Overwatch is a 6v6 team-based shooter where heroes do battle in iconic locations across a near-future Earth.


Overwatch features a huge cast of heroes, each with their own, distinct play style, with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Team-Based Objectives

Overwatch matches play out in a variety of locations around the world. Each map features different objectives: assault, escort, and control. For assault and escort objectives, one team is on attack, and the other is on defense. The attacking team is trying to take over objectives or move a payload to a point on the map. On control maps, both teams fight to take points on the maps, where a best of three wins.

Quick Match

Ready for action? Jump into battle online. You will be matched with players of a similar skill level.


Recommended if you’re just starting out. Learn the basics of Overwatch in the tutorial.

Play vs. A.I.

In this mode, play in a match with and against A.I.-controlled characters. This is a great place to learn the different heroes and their abilities and hone your skills.

Custom Game

Create a Custom game and play with your friends or A.I.-controlled heroes. In this mode, you can configure the game rules and customize the matches for how you want to play.

Loot Boxes

Loot Boxes unlock options for customizing your heroes and personalizing how you express yourself in the game with skins, animations, emotes, custom dialogue options, sprays, and more.

You can view everything you’ve unlocked in the Hero Gallery.

Go to the Options menu to see the current layout or to customize your controls.

Basic Controls (Default):

Quick Melee
Toggle Crouch
Ultimate Ability
Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Ability 2
Ability 1
Communication Menu
Hero Details
Next Weapon
Game Menu

If you have a Blizzard Battle.net account, link it to your Xbox Live account!

Go to www.battle.net/Xbox to link or unlink your account. You’ll be able to create a Battle.net account if you don’t have one.

If you need further support, contact us at: http://battle.net/support