Among the Sleep is a first person horror adventure game where you play as a two year old child.

Awoken by mysterious events one night, you’re forced out on an eerie adventure alongside your best friend and companion, Teddy, in search of comfort and safety.

Seen from the eyes of a toddler that yet has to develop a full sense of reality, are these horrors actually happening, or is there something else lying underneath?
Button Descriptions:
Sprint / Throw
Interact / Pick up
Lean left
Lean Right
Crawl / Stand up
Hug Teddy
Hiding from monsters: The child is small and can fit underneath and in between many things. Look for places to hide in your surroundings when traversing an area in case you need to get out of sight quickly.

Dark areas:
If you find yourself in a very dark area with low visibility, remember to hug Teddy who will make you feel safer and help you see things a little bit better.

Physical challenges:
Remember that the child is small and therefore cannot reach things placed high up in the environment. Look for something to climb on, or other alternative methods to get to what you want.

On small and wobbly legs, crawling is faster than walking. You also have the option to run for a limited time, until you trip and fall over.
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