What Is Dex?
The story of Dex takes place in the near future of 2037, in the city of Harbor Prime. The world is ruled by corporations more powerful than governments, and society is essentially divided into two factions — those who work for these corporations and those who fight against them.
The streets of Harbor Prime offer countless opportunities. In this open world, you get to influence the fate of everyone you meet, fight against dangerous gangs, expose corporate secrets, dive into the depths of Cyberspace, develop Dex's skills, and much more.
How to play
Interacting With Your Environment
When exploring Harbor Prime, you should look for every opportunity to interact with the world around you; by talking to characters, picking up items, opening doors or containers, activating devices, and so on.
In your Inventory, you can manage all the items you've acquired: observe them, use them or assign them to Quick Item slots for easier access.
Quick Items
For fast access to your items, move them from your Inventory to Quick Item slots.
Quest Log
Your Quest Log keeps track of all your acquired quests. It automatically updates any progress you make towards quest completion. Check it out whenever you feel stuck or need a reminder of what to do next.
Your Journal keeps track of newspaper articles or personal emails that you've read. Make sure to keep an eye on them — some may contain useful information.
You gain experience points (XP) by completing quests, exploring the physical and virtual worlds, and defeating enemies. When you accumulate enough XP, you advance to the next level. Every time you level up, you are granted skill points which can be spent freely in any of the available skills categories. Each additional skill level provides you with new/improved abilities; simply select them to view their description. The cost of each skill level ranges between one and three skill points, depending on the degree of specialization.
Implants can grant you all sorts of new abilities. However, you only have a limited number of slots available, so you must choose wisely which ones to install. You can acquire additional implant slots by specializing in the Endurance skill.
In Dex, you will navigate between two worlds. The physical world is where you travel, interact with people and objects, whereas the virtual world is where you'll encounter viruses, uncover confidential data or manipulate security systems.
Controls — Physical World:
Move Left
Move Right
Down / Crouch
Jump / Confirm
Roll Left
Roll Right
Grab Ledge
Draw Gun
Block / Shoot
Activate / Leave AR
Quick Items
FOV Indicator
Retinal AR Implant
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Xbox Home Menu
Using Weapons
There are a variety of weapons you can use throughout the game. They vary in accuracy, damage, range, recoil etc. It is up to you to determine which is best for which situation.
In order to use a weapon, you must place it in a Quick Item slot. This allows you to draw the weapon at any time, whether you're carefully approaching an enemy or already in the middle of a fight.
Note that some weapons, such as the shotgun, cannot be used without the Ranged Weapons skill level 4.
Melee Combat
Melee combat requires good timing and reflexes as well as a careful approach and analysis of your enemies' moves. It is recommended you block enemy strikes whenever possible, but be aware that some enemy attacks — in particular those with weapons — are unblockable. In such cases, try rolling out of danger.
When you decide to strike back, you can do so by diving in with a jump kick or delivering a flurry of punches. More options will become available as you develop your Melee skill, including extended combos and the sweep kick.
In some situations, it's a good idea to use stealth to take out your enemies one by one, all without alerting others nearby. To do this, you must remain out of sight. If you manage to sneak up behind an enemy, you will have the opportunity to perform a Takedown, which kills your target instantly — and silently. You may also hide behind cover spots and wait for the right moment to pounce. Note that certain enemy types are immune to Takedowns and must be taken out the old-fashioned way.
Controls — Virtual World:
Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Secondary Weapon Next
Secondary Weapon Previous
Activate / Leave AR
Xbox Home Menu
AR (Augmented Reality)
You can use AR to hack into certain devices and even some enemies.
When you enter AR, you will see potential targets, as well as viruses patrolling around. Avoid hitting them if you don't want them to start attacking you. By moving your avatar towards onto a target, you can start hacking it. Once the hacking starts, your target's icon expands into a circle, and you can see a progress bar around it. The hacking proceeds as long as you remain within the circle; if you exit it, the progress bar will start decreasing and eventually reset. At the same time, viruses will become alerted to your presence, and depending on your target's type, different defenses will be activated, in an attempt to ward you off. Each hit you take decreases your Focus, and running out of Focus means getting kicked out of AR and suffering some brain damage. Once you successfully hack a target, you may move on to another one, or exit AR at any time: the effects of your hacking will all be applied at once as soon as you return to the physical world. The effect of hacking varies depending on your target: a camera may simply be disabled, while a turret will turn against your enemies. Feel free to experiment to discover all possibilities.
When you hack into a computer, you enter Cyberspace.
Each network has its own architecture, protected by different viruses. Use your avatar for navigation in order to uncover confidential data or manipulate security systems. Once you've got what you came for, you can disconnect from the network via any exit node.
Software Skills
Software skills can be used both in AR and in Cyberspace, and grant you secondary attacks against viruses. Choose the right weapon against the right type of enemy.
Each software skill can be learned and later upgraded via software discs. You can find discs or buy them from shops. Additional skill levels reduce upload times and increase overall efficiency.
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