20 years of redefining what sports gaming can be. From best in class graphics and gameplay to groundbreaking game modes and an immerisve open-world Neighborhood! NBA 2K19 on the Xbox One continues to push limits as it brings gaming one step closer to real-life basketball excitement and culture.

This guide will provide you with a full listing of the Controls available in-game, along with Support information, should you encounter any issues during your experience.
Buttons Description:
Move Player
Pro Stick: Dribble Moves/Shooting/Passing
Post Up/Protect (hold) | Hard Stop (tap)
Call Play (tap) | Pick Control (hold)
Icon Pass
Pass (tap) | Skip Pass (hold)
Bounce Pass (tap) | Flashy Pass (double tap) | Handoff/Pitch Pass (hold)
Shoot (tap for Pump Fake/Hop)
Overhead Pass (tap) | Alley-oop (double tap) | Lead to Basket (hold)
Gameplay HUD
Points of Emphasis
Offensive Strategies
Xbox Home
Jump Shot: Press and holdor move and hold(up for bank shot)

Hop Gather: Tapwhile driving (determines direction of hop)

Spin Gather: + Double tapwhile standing or driving

Runner/Floater: Move and holddown (while driving close)

Normal Layup: Move and holdup while driving

Reverse Layup: Move and holdright while driving along right baseline

Cradle/Euro Step Layup: Move and holdleft or right while driving or double tapwhile holdingleft or right.

2-Hand Dunk: + Move and holdup (while driving)

Flashy Dunk: + Move and holddown (while driving)

Dominant/Off-Hand Dunk: + Move and holdleft or right to dunk with that hand (while driving)

Pump Fake: Start a jump shot, then quickly release

Step Through: Pump fake, then press and holdagain before pump fake ends

Putback Dunk/Layup: Move and holdin any direction during an offensive rebound

Signature Size-up Combo: Moveup then quickly release while standing or moving

In and Out: + Moveup then quickly release

Hesitation (Quick): Moveright then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Hesitation (Escape): + Moveright then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Crossover: Moveleft then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Between Legs Cross: + Moveleft then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Behind Back: Movedown then quickly release

Cross to Hesitation Escape: Perform a Crossover, Between Legs Cross, or Behind Back move then quickly chain into a Hesitation before the ball switches hands

Signature Size-Up Chains: While standing, quickly perform the above moves in rapid succession to trigger special signature size-up double and triple moves

Hard Stop: Pressthen quickly release while driving

Stepback: + Movedown then quickly release

Spin: Rotateclockwise then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Half Spin: Rotatein a quarter-circle from right to up then quickly release when dribbling with right hand

Triple Threat Jab: Moveup, left or right then quickly release

Triple Threat Size-up: + Moveup then quickly release

Triple Threat Hesitation: + Moveleft or right then quickly release

Triple Threat Stepback: +Movedown then quickly release

Triple Threat Spinout: Rotatethen quickly return to neutral

Pass: (selects recipient)

Bounce Pass: (selects recipient)

Skip Pass: Press and holdto throw a skip pass to further away teammates

Overhead Pass: (selects recipient)

Alley Oop: Double tap(selects recipient, toward basket for oop-to-self)

Lead to Basket Pass: Press and hold(selects recipient) then release to pass

Flashy Pass: Double tap(selects recipient)

Handoff/Dribble Pitch: Press and holdto bring the selected teammate to the ball, wait for him to get into handoff range or releaseto force the pass early ( selects recipient)

Icon Pass: Pressthen press action button of desired receiver

Fake Pass: +(while standing or driving)

Rolling Inbound: during baseline inbounds

Give and Go: Press and holdto retain control of passer, releaseto receive the ball back


Move Player
Hands Up/Contest/Steal
Defensive Strategies (tap) | Double Team (hold)
Icon Swap
Player Swap (closest to ball)
Take Charge/Chuck/Grab
Gameplay HUD
Points of Emphasis
Defensive Sets
Intentional Foul
Xbox Home

