Set in the world of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead is a game of adventure horror.

You play as Lee Everett, a university professor convicted of a crime of passion and sentenced to jail.

While being transported to prison, your world is turned upside down as the apocalypse begins, and you are thrown headlong into a world devastated by the undead.

The Walking Dead is a game where choices matter. Things you say and do will have a direct effect on the story that you experience, leading to numerous possible outcomes.

Choose wisely, because your life and the life of those you care about will depend on your decisions.

Move character:
Move camera/reticle:
Action/Dialog buttons:
Pause game:
Navigate menus:

To move Lee around the environment, use .

To interact with objects or people within the environment, move the reticle using .

Objects or characters that can be interacted with will have a selection node, represented by a on or near them.

To select a node, move your reticle over it and press the appropriate button as prompted on-screen.

The Walking Dead includes action scenes that require time-sensitive input to allow progression or survival.

When indicated on-screen, press or tap , , , or .

A pulsing button indicates actions that require a button to be rapidly tapped.

You will sometimes be prompted to choose a direction or person; choose left or right using .

Using a gun or rifle in the world of The Walking Dead is risky; noise will often attract walkers, but sometimes the use of firepower is your only option.

To aim your weapon, use , and to shoot, press .

Conversation with non-player characters is a huge part of The Walking Dead.

What you choose to say* could have a dramatic effect on your story.

Many choices are timed (represented by a shrinking horizontal bar across the screen), so you'll have to think fast (and then live with the consequences)!

You may choose one of up to four options presented on-screen. Press the button associated with your choice.

*Note: you can choose to say nothing, represented on-screen by […]. This is just as valid a choice as saying something and the character you are in conversation with will take note.

Play: Start a new game or continue from a previous save point.

Help & Options: Display controls and Adjust sound (volume) and gameplay (subtitles, etc.) settings.

Resume Game: Resume game at the point you left off.

Help & Options: Display controls and Adjust sound (volume) and gameplay ( subtitles, etc.) settings.

Main Menu: Exit out of gameplay and return to the Main Menu (all progress beyond your most recent auto-save will be lost).

Standard: This style is suggested for most players. Selection nodes are visible from any distance and choice/tutorial text is visible.

Minimal: This style is suggested for experienced adventure gamers and/or those looking for a more challenging experience. Selection nodes are visible only at close range, and no choice/tutorial assistance is visible.

The Walking Dead offers 3 save slots so that you can experience the game in different ways and discover how your choices ultimately affect your story.

You can copy a save game to a new slot or delete a save game from this screen.

Using and , you can move between each of the 5 episodes of The Walking Dead, allowing you to start the game from the beginning or to dive in midway to experience the gruesome world of The Walking Dead as you see fit.

It is recommended that you play through each episode in order to enjoy the best possible experience.

*Note: Starting a new game from a later episode without completing all previous episodes on the same save slot will generate random game decisions for those skipped episodes.

During an episode, checkpoints are reached that you can rewind to at any point by returning to the Main Menu, navigating to the desired Episode and save slot, and then choosing the "Rewind" option.

Rewind checkpoints are labeled by chapter with graphical representation of the scene that you will rewind into.

This option allows you to replay part of an episode to change any major decisions you've made since, without having to replay the entire episode.

*Note: All progress past a rewind will be lost if you use this function.

From this menu you can adjust in-game volume for character voices, sound effects, and music, as well as toggle subtitles and various other in-notification and display options.

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