You can play using Kinect or the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Raise your hand to use Kinect controls, or press (and hold) any button to switch to your Xbox One Wireless Controller. You can change control choice while playing.

For the best Kinect experience, be sure to keep your torso uncovered, and keep your distance from friends, family, pets, or anything that might block the Kinect's view.

Open the Game menu by raising both hands in the air or pressing the button. From here you can access the Investigation menu, Settings, How to Play, Title Screen and Home Screen.

To adjust settings, simply select Settings from the Pause menu, then choose the setting you would like to change.

How to Play
Select How to Play to review the game controls.

Select Investigation to browse Extra Cases, Documents, Food List, Mementos, Characters and Leaderboards.

Extra Cases
Select Extra Cases to view active case information, or view the details of previous cases for clues. To view cases, select a person from the list of options, then select the case file you'd like to review. Solve extra cases to unlock Achievements, uncover secrets and get in game rewards.

Select Documents to review documents you've collected.

Food List
Select Food List to review food items you've collected.

Select Mementos to view information about the items Young uses to Dive into the past. From high-heeled stilettos to a police officer's badge, there's no telling what form a Memento might take, or what kind of history lies behind it.

Select Characters to view the suspect board.

Select Leaderboards to check your own stats, compare them against your friends, or see how you measure up against players of D4 worldwide!

Move Forward or Turn
Move Hand Cursor
/ Grab Item
/ Push Item
Go Back / Skip
Game Menu
Return to Xbox Home

Changing Controller Layout
You can switch to an alternative controller layout via the Game Menu. Press and select Settings > Controller.

You can play D4 while seated and using Kinect. For the best experience, be sure to keep your torso uncovered, and keep your distance from friends, family, pets, or anything that might block the Kinect's view. To move the cursor around the screen, simply use your left or right hand.

Hold the hand cursor over a walk icon and make a grabbing gesture to move Young towards the icon. You can also hold up your middle and index fingers and point them forward.

To turn left, move the cursor to the middle of the screen, then just off screen to the left until arrow indicators appear, and swipe across to the right. Swipe from right to left in the same way to turn right. You can also hold up your middle and index fingers and move them left or right across your body.

To interact with an item or speak with a person, hover the hand cursor over the item, then make a fist to grab the item or person. Some people won't talk to you until you've gotten their attention. To push a person and get their attention, hover the hand cursor over the person, then push your hand forward.

Raise both hands in the air to open the Game menu. Grab icons on the menu to select the option you want to view.

You can use voice commands to interact with the game and make dialogue selections. With the exception of Xbox Commands, voice commands are only supported when playing in English.

Xbox Commands
Xbox, Pause
Xbox, Show Menu
Xbox, Play
Xbox, Go Back
Xbox, Go Home
Xbox, Help

Game Commands
Start Vision
End Vision

Game Menu Commands
Go to Investigation
Go to Extra Cases
Go to Documents
Go to Peggy's Letters
Go to F.K. Case Notes
Go to Scrapbook
Go to Food List
Go to Mementos
Go to Characters
Go to Leaderboards
Go to Settings
Go to Controls
Settings, Game
Settings, Audio
Settings, Display
Settings, Kinect Sensor
Settings, Controller
Extra Cases, Amanda
Extra Cases, Forrest Kaysen
Extra Cases, Deborah Anderson
Extra Cases, Derek Buchanan
Extra Cases, Duncan
Extra Cases, Phillip Cheyney
Extra Cases, Roland Walken

Shop Commands
Recover Stamina
Recover Vision
Recover Life
Recover All

Closet Commands
Change Clothes
Change Formal
Change Casual
Change Wild
Change Sexy
Change Collaboration
Change Avante-Garde

Record Player Commands
Play Music
Stop Music
Change Music

Peggy Young
The wife of David Young, murdered by the infamous "D."

David Young
A former Narcotics Officer with the Boston Police Department, David quit the force following his wife's murder. Since then he has acquired the ability to Dive into the past using emotionally charged mementos. This aids him in his investigation to discover the identity of his wife's killer, known only as "D."

