In SCRABBLE, there are a few ways to play the game:

  • Quick Play
  • Private Multiplayer
  • Public Multiplayer

QUICK PLAY allows you to play locally with friends and family. If you're signed in to one account, your friends can join as Guests and share your controller with you. If all players would like to use their own controller, each player will need to sign in using their Xbox accounts. In addition, you can add AI players to fill vacant slots or just leave them empty. There are different levels of AI, ranging from Very Easy to Very Hard. You can set the AI difficulties as well as game conditions before starting the game.

PRIVATE MULTIPLAYER is an online-only mode that allows you to invite up to three other friends. You can set game conditions, including time and score limits.

PUBLIC MULTIPLAYER is a competitive online-only mode that matches you with online opponents of similar skill. There are three variants for you to choose from, each with their own rules and conditions. Please refer to the PUBLIC MODES section for more information.

Matches can have different scoring modes depending either on how you set up the match or the match limitations in a Public Multiplayer game.

AUTOMATIC scoring only permits you to spell valid words that exist in the SCRABBLE dictionary to be spelled. If the word does not exist, you can’t spell it.

CHALLENGE scoring, on the other hand, allows you to spell ANY word, regardless of whether it exists in the dictionary or not. However, this also means that any word may be challenged by your opponents as well. Words spelled in any match using Challenge scoring will not be tracked on the Leaderboards.

After you confirm your spelled words, a Challenge timer appears. If any player suspects one or more of your words may not exist, they can issue a challenge before the timer runs out. All of your words are then checked, and penalties are issued based on the outcome.

One of the following will occur after the outcome:

    This means one or more words do not exist. The player’s tiles are sent back to their tile rack and their turn is immediately skipped.

    This means all of the player’s words exist. The opponent who issued the challenge will immediately skip their next turn. This is a cumulative penalty, meaning if an opponent keeps issuing and losing challenges, they may end up automatically skipping multiple turns in a row.

Quick Play matches that are setup for Challenge scoring do not support AI.
The PUBLIC MULTIPLAYER competitive mode offers three modes of play:


CLASSIC uses the official Hasbro® rules for SCRABBLE with no alternative win conditions. This mode supports both AUTOMATIC and CHALLENGE scoring modes.

TIME ATTACK limits the time per turn to only 45 seconds. You’ll need to think fast and act faster if you don’t want to lose out. This mode uses AUTOMATIC scoring only.

SCORE RUSH limits the amount of points needed to win a match, in addition to the classic win conditions. Depending on the number of players, a hard score limit is imposed. The first player to reach the limit wins the game, so make every turn count. This mode uses CHALLENGE scoring only.
As you continue to play and improve in SCRABBLE, you can track your progress in the PLAYER CARD. The Player Card collects information on areas such as your speed, top scores, and play habits. You can also view fun facts such as your ELO rating in the game and your match history.

The LEADERBOARD allows you to see how you stack up against the rest of the community. Collecting play data from players interacting in both offline and online modes, you can compare your high score per game and turn, as well as the number of wins you’ve earned throughout your SCRABBLE career. As previously mentioned, words spelled in any match using Challenge scoring will not be tracked.
HASBRO GAME CHANNEL is a socially-connected games portal that allows you to earn special rewards for your games while playing SCRABBLE.

Hasbro Game Channel is your one-stop location for all the latest news and info related to your favorite Hasbro games. All of the achievements you unlock in your Hasbro games are tracked in the Channel, along with a news feed that updates you on your friend’s activity as well as new offers and promotions.

In Hasbro Game Channel, you’ll also have access to unique missions that you can complete on a daily basis, earning you points that can be spent towards unlocking exclusive rewards that you can use in SCRABBLE. If you own other Hasbro games, you can spend your points in those games as well!
Uplay is a cross-platform service available in more than 50 games. It enables actions, rewards, and social interactions. When you play a Ubisoft game, you earn units that you can spend towards exclusive gifts in your games or even in real life.

When you first play SCRABBLE, you'll be asked to use your Uplay account. If you already have a Uplay account, go ahead and login. If you don't have a Uplay account, just follow the steps to create your own account. Your new Uplay account will be linked to the Gamertag you used to access SCRABBLE, so make sure you're using your primary account to login.

Uplay account linking / unlinking:

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