GunWorld: Xbox One Edition is a retro-inspired action-platformer with an emphasis on precision platforming and challenging gameplay.

Using the GunSeed mechanic, players are able to plant different seeds to grow 7 different types of guns. Determining which enemies are weak to which guns, and smart management of your limited GunSeeds, is key to victory in GunWorld.

Learn the levels, experiment with the guns, and bring in a friend if you need help! GunWorld can be challenging, but overcoming the alien invaders is that much more rewarding!
For as long as man can remember, GunWorld has flourished with the blessings of the divine. The inhabitants of GunWorld enjoy the destructive fruits of nature, as theirs is a world where guns grow on trees. As if gifted by an earthly goddess, the citizens of GunWorld have always defended themselves with nature's bountiful weaponry, and they thought they always would.

Until one day a large alien vessel crashed to the surface, and the guns began to dry up and rot. The GunMothers, powerful plants that serve as the source of these weapons, have been damaged. All around the world defenses begin to shatter as mankind is left with little means to protect themselves. Fortresses fall, cities collapse, and communities are shattered.

GunWorld is in a panic.

That's when President Eagle calls on the toughest, roughest GunMan on the face of the planet. Dwayne heads off to face the dangers of the world on a quest to restore the GunMothers and save GunWorld from the alien invaders!
Buttons Description:
Fire Gun
Plant GunSeed
Change GunSeed
Change GunSeed
Xbox Home Menu
Saving progress is handled automatically in GunWorld: Xbox One Edition. Any time that you play on Normal Mode, any levels you beat or GunSeed Packs you find are automatically saved.

If you want to continue your game from where you left off, make sure you select Continue on the Main Menu. Starting a new game on either Normal or Old-School Mode will delete your progress.

On Old-School Mode, you can not save your progress.
The only way to survive on GunWorld is to use guns. The only way to get guns is to plant GunSeeds. Use to cycle through your GunSeeds on the HUD. Pressing will plant the appropriate seed.

Be mindful of your inventory! The Revolver and Spread Canon are the only guns that have an infinite supply of GunSeeds. The rest of the guns you unlock will have a limited number of GunSeeds. Your GunSeeds replenish each time you complete a stage, or die.

Your GunSeed quantity can be increased for each unlockable gun, all you need to do is find corresponding GunSeed Packs hidden in each level! For example, finding a Torpeagle Rifle GunSeed Pack will increase the maximum amount of Torpeagle Rifle GunSeeds you can carry.

You don't need to unlock a gun before collecting GunSeed Packs for it, so grab every one that you find!

Don't face GunWorld alone!

Drop-in co-op is simple in GunWorld: Xbox One Edition. Simply connect a 2nd controller to your Xbox One and press to have another player spawn in as Rebecca Scott, the toughest GunWoman alive! Scott shares her GunSeed supply with Dwayne, so coordinate your decisions!

Scott has an unlimited supply of lives. If she is killed during a stage or falls behind the camera you can simply respawn her by pressing again. Because Scott exists eternally, the second player can not unlock achievements for their progress.
Old-School Mode is how GunWorld was intended to be played. Three lives, no Continues. If you kick the bucket it's back to the Main Menu to start all over again. We recommend you develop a strong route through the game before attempting Old-School Mode.

Co-op is altered in Old-School Mode, with the pool of 3 lives being shared between Dwayne and Scott. Co-op can make some parts easier, but make sure your partner is up for the challenge!

Embrace the challenges of yester-year. Be the best GunMan you can be and conquer Old-School Mode!
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