Main Actions:
Toggle Bunt
or Move Batter

During Pitcher Windup:
or + Steal 2nd
or + Steal 3rd
or + Steal Home

Show Pitcher Info
Pinch Hitter
Main Actions:
or + Fast Pitch
Medium Pitch
or + Slow Pitch
or + Pickoff/Pitchout
or Move Pitcher

Show Pitcher Info

or Move Fielder
or + Throw to Base
Find Fielder Closest to Ball
or + Advance to 2nd
or + Advance to 3rd
or + Advance to Home

or + Return to 1st
or + Return to 2nd
or + Return to 3rd
Thank you for playing R.B.I. Baseball 14! The retro baseball gameplay you've been craving is back and updated with modern graphics, 2014 players and all 30 MLB teams.

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