Gameplay Flow

  • The game begins with the MAIN MENU screen.
  • The Mission Briefing screen describes the mission’s objectives, storyline and any special suggested gear.
  • If you reach the objective, the next step will depend on the mission type. Some missions will end at this point, but some will require an action completed with that objective.
  • If all the squad members are defeated, the game is over.
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Character Setup

As you progress through the game, the squad members stats will be upgraded. Most attributes are automatically increased based on mission performance of the individual character and what types of actions/attacks they did the most. For instance, a squad member who gets a lot of melee kills will increase his/her melee attack attribute.

Further customization can be done be changing the equipment used by squad members.

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  • CTCs are required by characters to operate vehicles or use special weapons and items. Each squad member starts with several CTCs that match their specialization.
  • CTC can be purchased using accumulated or purchased CEP when in the CHARACTER EDIT menu.
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    CEP are the points earned for certain actions in the game such as killing enemy units, destroying enemy vehicles or collecting Salvage that has a CEP value.

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Buttons Description:
Select / Hold
Back / Move Spaceship Forward
Activate Spaceship Shields
Swap Spaceship Missiles
Turn Spaceship Left
Turn Spaceship Right
Fire Spaceship Missiles
Fire Spaceship Dual Cannon
Move Camera / Change Menu Selection
Rotate Camera / Zoom Camera
Select Squad Member / Double Press for Context Menu
Pause Action
Start Mission / Open Pause Menu
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More Information


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