Privacy Policy astragon Entertainment GmbH I. General information Thank you for your interest in our games and welcome! We are astragon Entertainment GmbH, Limitenstr. 64 - 78, D-41236 Mönchengladbach. You can reach us via Our approach Protecting your privacy is paramount to us. Therefore, compliance with the legal provisions on data protection is fundamental for us. In addition, it is important to us that you know at all times which personal data we collect and why and how we process it. We will also be happy to explain to you what rights you have and how you can exercise them. What is personal data? In short, anything that identifies you as an individual, whether through the information itself or in connection with other information. Examples of this are your name, your e-mail address or a customer number, but also the time you visit our website when it is stored together with your IP address. We always try to collect as few personally identifiable information as possible. But we also like to inform you in detail in this document about your personal data when we collect them. Do we collect personal information when you play our games on a console? We do not collect any personal data when you use our games on a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo console. If and to what extent personal data are collected and processed by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo in the context of the use of games or other services, please read the respective privacy statements of the respective provider. May 25, 2018