Jump, press again to double jump!
Use Weapon(s) / Cancel Selection
Use Weapon(s)
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Move Character(s) / Navigate menus
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The main gameplay of Extreme Exorcism is centred on collecting weapons from spawn points and using them to destroy the ghosts around you.

Players automatically equip weapons upon touching them and can use to fire whichever weapons they are carrying at the time. Players can carry up to 3 weapons at a time and they all fire simultaneously.

The goal of each round is to target and destroy the ghost wearing the crown, which represents the player’s action from the previous round. Once the ghost is destroyed, the round is reset and the player must deal with an additional ghost. The game persists until the player loses all 3 of their lives, attempting to get the highest score.

Extreme Exorcism offers 10 rooms to complete with 5 versions of nearly each room, culminating with a boss battle. Players can unlock up to 20 different weapons, each offering a new and unique way to confront the foes.

Extreme Exorcism offers 50 different challenges with increasing difficulty as well as a full multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.

Leaderboards allow players to compete with others for the highest score across the world.
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