“Project Spark” unlocks imagination and creativity like never before. It’s a powerful gaming destination where creation and play live seamlessly together. Build the supreme gaming experience by making unique and instantly playable levels, games and worlds and share them with a global community. Dive in to the community’s collective imagination and start playing.

If you dream of creating your own games and love to build your own stories, “Project Spark” provides a powerful creation engine that unlocks world building through intuitive sculpting tools to shape and paint a new world, as well as a simple yet incredibly powerful visual programming language to make anything happen. See how a creator did what they did and become a creator yourself. Be a part of the never-ending evolution of creation.

Sculpt new lands with powerful terrain brushes, breathe life into your world with new creatures, characters, sounds, and animated props, and create your own gameplay, interactions, and fun with the simple and easy to use visual programming language. Unlock creation with user-friendly creative power you won’t find anywhere else.

Experience fresh and innovative new games created by a global community. Download, play, and rate games built by creators just like you, without any limits. Find games that you love, add them to your favorites, and follow the best creators Project Spark has to offer. Will you discover the next best game the world has ever seen? Or will you build it yourself?

Share your creations with the world, and experience what the world creates. Discover, play, remix, and find inspiration in games created by others. It’s a virtual sandbox that lets you decide how and what you want to play!

Craft a new world, tell a story, play new games from the community, or embark on new adventures with friends in Project Spark on Xbox Live!
Creation Well
This is the ribbon of light in the sky and is the source of all creation in the world of Project Spark. You can hear the Creation Well speak to Spark during Crossroads.

An agent of the Creation Well who possesses the power to create. Players “control” Spark, but Spark has a different role depending upon the game mode.

Spark executes on the choices and selections you make.
Spark uses creation power where you decide with your cursor.
In Project Spark you can use Creation Credits or Tokens to unlock new content and Spark Premium.

Creation Credits are earned by completing challenges.
Tokens can be unlocked via the Xbox Store or in-game Marketplace.

This includes Props, Characters, Champions, Effects, Sounds, Icons, Brains, Assemblies, and more! Some can only be bought with one type of currency. You can infinitely play, create, and remix worlds made with the content that you own.

Spark Premium
Spark Premium increases the amount of Spark XP and Creation Credits that you earn for completing Challenges. It also gives you an XP boost to level your Champions faster. Additional UGC slots are also awarded to Creators.
A quick and easy way to make game world and actual gameplay just by making quick choices.

A quick and easy way to make game world and actual gameplay just by making quick choices.

How to Play Crossroads
Complete the series of choices and complete the game play generated from the choices.

Make your choices.
Defeat enemies.
Collect coins to unlock things in Crossroads.
Follow the path.
Champions are playable characters that players can level by playing Crossroads and UGC. Creators can use Champions in their creations.

Champion Controls
Basic Attack
Special Attack
Defensive Ability

Arcane Bolt
Arcane Blast

Arcane Power
Casting spells rapidly builds up Seph's arcane power meter (unlocked at level 2)

Arcane Torrent
Hold to fire a beam of energy. Use to control it (unlocked at level 4).

Powered Up
Reach 50% Arcane Power to deal extra damage (unlocked at level 7).

Blink Disrupt
Damage nearby enemies at the start of a Blink (unlocked at level 11).

Lasting Impact
Arcane Blasts performed above 50% Arcane Power create a destructive rift (unlocked at level 15).

Arcane Insight
Increased Arcane Overflow duration and power (unlocked at level 20).

Fill the Arcane Power meter to enter a state of Overflow increasing your damage and altering your mobility and attacks.

Arcane Missile
During Overflow, press to launch a massive orb of unstable arcane energy that explodes on impact.

Arcane Nova
During Overflow, press to cause a large surging wave of energy to emit from you, blasting enemies around you.
Basic Melee Attack
Slam Attack

Goblin Outrage
Karlsnor unlocks a “Rage Meter” and now builds up a Rage resource each time he lands a successful attack or takes damage. When Karlsnor reaches maximum Rage, he automatically enters Rage Mode.