On-Ball Defense:
Intense-D: Press and holdwhen in front of dribbler

Crowd Dribbler: Press and holdwhen near the dribbler

Fast Shuffle: Press and hold+, movein any direction

Hands Up Defense: Move and hold up

Hands Out Left/Right: Move and hold left or right

Shot Contest: Move up and quickly release

Onball Steal: Move down and quickly release

Vertical Contest: Move and holdaway from the shooter and press

Swat Block: Holdand press

Chuck: Tap

Take Charge: Press and hold

Flop: While in take charge, release, press

Intentional Foul: Press and holdnear ballhandler (pressfor Team Intentional Foul)

Double Team: Press and hold

Icon Double Team: Press, press and hold the action button of desired double teamer

Pull Chair in Post: Move and quickly releaseaway from player aggressively backing down

Off-Ball Defense:
Chuck/Grab: Tap

Take Charge: Hold

Post Up / Ball Denial: Holdwhen near opponent (based on distance to basket)

Deny Hands Out: in any direction

Ball Pressure: press towards ballhandler

Push: +into defender (when posted off-ball)

Deny / Front Post: +left/right (when posted off-ball)

Pull Chair in Post: Move and quickly releasein same direction as offensive player (when posted off-ball)

Post Moves:

Enter / Leave Post: Press and holdto post up, releaseto faceup

Post Pivot: Move in any direction and quickly release while holding the ball

Post Aggressive Backdown: +toward defender

Post Drive / Spin: Rotateclockwise or counter-clockwise

Post Drive to Key: +toward key then quickly release

Post Drive Baseline: +toward baseline then quickly release

Post Dropstep: left or right toward hoop, then tap

Post Hop: left, right or away from hoop, then tap

Post Fakes: Movein any direction then quickly release

Post Stepbacks: and moveleft or right then quickly release

Post Shots (Shotstick):

Post Hook: up left or right (close range)

Post Fade: down left or right (beyond close range)

Post Layup: Move and holdup left or right (close range) whileis toward hoop

Post Shimmy Shot: +down with neutral

Post Shimmy Hook: +up withneutral

Pump Fake: Start a shot listed above, then moveto neutral

Up & Under / Step Through: Pump fake, thenagain before pump fake ends

Off-Ball Offense:

Call for Ball:

Call for Alley-Oop: Double tap(while cutting toward hoop)

Set Screen:

Call for Screen: Press and hold

Post Up: Hold(while standing or moving into defender)

Push: (while posted up) towards defender.

Spin: (while posted up)twirl clockwise or counterclockwise

Walk Down: +towards defender

Advanced Offense:

Quick Playcall: Press then select a play from the menu

Positional Playcall: Press, then press teammate's action button; choose play from menu

Basic Pick Control: Press and hold

Advanced Pick Control: Press and hold. Useto choose Roll vs. Fade and clickto choose a pick side.

Icon Pick Control: Press, then press and hold the action button of desired screener

Slip Screen and Early Fade: Call for pick, then pressagain at any time before the screener gets hit to have him slip or fade early

For general help/more information, please visit http://support.2k.com/home.

If you are experiencing an issue not covered above, please create a support ticket at http://2kgam.es/helpme2k.

2K provides support in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese through this and it will result in the quickest response time.

- Unable to play online?
Online features require an online account (13+ to register in-game, www.nba2k.com for details).

- "The 2KSports Server is unavailable at this time. Please try again later."
This message is generally displayed when the servers are brought down for maintenance. You are advised to try again a short time later.

- "A problem has been encountered that prevents gameplay from continuing. This game will not be counted."
If you see this error during Xbox Live play, this means your console and your opponent's console could not agree on the state of the game. We advise that you restart NBA 2K19 to resolve the issue.

- Why can't I load my MyCAREER save file?
MyCAREER game saves that were created when connected to the 2K Sports server require an active internet connection on subsequent loads.

- How can I unlink my 2K and Microsoft Accounts?
Please visit http://www.nba2k.com for this functionality.

- How can I view the EULA and Terms of Service?
Please visit http://www.nba2k.com for this functionality.