At the end of TOMB RAIDER, Lara Croft saw something she couldn’t explain – something supernatural that upended her very understanding of the world. Try as she might, she couldn’t let it go. Her colleagues and friends back home think she imagined it all in the trauma of the moment. But what Lara saw opened her eyes to a hidden world. Lara is now obsessed with discovering the truth behind it all.

Acting on this obsession, Lara pursues her father’s research into the immortal soul. Her search ultimately leads her to a mountain in remote Siberia where she discovers an ancient lost city. Lara encounters dangerous new enemies who are intent on finding a hidden secret buried within the city’s vast tombs – and they will kill any who stand in their way. Lara must race against time and use all her skills and ingenuity to combat these new foes, survive the harsh elements, and unlock the secret before it falls into the wrong hands.

Sprint / Shoulder Swap (while aiming)
Survival Instincts / Zoom (while aiming)
(Hold) Aim / (Hold) Submerge (while swimming)
Fire Basic Ammo (while aiming) / Throw Item (while aiming) / (hold) Craft Basic Arrows
(Hold) Heal
Fire Alternate Ammo(while aiming) / Craft Alternate Ammo (Hold)
Interact / Axe Attach / Throw Grapple Axe / Reload (while aiming)
Melee Attack / Finisher
Jump / Climb
Scramble / Roll / Drop / Fast Swim / Dodge (while aiming)
Weapon Select
Pause / Options
Map / Inventory

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