Thank you for purchasing Dig Dug.

Dig Dug first appeared in arcades in 1982.
This version is a faithful recreation of the original, with additional options that let you adjust screen and sound settings for a truly authentic experience.

With simple rules that still require plenty of technique, Dig Dug truly lives up to its label as "the underground smash hit." We hope you enjoy playing!

How to Play

Move Dig Dug up, down, left, and right, and shoot the harpoon with the A Button.
* You can change the button used to shoot the harpoon from the Controls menu.
Shooting the harpoon into a monster will cause it to inflate.
Keep pressing the button to continue inflating the monster until it pops.

Defeat all the monsters on the screen to advance to the next stage.
One Dig Dug will be lost if you touch a monster or get crushed by a rock.

Earning a High Score

Monsters can be crushed by dropping a rock onto them.
Earn more points by crushing multiple monsters with a single rock.

The deeper the monsters are when you pop them with the harpoon, the more points you get.
Defeat the fire-breathing Fygar from the side using the harpoon to earn bonus points.
Move Dig Dug
Display Menu
Shoot Harpoon / (In menu) Confirm
(In menu) Cancel

* You can change the button used to shoot the harpoon from the Controls menu.
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