You play the part of Hercule Poirot, the London-based detective with a characteristic Belgian accent.

Above all else, he is a great investigator who never misses a thing.

After receiving some strange letters announcing murders, all signed by A.B.C, the famous detective returns to the spotlight, to unmask and arrest the person behind what appears to be a killing spree.
It is possible for you to create 3 game profiles (A, B or C).
Select profile A, B or C and then enter a name.
To delete a profile, use .
Display / Quit the Pause menu
/ Browse the tabs
/ Move around the menu
Back / Quit

During the game, the Pause menu allows you to adjust the game's volume and controls, use a clue, consult the help and quit the game.

Use a clue
You can unlock any situation in the game by activating this automatic aid.
During the game, display the menu using .
Thanks to this feature, you can access:
- Objectives
- Notebooks
- Little Grey Cells
- Inventory

N.B.: When you display this menu, you can continue to move Hercule Poirot, but the game's interaction cursor is no longer active.

Here, you will find the list of objectives in progress to be completed.

Here, you will find the list and description of each victim, suspect and witness.

There are 3 steps:
1. Choose a question
2. Ensure that you have all the elements
3. Answer

1. Choose a question
This is where you will find all the pending questions which Hercule Poirot has to answer in order to progress in the inquiry.
/Choose a question
Confirm the question selected

N.B.: When a question has been resolved, it turns grey and you can consult it at any time.

2. Ensure that you have all the elements
If an icon at the bottom of the screen contains a question mark, it means that you do not have this clue.
Clues can be found at any time: during an interrogation or a dialogue, when responding to the Little Grey Cells, or observing a puzzle or a scene.

3. Reply
To answer questions:
/Browse clues
Go to a sub-question

Use to the left or the right to choose one of the objects in your inventory.
Observe the object
Use the object selected
After pressing , move the object to the screen with .
When an object is highlighted, this means that it is near an action zone. Choose to use the object in this zone.
Your progress is saved automatically.
Do not switch off your console when the save icon appears.
On foot
Move Hercule Poirot
Speak / Question
Activate / Open
Move the interaction cursor
Display the Inventory menu
Walk faster
Pause Menu

Puzzle / 3D Zoom
Rotate the object
Move the interaction cursor
Activate or Zoom in (If the interaction icon shows a hand pointing a finger.)

+ Grasp and move (If the interaction icon shows a grasping hand.)

Zoom Out / Quit the puzzle
Pause Menu

N.B.: You can invert the direction of the commands in the game's Options menu.

Move the cursor
In addition to vibrations, the cursor turns green when you near the zone to be found.

When you question a character, a choice of 2 to 4 dialogues is sometimes available.
Therefore, you will be able to choose between , , and .
According to your response, you will see that the camera zooms in or out.
If the camera zooms out, this means that you are straying from a successful interrogation.
If the camera zooms in, this means that you are on the right track to score more ego points.
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