Based on the manga "Shingeki no Kyojin" by Hajime Isayama originally serialized in the monthly BESSATSU SHONEN magazine published by Kodansha Ltd. ©Hajime Isayama,Kodansha/"ATTACK ON TITAN"Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

©2016 KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD. All rights reserved.

Story Introduction

That day, humanity remembered.
The fear of their rule...
The humiliation of being trapped in a birdcage...

It is a world populated with gigantic beings known as Titans that feast on humans for food.
Living behind three massive Walls, mankind agreed to sacrifice its freedom in the name of security.
Growing up in the Shiganshina District, Eren Jaeger always dreamed of seeing life outside the Walls.
Despite spending his days in peace with his old friends Mikasa and Armin, he resented those that were content to live their lives trapped behind the Walls.

One day, a Colossal Titan appeared with an Armored Titan and destroyed one of the Walls, causing the lives of the young heroes to come crashing down like the very walls themselves.

Two years later...
The 104th Cadet Corps looks to take a stand against the Titans.
Among its ranks stand the familiar faces of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin.

Button Controls

Omni-directional mobility
[Combat Mode] Shoot wires
[During omni-directional mobility] Boost Dash
Recruit team member /
Resupply / Use cannon /
Mount horse / Dismount horse (hold down)
Reset camera
[Combat Mode] Switch attack target
Switch minimap
Switch to Combat Mode
Decisive Battle Signal
Rotate camera
[Combat Mode] Switch targeted body part
Select item
Use item
Select team objective
Display information screen
Home screen   

Battle Basics

You can defeat Titans by inflicting damage to the nape area on the back of the neck.

1. Approach the Titan

Approach the Titan by pressing to move using omni-directional mobility, and to use a Boost Dash.

2. Switch to Combat Mode

Approach the Titan, and press when the marker is displayed to switch to Combat Mode.

3. Attack

Use to select a body part to attack, then press to fire an anchor at that body part in order to approach the Titan. Once you are close enough, press to attack the body part.
You will destroy the body part after you have dealt sufficient damage to it.

4. Destroy the nape

It is easier to attack the Titan's nape if you destroy its arms and legs first.
You will slay the Titan after its nape is destroyed.

Omni-Directional Mobility

Using an omni-directional mobility device attached to your hip, you can fly through the air at high speeds. The device fires steel wires that attach to walls or Titans and enable you to move as the wires are reeled back in. However, certain actions require the use of compressed gas to guide your movements.

Use to shoot wires and begin using omni-directional mobility. Holding down lets you automatically shoot out the wires again, allowing you to continue moving using omni-directional mobility. Additionally, press while using omni-directional mobility to fire compressed gas to give yourself a temporary burst of speed (Boost Dash).

*You will be unable to use a Boost Dash once the Gas Meter is empty.

Firing Wires at Targeted Body Parts

While in Combat Mode, you can press to shoot a wire, anchoring it to the body part of a targeted Titan. After the wire has hit its target, you can rotate about the Titan with . The longer you rotate about the Titan or use a Boost Dash, the more likely the anchor is to detach itself from the body part.

Switching to Combat Mode

Approach the Titan and press when the marker is displayed to switch to Combat Mode.

*If you press while in Combat Mode, you will exit Combat Mode.

Selecting Targets

If you find yourself near multiple Titans while in Combat Mode, you can use to switch between targets.


After firing the anchor, you will automatically approach the targeted body part if you do not attempt to encircle it. Once you are close enough, press to attack the body part. Your attempt will fail if you are too far away, or if you have insufficient acceleration. Attacking after a Boost Dash () or other such movements will enable you to inflict massive damage on the Titan.
*You must be at least a certain distance from a body part in order to accelerate towards it.

Titan Body Parts

Even after taking damage, a Titan's body parts will gradually recover. Eventually, the body part will be destroyed after it takes a certain amount of damage.
However, even if parts of their bodies are destroyed, they can regenerate within about one to two minutes. Aim for other body parts or the nape of their neck before they can do so.

Switching Targeted Body Parts

You can switch the body part targeted on a particular Titan by using during Combat Mode.

