Reagan Gorbachev is a top-down, local co-op stealth game set in a 1980s alternate timeline. Historical icons Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have been kidnapped during the 1986 Reykjavík Summit by mysterious assailants. Players must take control of the leaders and use their unique skills to puzzle and battle their way through dozens of grueling levels. 2 players can play simultaneously or 1 player can take control of both leaders.
You control both Reagan and Gorbachev and must guide both to the exit to defeat each level. Both characters have unique skills. Reagan can lock pick and open red doors. Gorbachev can hack computers to open green doors. In a 2 player game, a split screen will be presented and one player controls Reagan while the second player controls Gorbachev. In a 1 player game, only one character can be controlled at a time. Press the Right Bumper to toggle between characters. In a 1 player game, press the Left Bumper to call the 2nd character. Hold the Left Bumper to make the 2nd character follow you. In a 1 player game, the 2nd character will enter sentry mode. When in sentry mode, the character will attack nearby enemies.
Press the Right Trigger to attack. Press the Right Stick to aim attacks in any direction. Use Reagan's katana for close attacks and Gorbachev's blowgun for distance attacks. Press Y or the Left Stick Button to target lock on the closest enemy. Press again to unlock. Attacks are directed at targeted enemies. Press the Left Trigger to cycle through enemy targets. When target locked, press the Right Stick to change the locked target.
Use stealth tactics to succeed at Reagan Gorbachev. Enemies are either alert or unalert. Enemies are alerted when a character is seen or heard. An alert enemy will briefly appear with an exclamation point (!) over his head. Alert enemies may call out and alert nearby enemies. Run into unalert enemies from behind to deliver a death blow. Avoid detection and alerting enemies by sneaking around objects or by hiding in rooms. Hold X and move the Left Stick to look around a level and reveal enemy locations.
Buttons Description:
Pick Up/Put Down Weapon (cancel hacking or picking)
Target Lock (on nearest enemy)
Call Second Character (1 player game only)
Switch Character (1 player game only)
Target Lock (cycle through enemies)
Move/Look (while holding X)/Stick Button to Target Lock
Aim/Change Target/Stick Button to Show Reticle
Pause Menu
Xbox Home Menu
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