If you want to be a good Pirate, we strongly advise you to check the two following sections.

The How To Play menu entry explains you everything you need to know about the game and how it works. Slide by slide, you will find everthing explained to you.

The Tutorial will teach you the basics of the game.

  • What you have to know to properly fight against your opponents.
  • How the wind affects the speed of your ship.
  • What is the interest in using floating bonuses.
  • How you can drift with your ship.
The tutorial ends with a duel against the computer. Victory does not matter here, the idea is more to be confronted to your first enemy.

Buttons Description:
| Drift
Pause Menu
Go Home

4 challenges are available in order to practice and perfect your pirate skills. A true Pirate wins a gold medal in every challenges!

  • Pirate for the wind

    This challenge requires a perfect control of the wind. Go as fast as you can and pick up as many banana barrels as you can before the timer ends!!

  • Soaked Butts Regatta

    This challenge demands you to master the subtle art of ship drifting.
    You need to perform boat drifts in order to stop in all the specified areas. Drift and stop in as many areas as you can before the timer ends.

  • Sitting Sea duck canon practice

    This challenge demands you to be accurate in long range shooting.
    You need to hit boats the farer as you can in order to have the best score for each shot.

  • Terror of the seas

    This challenge demands you to wreck as many ships you can by using the fittest combination of red and green bonus you can find.
    Find your way to sink as many ships you can before the timer ends.

Performing challenges allow you to strengthen your Pirate skills and will unlock some additional contents in the EXTRA section!!
Go Pirates!!!
The Versus Game Modes are made to be quick, chaotic and terribly fun, don't take them seriously or you will be sunk!

This is the simplest Versus match.

  • The default time is 2 minutes rounds.
  • +10 banana points for every sunken ships.
  • -5 points for every self-inflicted sink.

The one with the higher score at the end of the timer will be the winner.

In this mode, don't hesitate to shoot at the weakest captain, and if it is you, then grab some bonuses to defend yourself !

A Survival Versus match.

  • The first Pirate to sink a ship become the Jolly Roger. A black flag will appear above his ship.
  • For Every 5 seconds the Black Flag is kept, the Pirate earns 10 banana points.
  • A Jolly Roger cannot grab any bonus.
  • Every canons balls he shoots inflicts 2 Life Points damage.
  • Anyone who sink the Jolly Roger earns 5 banana points and becomes the new Jolly Roger.

Be careful to stay away from the Joly Roger's shots, those are pretty painful! Take advantage of a good bonus combo and try to be forgotten once you get the Black Flag.

A very vicious race for banana barrels.

  • Default time is set at 2 minutes.
  • A lot of banana barrels will appear randomly on the sea.
  • Picking a banana barrels will give 10 banana Points.
  • When sunk you will drop every earned banana in one single barrel.

The one with the higher score at the end of the timer will be the winner.

In this game mode, nothing is set until the very last second! Keep an eye on all the scores and prefer hit-and-run tactics on weak ships.

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