In the first part of “The Book of Unwritten Tales” the war in Aventásia between the Shadows and the Alliance of Free Peoples came to an end. Four unusual heroes searched for the “Artifact of Divine Fate”, a magical item that can fulfil any wish. They found it, but outwitted the Shadows, the arch-witch Mortroga and her son Munkus, without ever using its legendary powers. About a year later the world has moved on. Wilbur, first gnome in centuries to become a mage, now teaches wizardry in the newly founded school in Seastone. The adventurer and pirate Nate has ended the brief relationship with the elf Ivo, princess of the Woodland Realm. He and his furry companion Critter are on the lookout for new trouble - and sure to find it. And so, the adventure begins...
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