A Titan's Weak Point

The weak point of the Titans is the nape, on the back of their neck. You can kill a Titan by destroying its nape.
It will be easier to target the nape if you first destroy the Titan's arms so that it cannot attack, or its legs so that it is unable to move.

Defensive Parts

For Titans with defensive parts, you will be unable to effectively attack their nape until you first destroy the defensive parts. Be sure to target them first.

*Titans with defensive parts will have an icon indicating that their nape cannot be attacked.

When in Trouble

Escaping a Titan's Grasp

Rapidly press if you are caught by a Titan. You can escape its grasp if the Strike Meter reaches 0 before the Feeding Meter does.
*If you fail, you will be eaten by the Titan and the battle will be lost.

Near-Death State

If you are grabbed by a Titan and suffer heavy damage, you will enter a near-death state. Being in a near-death state makes it harder to fight the battle, since your movement speed is reduced, and you face various other disadvantages. You can recover from a near-death state by avoiding damage for a set period of time, or by using restorative items.

Focus Time

If you are in a near-death state and about to take additional damage from a Titan, you will enter a state known as Focus Time. During this enhanced state, your surroundings will move as if in slow motion until the Focus Meter is depleted. Use this opportunity to use a Boost Dash to escape from the Titan before the meter is empty.
*There is a limit to how many times you can activate Focus Time. The limit will be reset when you recover from the near-death state.

Battle Flow

Your objective during battle is to achieve the victory conditions. You can confirm the victory conditions on the information screen.

Completing Missions and Side-Missions

Complete the missions and side-missions that arise during battle to move a step closer to victory.
*You will fail some missions or side-missions if you cannot complete them within a certain amount of time.


Missions are indicated by a red smoke signal fired into the sky. They are essential to winning the battle; failing to complete them will lead to your defeat.


Side-missions are indicated by a green smoke signal fired into the sky. Completing them can provide you with various benefits during the battle, such as receiving items from your allies, or having them join you as a team member. Additionally, the Decisive Battle Signal Meter will fill faster.

Gaining New Team Members

Certain soldiers may join you as team members (up to a maximum of four) if you approach them and press , or if you assist them by completing side-missions. Team members act according to the objective set for the team.

Resupplying Gas, Blades, and More

Press near a Logistician to obtain items. You may also come across soldiers on the battlefield that have been defeated by the Titans. Approach them and press to pick up any items they have on them.

Decisive Battle Signal

The Decisive Battle Signal Meter will gradually fill as you perform actions such as defeating Titans or completing side-missions.
When the Decisive Battle Signal Meter is full, press to fire a Decisive Battle Signal. For a limited time, your abilities will be powered-up and your Gas Meter and your blade's Durability will not be depleted. Additionally, any nearby allies will come to fight by your side.

Battle Outcome

The battle will end once you have completed the necessary missions and achieved the victory conditions.
You will be given an evaluation of your performance after the battle is over. Your evaluation will change depending on the number of missions accomplished, how many Titans you have slain, and the amount of time remaining in the battle. The amount of rewards such as Experience and funds that you receive will differ depending on your evaluation. Once your Experience reaches a certain level, your Regiment Skill and Soldier Skill will increase. As your Regiment Skill rises, you will be able to develop new equipment at the Camp. As your Soldier Skill rises, you will be able to learn new Skills.

Defeat / Retry

You will lose the battle if you are eaten by a Titan or if you meet the defeat conditions for the battle.
Even if you are defeated, you can retry the battle from the previous checkpoint.
*You may lose the battle when attacked by certain Titans, even if you are not eaten.
*Checkpoints are automatically set when you complete certain tasks, such as arriving at the location of a smoke signal.

Battle Screen

1. Titan Information
2. Team Information
3. Player Information
4. Combat Status
5. Minimap
6. Objective Icon
7. Target Marker
8. Combat Status Info
9. Materials Available

1. Titan Information

The targeted body part of the Titan you are facing as well as its durability. As the body part takes damage, its durability will decrease; the body part will be destroyed when its durability reaches 0.

2. Team Information

Your team members and the strength of each one (S>A>B>C). You can select a team objective by pressing down on the D-pad.


