Trials Blooddragon
Trials of the Blood Dragon, is not just a simple sequel in an world full of franchises which play it safe, game after game.

It’s so, so much more…
It’s TWO sequels at the same time!
Yes. Two.

It’s the degenerate son of previous Trials games, full of twists, turns… and loops.
And it’s the kickbutt mutant daughter of Far Cry Blood Dragon, full of… well, twists and turns, but also giant monsters trying to chow down on you like you’re hot buttered popcorn.
It’s the epic fusion of two mind-blowing universes, telling the story of twins - a boy and a girl, children of the legendary Rex Colt, as they rise to the challenge even the greatest cybercommando of all time couldn’t face.
So buckle up, pack your bubble gum and get ready to rock’n’roll in the greatest adventure of ALL TIME (and then some).
Return to Last Checkpoint
Lean/Move Left/Right
Shoot/Grappling Hook
Lean/Move Left/Right
Restart Track
Hub is your main base of operations. Here you can:
As you progress through the game, your Hub will get updated with new items, missions and features, so keep an eye out!
During your missions, you will have access to the most sophisticated vehicles mankind has ever seen, including:
Turboflip is small and fast. It moves in both directions with the same speed. If you drive fast enough, you can stick to walls and ceilings. Be careful, though, slowing down will cause turboflip to fall.
Press 'gas' to propel yourself in one direction. With the 'lean' function you can rotate yourself to change the direction you're going to. So watch out for obstacles and don't smack your head.
Bikes are not everything in life, you know. You can also use those two things that are sticking out of your body. Not those, the other two things. Legs. Can be used to walk, crouch, jump, go up stairs, exercise, in general very useful thing to have.
Outside of vehicles, you have access to two kinds of gear:
Inner Beast is a representation of your badassery and awesomeness. You can choose it only once. It's for life. It's who you are underneath all that skin and flesh and blood and bones. The bigger your global score is (you can view it in the monitor screen from the Hub), the more amazingly awesome your Inner Beast is. Your Global Score is the accumulated amount of best scores for each level that you have completed.

NOTE: You have to be online for scores to be uploaded and global score to be updated.
To climb a steep hill, lean forward and accelerate. On a steep hill, take it slow. Lean forward and don't press the gas pedal all the way.
To jump forward off a ramp instead of going up, just lean forward. This will help you save some precious seconds.
To do backflips, when you reach the top of a ramp, lean back to flip over.
If you want to achieve the fastest time, bunny hop may help you greatly in certain areas. At the edge of the gap, pull back to raise your front wheel, then quickly lean forward to nudge yourself into the air a bit.
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