Rage Mode
Karlsnor transforms into a larger, hulking beast version of himself (unlocked at level 2).

Whirling Attack
While in Rage Mode press . Hold to continue the Whirling Attack (unlocked at level 2).

Seismic Strike
Press to perform an attack that does damage at the position of the strike but also sends a rippling wave forward that does damage as it travels (unlocked at level 2, consumes Rage Meter).

When in Rage Mode, successful melee attacks heals Karlsnor for a small amount of health (unlocked at level 4).

Rolling Assault
Press and Karlsnor’s dodge does damage to enemies and can now be done 3 times in rapid succession (unlocked at level 7).

Raging Goblin
Press & . Karlsnor can now manually become enraged (enter Rage Mode) whenever he has any amount of Rage (unlocked at level 11).

Ground Slam
in midair (hold to charge). Ability that launches Karlsnor down toward the ground and does damage in a large area around him upon collision with the ground (unlocked at level 15).

Furious Frenzy
& . Manually enters Rage Mode, damaging nearby enemies (unlocked at level 20).
Basic Ranged Attack
Kodite Caltrops

Charge Shot
hold the button to charge, release to fire. A shot that deals extra damage to a single target (unlocked at level 2).

Kodite Barrage
Hold the button to charge, release to fire. Draw in nearby Kodite Caltrops and fire them as damaging buckshot (unlocked at level 4).

Decoy Dodge
hold the button to charge, release to drop the Decoy. Leave a temporary Decoy behind in the world that attract nearby enemies (unlocked at level 7).

Charged Arrow
hold the to charge, release to fire. Draw in nearby Kodite Caltrops and fire them at a single target for increased damage (unlocked at level 11).

button. Drop Kodite Caltrops at your feet while Dodging (unlocked at level 15).

Explosive Trap
Hold the button to charge, release to drop the Decoy. Decoy explodes after a few moments (unlocked at level 20).
Basic Melee Attack
Spear Attack

Sir Sigurd manifests and attacks nearby enemies after Haakon lands 4 successful attacks without being hit (unlocked at level 2).

A meter that allows Haakon to perform Shield Charge and Blade Storm.

Shield Charge
Double-tap . A short dash that damages enemies hit by Haakon’s shield (consumes Spirit Meter, unlocked at level 4).

Blade Storm
Quickly press , then . A blade attack that surrounds Haakon and damages nearby enemies (consumes Spirit Meter, unlocked at level 7).

button. Successfully blocking attacks builds Spirit Meter. Blocking an enemy attack just before it hits causes Haakon to gain a small amount of health and more Spirit Meter (unlocked at level 11).

Sigurd’s spear explodes when impaled enemies are hit with Haakon’s melee attack, dealing extra damage and building Spirit Meter (unlocked at level 15).

Spiral Swords
Sir Sigurd summons a Blade Storm attack at the end of his combo attack (unlocked at level 20).
Basic Melee Attack
Spirit Missle
Swift Form

Healing Wisp
Press . The Nature Chambers that encircle Avalon heal her over time. The more Nature Chambers Avalon has, the more healing she gains (unlocked at level 2).

Mystic Blast
Hold the button to charge, release to fire. A charged shot that shoots out more Spirit Missiles (unlocked at level 4).

Nature’s Wrath
Press . Avalon leaves a Sprout Turret behind after dodging with full Wisp Nature Chambers (unlocks at level 7).

Adaptive Wisdom
Increase maximum Wisp Nature Chambers to four (unlocks at level 11).

Earth Shock
Press while in midair. Perform a dive bomb that damages nearby enemies. Performing Earth Shock with full Wisp Nature Chambers causes Avalon to release the Wisp Nature Chambers, dealing damage in a larger area (unlock at level 15).