A mysterious girl who simply appeared at Young's apartment one day. Remarkably cat-like in her behavior, Young lets her stay on with him because she occasionally brings by food.

Forrest Kaysen
Head of the BPD Narcotics Division and Young's former partner, Forrest Kaysen is a Bostonian heart-and-soul despite originally being from New York. From time to time Forrest supplies Young with case information to aid in Young's search for his wife's killer.

Olivia Jones
A flight attendant Young encounters during one of his dives. She bears a striking resemblance to his murdered wife, and may not be all that she seems.

Phillip Cheney
A flight attendant working with Olivia Jones. He appears to be somewhat unbalanced, and may have met Young during a Dive he has yet to make.

Antonio "Rabbit" Zapatero
A courier who transports the illegal drug "Real Blood," Antonio Zapatero placed himself in police custody after offering to turn over evidence related to the "Real Blood" kingpin known as "D."

Derek Buchanan
A Federal Marshal transporting a notorious courier of the drug "Real Blood." His name begins with D, which makes him another suspect. Young may have met this man before, but can't seem to recall when...

Duncan and Sukey
Duncan is a flamboyant fashion designer who insists on crediting his "partner" Sukey with an equal share of the accolades for "their" work. Sukey seems, to all appearances, to be nothing more than a mannequin.

Roland Walken
An especially large surgeon Young encounters during one of his dives. Just who he is and what he wants with Young remain a mystery.

Young's apartment is your hub in the world of D4. From here you can interact with a variety of characters when they drop by to visit, review case materials, check leaderboards, change the look of characters, and even watch TV or listen to music. You can return to Young's apartment at any time by pressing the button, then selecting End Dive.

From time to time, characters will stop in to visit at Young's apartment. When characters are visiting, you can learn more about them and their roles in Young's life by sitting down for a meal with them.

Case Materials
Review case files using the case board in Young's living room. Solve extra cases to unlock rewards and uncover secrets.

Pick up the trophy on Young's bedroom shelf to check the leaderboards. Check your own stats, compare them against your friends, or see how you measure up against players of D4 worldwide!

Open Young's bedroom closet to access a variety of clothes for Young and other characters. While you can dress Young and others in a variety of outfits to suit your own taste, some clothes can impact how people react to him, so choose wisely.

TV and Music
While you're in Young's apartment you can play a little music to set the mood, or kick back and relax with some TV. Use the record player in Young's living room to play music, or the TV if you want to see what's on.

Mementos serve as Young’s key to unlocking a dive. Each memento is an object charged with emotional energy that allows Young to reach into the past and investigate beyond his own timeline. To initiate a dive using a Memento, enter Young's main bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. You can also select DIVE from the Game Menu.

When Young takes a hit during a fight, his LIFE is reduced. LIFE can be restored by using medical packs hidden around a location.

STAMINA determines Young’s energy level. For each action Young takes, a portion of STAMINA is used. If Young’s STAMINA is completely depleted, he blacks out. STAMINA can be recharged by eating food found in the world or purchased in the shop. (Kaysen might cook for you too if you ask him.)

VISION allows you to view scenes in a different light. While using VISION, objects of interest and potential clues will be highlighted, indicating their potential use in a case. VISION is limited, but can be restored by getting Young something to drink.

Xbox One offers the ability to capture your own game footage—both before and after it’s already occurred.

The moment you've cracked a case, just say Xbox, Record That, and Xbox one will select and save a recording of the last 30 seconds of your gameplay.

Or you can say Xbox, Snap Game DVR, which will allow you to manually recording upcoming gameplay or select a recording from past gameplay.

To view your captured Game Clips, go to the My Clips section of the Upload application. You can keep your Game Clips private or share them publicly with your friends. To edit your Game Clips and record voiceover, search Xbox Apps for Upload Studio and follow the on-screen prompts to download and begin editing.

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