Trials Fusion
Game Overview
Trials Fusion, made by Redlynx and Ubisoft, is everything you love about the Trials series with the visual breakthroughs of Xbox One. Trials Fusion takes the competition to an all-new level with unique social features and more.

The essence of Trials games

Trials Fusion retains and enhances the vital features from the best-selling and critically acclaimed games Trials Evolution and Trials HD:

Trials evolved

Trials Fusion will also give you for the first time the opportunity to master insane tricks in a brand new Trials world.
Return to Last Checkpoint
Lean Forward or Back
FMX Pose
Restart Race
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Career mode is the recommended starting place in the Trials Fusion experience.

Here you will progress through the tracks in the Trials world and unlock more advanced bikes by obtaining medals and passing license tests.


The core mode of play. Traverse each track by any means necessary, using your bike to navigate any obstacles along the way.

Performance rating is based on how few faults were made and time taken to complete.


A fault occurs when you crash or manually reset your bike.

When faulting, use retry to instantly return to the last checkpoint you passed along the track.

Track Challenges

Beyond finishing each Trials track, and even getting a platinum medal on it.. there are Track Challenges to complete for rewards.

The details of each track challenge are displayed within in the track select menu in Career, and via the pause menu during gameplay.

Skill Games

Skill Games are score-based tracks with special rules and objectives beyond reaching the finish line.

Each skill game is unique, and has its rules explained when entering the track.


Spend the money you earn from playing in the Garage.

Here you have a host of options for customizing the look of your bike and kitting your rider out in all sorts of gear. You can get some unique awesome items with Acorns (Acorns available in the Additional Content section).


FMX is a competitive, physics-based, trick performance mode. Scores are obtained by holding poses on your bike whilst airborne, combining them with flips and linking them together with Wheelies.

Beware, each track has a hard time limit. Cross the line before then, or you will be disqualified.

FMX Flow

Flow is key to scoring big in FMX performances. It acts as a multiplier on trick scores that increases through holding 'perfect poses' and decreases through 'bad landings', faults and idly spent time.

Perfect poses are where you hold a pose for long enough so that the rider is in full stretch, whilst perfect landings are granted for delicate landings with minimal impact and reduction in speed.

Also, Wheelies and Endos not only award great scores, but also stop your Flow multiplier from dropping due to time spent idly riding between jumps.
Supercross is a multiplayer mode for players to compete synchronously on the same track in different lanes.

It has similar rules to the core Trials mode, where faults are the enemy and fast times are the goal. Faults in Supercross also occur from dropping too far behind, where the player is then reset back in-line with the race leader.
Track Central
Track Central is the hub containing access to the entire world's Trials, FMX & Skill Game track creations to download and play.

We provide a wealth of options to help you find what you're looking for. Or you can just search and browse to your heart's content.

Please add to the ever growing catalogue of tracks with your own creations!
Track Editor
We have a full set of tutorial videos to get you up and running on the RedLynxTV channel on YouTube, including detailed videos for the advanced Editor functionality:

Example tracks are provided as a handy starting point for you to study and modify. These can be loaded from the Editor’s main menu along with your own tracks.

We also have a new Radial Menu allowing easy access to the most commonly used features.

We look forward to playing your creations!
Tournaments are live competitions for in-game prizes, consisting of a track or series of tracks.

Here you play against other players asynchronously by posting times and scores to the server.

You can post as many times or scores as you like per Tournament within the time limit.
Teams are a way to group up with like-minded players and get the most out of Fusion!

Join a team to compete against other teams and compare yourself to your team mates.

Team scores are calculated by combining all team members' scores while giving more weight to those in top positions.
Online Multiplayer
Take part in online matches against other players or your friends. In public games you are automatically matched against other players and will play through a few tracks, after which the winners are announced on a podium. You will be able to vote on the next track and you can pick your bike. Public matches are ranked - you will gain or lose points depending on your performance. There is also a private game option where you can play against your friends. In private games you can set and save parameters. These modify your games in fun ways! And finally, you can set up private games as a spectator and invite players to play against each other as you spectate the session.
Community Dashboard
In the Ride menu you'll find our Community Dashboard. You can access it by pressing Up on the Left Stick or D-Pad, and return by pressing Down. On this Dashboard our Community Managers will share with you all the interesting things happening in and around.
Advanced Hints
Trials Fusion is full of secrets waiting to be unearthed. Here's some hints to get you going.

Upon earning the Trials Trophy, the ability to earn platinum medals for all tracks is unlocked.

Bailing out of your bike can help you reach locations you thought impossible. After bailing out you can either spread your arms and legs, or curl up into a ball. You can also latch onto objects in mid-air.

Trials Fusion is connected to Trials Frontier, available now for mobile and tablet devices. Choose to “step into the light” to gain access to connected features.

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