, you will be asked to select your Hero Power.

There are many different Hero Powers in GHTV, each with unique attributes that can provide a huge boost to gameplay and help you rise up the totem and earn Status.

Acquiring Hero Power

Hit an entire sequence of Hero Power notes to gain Hero Power. To activate, tilt the guitar neck upwards or press the Hero Power button.

The default Hero Power never runs out. However, other types of Hero Power have a limited number of uses. Activating a Hero Power consumes one use. Packs of Hero Power uses can be purchased from the Store using Coins.


Press the GHTV button and select Music to open the Music Menu. Here, you can check out the latest music and recommendations, and see all the content available in GHTV.

To access the full list of songs available on-demand, open the Music Menu and select Catalog where you can choose a genre or search the full catalog.

Press 1 to create a playlist or play an individual song, or 3 to filter the catalog based on artist, song title or year.

Playing a song consumes one Play, which can be purchased from the GHTV Store using Coins or Hero Cash.

GHTV Premium

Play the latest songs and exclusive content through Premium Shows - tailor-made playlists that become available as your Status increases.

To access your available Premium Shows, open the GHTV Menu and select GHTV Premium. Each show features a set of song challenges that must first be completed in order to gain access.

The specific songs required to complete challenges can be found on the scheduled channels or selected from the Catalog using a Play. Alternatively, challenges can be skipped using Hero Cash.

Support Information

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