Moving and Jumping
Filo and the ME have the ability to create platforms which lets the rest of the group latch onto them. Use this ability to navigate through each level.

Solving Puzzles
On each level you must solve puzzles to unlock three secret items. Some items are easy to find while others are well hidden.

Collecting Rewards
Find an ARK SEED to increase the number of ME you have. Find an ARTIFACT to gain a new unique skill. Find a COSTUME to customize the appearance of your ME.

Save the World
Together, Filo and the ME are an unstoppable force. Help them find a way through every level, decimate incoming threats, and make the world a better place!
Button Descriptions:
Turn ME into a STONE
Turn a STONE back to ME
Previous Target / Left Menu
Next Target / Right Menu
Turn a STONE back to ME
Turn a STONE back to ME
Pan Camera
Main Menu
Go Home
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