MXGP2 will bring you to the fantastic world of the MXGP world championships. You can compete in 2 categories – MX2 and MXGP – challenging riders like Cairoli, Villopoto and Paulin, reliving the 2015 championship highlights or leading your nation to victory in the Monster Energy FIM MXoN. If that's not enough for you, create your own custom team, modifying every detail – from the rider’s helmet to the bike’s rims – and lead your alter ego to world championship victory!

To start:

Create your rider and virtual team at the start of the game to take your first steps in the MXGP2 world. If you're playing for the first time, we advise you to watch the Tutorial video to learn about the basics and the game's main features. You can try single events for a shorter game experience, or throw yourself straight into a career and become champion, season after season. If you want to become the best online rider instead, go to multiplayer mode and challenge players from all around the world!

MXGP Career
Career mode is the sporting journey of a rookie driver in the world of MXGP. You will start in two races with your custom team, and from then you can decide whether to sign up for next season with your team, or sign a contract with an official team.

Using your custom team you will sign contracts with category sponsors. If you satisfy their demands you will be contacted by official teams, or bigger sponsors. Whenever you decide to ride for an official team, you will have to follow the team manager’s directives while you climb to the top of the rankings, attracting new teams’ interest. For every race you complete, you will earn credits which you will need to buy new bikes, tune-ups and equipment for your rider!

Grand Prix: You are free to choose the bike, official MXGP 2015 Championship track and options you prefer to race against other artificial intelligence controlled riders.
Championship: In this mode you can compete in a series of Grand Prix which mirror the official season or create a customised championship. At the end of each race you will receive points according to your position. You win by getting more points than your opponents.
Time Attack: Choose a bike and a track and test your performance in a race against the clock. There are no opponents on-track; your goal is to obtain the best time possible, load it up to the multiplayer rankings and show the world your results.

Stadium Series
Grand Prix: Compete in one of the available stadiums with your personal rider, or one of the official MXGP riders. Hairpin bends, spectacular jumps and plenty of technique. Pure adrenaline!
Championship: Compete in a succession of Grand Prix in the Stadium Series to obtain the best overall points score at the end of the series.
Time Attack: Choose any one of the available stadiums to test yourself against the clock and show you are the best in the multiplayer rankings.

Monster Energy FIM MXoN
The Monster Energy FIM MXoN is a competition which closes every MXGP and sees the best riders from every nation compete in three races. After selecting the nation you want to use, the track and the game options, throw yourself in to this exciting adventure and take your nation to the summit of the Motocross world!


Online Grand Prix
Up to 12 players race on one track and, after an optional qualifying session, race for victory in the Grand Prix.

Online Championship
The players compete on various tracks for a certain number of consecutive races and collect points according to their placings in single events. At the end of all the races, the player with the most points wins.


Real Events
Real Events are scenarios which recreate important episodes in the MXGP 2015 championship. You can choose the event that best suits you and relive the proceedings first-hand. Each of these has victory conditions to meet, which allow you to unlock increasingly difficult new events.

Default configuration:

Rear Brake
Gear Up
Gear Down
View Back
Front Brake/Reverse
Steer Left
Steer Right
Weight Forward
Weight Backward
Weight Left
Weight Right
+ Scrub 1
+ Scrub 2
View Left
View Right
Change Camera
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