Mystical Sap
The Sprout Turret spawns a Wisp Nature Chamber (unlocks at level 20).
This is where you can find everything the community has made and give it a try! Even cooler is that you can remix anything made or just open it up and see how they did it. This is a great place to view sample Kode.

Be sure to rate what you play and help the best, most fun, wackiest, etc. rise to the top!

Find amazing creations by other players.

Make narrative choices and build a game automatically.

Level Feed
An updating list of cool worlds to try which were made by other Creators like you.

Return to the Main Menu.

Level Info Screen
Play the world.

Enter mode to edit the world. You must own all of the content used to create the world.

Notify a moderator of offensive content in the world.

Up Vote or Down Vote the world.

Read or write comments on the world.

View a list of all creators responsible for creating a world and see their individual contribution value to the world.

Add this world to your personal Favorites Feed. Press the Favorite Button again to remove world from the feed.

Follow|Unfollow Creator
Add this Creator to your personal Follow Creator Feed. All worlds and future worlds shared by this Creator will appear in this feed. Press the button again to Unfollow a Creator and remove their worlds from the feed.

Return to the previous menu.
This mode allows you to create just about anything you can imagine. You can paint, sculpt, add objects, and even program here. Create uses a cursor-style control system and is similar to editing. More details on Create mode are found through the manual.

Resume creating where you last left off.

Empty World
Start creating from a blank canvas.

World Wizard
Pick a Landscape, Biome, or Character, and customize from there.

Learn how to make your favorite type of game step by step.

Make narrative choices and build a game automatically

My Created Projects
Worlds you have made and saved locally.

Return to Main Menu.
Paint is the default mode you start in. This details the default/paint UI in Create Mode.

Allows you to create things in an all-in-one brush. Press to use the Biomes.

Bring color to your world. Create crass, paths, ice, and more. Press to add Paint materials to the world.

Sculpt your terrain to do things like create mountains, rivers, platforms, tunnels, and more. Press and hold to perform the function with the + icon. Press and hold to perform the function with the - icons.

Prop Edit
Add objects to your world. With a Prop on the cursor, press to place a prop in the world. With a Prop highlighted, hold the or to bring up the advanced menus.

Prop Gallery
You can find a massive variety of Props here that you can place in your world. Simply click on the item you wish to select or move the cursor left and right to scroll the gallery and see more. Use or quick-scroll items in the gallery.

Brain Editor
Brains are made of Pages which contain lines. Lines contain two sides: WHEN and DO. On these sides, tiles can be placed. The tiles add logic to the brains and allow you to determine conditions (WHEN) that trigger actions (DO). A simple and fun line of Kode would be:
When: Do: Jump
This will make an object jump when you press .

Brain Gallery
A really easy way to make Brains is to select the Brain Gallery. Just like the Props Gallery, you can select completely functional brains and just pop them into Props! Some sample brain include Adventure Game Controls, Shooter Game Controls and Enemies.

Koding may sound tricky, but it’s really not. A good way to start is by opening other Props with brains and learn to read them. But the best way is to just try, because we’ve created a revolutionary system of Tile compatibility that means you can easily experiment. It works like this.
There are hundreds of Tiles to choose from with functions on each. Tile compatibility knows all of them and which go together!
That means you can get put something in, select the + on the next empty Tile and it will reduce your Tile options to only valid ones!
Even if you aren’t sure what you want next, it will help you, just try it!
Add & Edit Prop Mode

Move Cursor Down
Move Cursor Up
Exit Menu
Select Tool
Edit Menu
Camera Menu
Snap Cursor to nearest terrain
Grab Drop
Left|Right to move cursor on Prop Bar
Up to entry Gallery

Biome, Paint, and Sculpt Modes

Move Cursor Down
Move Cursor Up
Exit Menu
Select Tool
Modify Brush
Camera Zoom
Inverse Brush Action
Brush Action
Move Cursor on Brush Shape or Material Picker
Up to entry Gallery

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