Welcome to the world of RISK Urban Assault. It’s exciting. It’s unpredictable. It’s all about battling your way to controlling the city, one district at a time. And it’s easier to learn than you might think.

Urban Assault doesn’t give you a whole lot of rules to remember, and that gives you the freedom to focus on your strategy. That’s just one feature that makes Urban Assault so much fun to play.

You’ll decide things like where to place your troops, where to attack, who to attack, and how often to attack. But when it comes to easing you into the game, don’t worry – we’ve got your back!
In short, you control districts by having troops in them.

You get more troops at the start of your turn and put them on the map.

You use your troops to attack other players and conquer their districts.

At the end of your turn, you set up a few troops to defend your districts and you may or may not earn stars.
Launch the game from the launcher menu then choose either ‘Campaign’ or ‘Custom Game’ from the main menu.

In Campaign you play through each city map meeting special objectives to unlock new maps, rules and facilities.
In Custom Game you can setup your game choosing the rules that suit you best, from win conditions to fortification rules. Then choose how many players – you can have any combination of human and AI opponents – up to a maximum of five . We suggest using auto-setup until you are used to the rules of the game.
In Urban Assault there are 5 distinct city maps to fight for control over, London, Shanghai, New York, Paris and Hamburg.
At the start of the game, the chosen map is divided amongst the players and initial troops are set-up. There are two ways of doing this – automatic or manual.

In manual setup, players take it in turns to claim districts by adding a single troop to them. When all of the districts are taken, players place their remaining troops in districts they own (again one by one) until all are placed.

However, you can choose to automate this process instead. Districts are handed out to players and troops are assigned to those districts randomly.
Each player takes it in turns to play. There are three phases to a turn – Draft, Attack and Fortify, After each player has completed a turn, all players take part in the council phase

In the Draft phase you earn troops for every territory you own and gain troop bonuses for owning entire continents. You can also trade in any stars earned in the Attack phase for more troops or facilities.

In the Attack phase you can choose to attack any number of adjacent enemy districts (as long as you have the troops). Choose the number of dice you want to roll and attack. Press X to auto-attack and resolve combat faster, but remember there is no retreating once you have auto-attacked.

In the Fortify phase, move as many troops as you’d like from one of your districts into another of your connected districts or offer ceasefires to other players in exchange for stars.

In the council phase when two or more town halls have been placed on the map, the player with the most districts will be declared mayor. The mayor can decide to either steal from city funds to gain extra stars or outlaw another player by placing a bounty on their head.
The objective in Urban Assault is to control the entire city by building or controlling a certain amount of town halls, the amount needed to win can be changed during the initial setup of the game.
IRIS is your Integrated Reconnaissance and Intelligence System, a computer helper who keeps you informed on the state of the war and provides tactical assistance. Press LB during any phase to access additional tactical guidance.
Use the Left Stick to move the button highlight.

Press A to select the highlighted option.

Press B to cancel actions or return to the previous menu.

Press X to sign-in when adding players to a game.
In-game controls for Risk are context sensitive. The actions change for each button according to the phase that you are in.

Use the Left Stick to move the cursor in-game or button highlights in menus.

Press A to select territories, confirm actions or press buttons in menus.

Press X to auto-attack during the attack phase.

Press Y to trade Stars in the Draft Phase, launch a missile attack during the attack phase or offer ceasefires in the Fortify phase.

Press RB to end Attack or Fortify phases.

Press LB at any time to access Tactical Guidance.
The context-sensitive cursor highlights territories and displays button presses and actions relevant to the phase you are in.
The player card displays the currently active player and how many troops and stars they have available.
The phase indicator displays which phase the current player is in.
The info bar displays any buttons and actions that are not affected by the position of the cursor.
During combat the dice picker shows how many dice you are using in each combat.
You can play Risk against up to 4 opponents via Xbox Live - any mix of human and AI.
Earn points over a six-game season and fight to gain promotion to higher leagues. ‘Win’ leagues to earn special awards!”
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