Thank you for purchasing Pac-Man.

Pac-Man first appeared in arcades in 1980.
This version is a faithful recreation of the original, with additional options that let you adjust screen and sound settings for a truly authentic experience.

Adored the world over, Pac-Man was awarded a Guinness World Record in 2005 as the most successful coin-operated arcade machine in history. We hope you enjoy playing!

How to Play

Move Pac-Man up, down, left, and right and eat all the Pac-Dots to advance to the next stage.
You will lose a life if Pac-Man is caught by a ghost.

Turn the Tables With a Power Pellet!

When you eat a Power Pellet, the ghosts will turn blue and Pac-Man will be able to eat them.
The Power Pellet's effect only lasts for a short time.

Earning a High Score

Eat multiple blue ghosts in succession before the Power Pellet's effect runs out to rack up points.
Fruit will appear once you eat a certain number of Pac-Dots.
Eat the fruit to earn bonus points.
Move Pac-Man
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