Targets the same Titan as you. When the icon is displayed, the team member will follow up your attacks.

▼Fan out

Automatically targets any nearby Titans.


Protects characters focusing on missions or important to the defeat conditions.

3. Player Information

4. Combat Status

The current Combat Status of the battle (Blue: Human, Red: Titan). The longer the blue meter, the greater your advantage is.

5. Minimap

Switch between the full and enlarged maps with .

6. Objective Icon

7. Target Marker

The targeted body part and its distance from you. Use to switch the targeted body part.
The meter shows the durability of your anchor. It depletes as you swing about the body part, and its color will change (blue→yellow→red) as it is emptied. Once it is empty, the anchor will detach from its target.

8. Combat Status Info

9. Materials Available

Destroy these body parts to obtain materials.

Player Information

1. Decisive Battle Signal Meter
2. Item Inventory
3. Gas Meter
4. Blade Durability
5. Focus Meter

1. Decisive Battle Signal Meter

This gradually fills as you perform actions such as defeating Titans or completing side-missions. When it is full, press to fire a Decisive Battle Signal.
Each time you fire one, a portion of the meter will turn yellow. With each use, its duration increases and the number of troops that appear to assist you will also increase. It will reach its maximum value on the fourth usage.

2. Item Inventory

The items you possess as well as the number remaining (green indicates that you have the max amount). Select items with and , and use them with .
Use the Gas item to restore your Gas Meter, and the Blade item to restore your blade's Durability. You can recover from a near-death state by using Restorative items.

3. Gas Meter

The amount of gas you have remaining. It is gradually depleted as you engage in omni-directional mobility. You will be unable to use Boost Dash when it is empty.

4. Blade Durability

This depletes as you attack Titans. Once it is empty, the amount of damage you inflict when attacking is drastically reduced.

5. Focus Meter

This is displayed when you are near death. It will reduce by one when you activate Focus Time. Once you have used up your reserves, you will be unable to activate Focus Time (green numbers: maximum number of uses remaining).

Objective Icons

On the battle screen, objective icons will be displayed in the location of missions or other objectives for the stage. You can check the location of these objectives by looking at the minimap.

Mission objective (human)
Defeat conditions (human)
Mission objective (Titan)
Victory conditions (Titan)
Mission objective (Abnormal)
Victory conditions (Abnormal)
Mission smoke signal
Side-mission smoke signal
Mission destination
Side-mission destination
Team member
Titan targeting the player
Priority target
Flash Grenade
Sound Grenade
Defensive facility
Titan trap

Information Screen

Press during battle to display the information screen.
You can also confirm the victory and defeat conditions for the battle by pressing .

Mission Information

Check missions and side-missions that have been issued.

Battlefield Information

Check the position of your character, other soldiers, Titans, and more.

Player Information

Check information such as your Skills, abilities, equipment, and horses.


Each playable character has a special Skill that enables them to perform unique attacks, give attack orders to team members, or other actions. As your Soldier Skill increases, you can learn new Skills as well.

Combat Status Log

View a history of what has happened during the battle.


Adjust the game settings.

Fall Back

Exit the current battle. You can restart the battle from either a checkpoint or the beginning, or you can choose to return to the Camp or Main Menu.

Main Menu

Press any button at the title screen to proceed to the Main Menu.
*Equipment, Regiment Skill, Soldier Skill, materials, and other items are shared between Attack Mode and Expedition Mode.

Attack Mode

Play the "A.O.T. Wings of Freedom" storyline.

Expedition Mode

Select a playable character and try to complete various missions.


View movies, character models, and more.


Adjust the game settings.


Download additional content for the game.

Saving / Loading


The game automatically saves in locations such as after battle (autosave).
You can also save from the Main Menu by selecting "Save" from the "Options" menu.


You will be given the option to continue your game when selecting a game mode from the Main Menu. You can also load a game from the Main Menu by selecting "Load" from the "Options" menu.

Restarting your game

Select "New Game" from "Options" in the Main Menu to start a new game from the beginning.
This will create new save data for your game.

Attack Mode

Play a series of battles that follow the game's story.

Attack Mode Game Flow

1. Camp

Here, you can prepare for battle by selecting equipment, horses, and more. Speak to the character with the icon above their head to begin the battle.

2. The battle begins

Attempt to fulfill the victory conditions for the battle while completing missions and side-missions.

3. Win the battle

The battle will be won once you have fulfilled the victory conditions, allowing you to advance the story.

Survey Missions / Past Missions

From Chapter 2 on, you can speak to soldiers in the Barracks with a icon above their head to trigger a Survey Mission. The mission contents follow the same path as the Expedition Mode explanation from Point #2 onwards.
Additionally, you can speak to soldiers in the Barracks with a icon above their head to replay a battle that you have already cleared.

Expedition Mode

This mode allows you to undertake various missions assigned by the regiment. Depending on the results, you can obtain funds and materials, and also unlock additional areas and battlefields to choose from during your missions.

Expedition Mode Game Flow

1. Select a character

Select your playable character.

2. Camp

Speak to a character with a icon above their head to select a mission to undertake. The benefits and results of clearing a mission will differ depending on the mission type.

3. Fight the battle

Fight the battle while looking to complete its mission and side-missions.

4. Complete the mission

Complete the mission to clear the stage. You will be given an evaluation as well as a reward based on your performance.

Mission Types

▼Survey Missions

Select an area and battlefield to which to deploy on these missions. Completing them will increase the scouting percentage of the area.
Once a certain percentage of the area has been scouted, you will receive funds, new information will be added to the Muster Roll, and more. Additionally, new areas and battlefields will appear as the area is scouted.

▼Expedition Missions

Each time a battle ends, you will be given a choice to proceed to the next battle or to withdraw. Choosing to advance to the next battle will increase the rewards you can obtain. You may also obtain special materials as well.

Online Mode

Connect to the network, and play a multiplayer game online.


View movies, character models, and more.

▼Public Information

Read an explanation of the terms in the game.

▼Regiment History

Replay event scenes that you have watched.

▼Music Collection

Listen to music that you have heard in the game.

▼Muster Roll

View character models and other information.

▼Equipment Field Guide

Check the abilities of equipment, horses, and other items you have obtained.

▼Titan Field Guide

View models and other information on Titans you have encountered in the game.


Adjust game settings such as the difficulty and gore level, save and load your game, and more.
*Depending on your game progress, there will be some options you will be unable to adjust.

▼Show Gore

You can adjust the display of blood and gore that appears when you defeat a Titan. Change this setting to "Off" in order to tone down the gore displayed during the game.

In the Camp

You can speak to other characters when you are in a Camp (Barracks, Supply Base, Temporary Barracks). Pressing will also bring up the below menu, allowing you to change your equipment, outfits, and more.

Camp Menu

▼Player Information

Check information such as your Skills, abilities, equipment, and horses.

▼Change Outfit / Equipment

Change your equipment, horses, and outfits.

▼Corps Information

Check the inventory of your items, materials, and more.

▼Task Information

Check the requests you have received from other characters.


Adjust the game settings.

▼Return to Main Menu

Return to the Main Menu.

Obtaining Equipment, Materials, Horses, and More

Speak to the person in charge in order to obtain equipment and more.
*Some camps may not have a person in charge, in which case you will be unable to obtain equipment, materials, or horses there.

▼Equipment Supply Station

Obtain and power up your equipment.

▼Material Acquisition Depot

Obtain materials or exchange them for funds.

▼Warhorse Supply Station

Obtain horses that you can take to battle with you.

Equipment Supply Station

Obtain equipment such as blades, scabbards, canisters, omni-directional mobility gear, or power up your existing gear. You can use the materials, funds, and other items that you have obtained from the battlefield and other locations.

New Developments

Obtain new equipment.

1. Abilities

Compare the difference in abilities between new equipment and your current equipment.

Upgrade Equipment

Modify equipment that you own.

1. Modification Results

You can upgrade your equipment to the new version displayed here.


You can fortify your equipment by combining it with other pieces of equipment. Fortifying equipment will increase its base abilities.

1. Fortification Results

Select "Fortify" to upgrade your equipment to the new version shown.

Cash In

This enables you to exchange equipment and materials for money.

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