“Ride” is a game about bikes, designed for people who love the world of motorcycling. "Ride" brings together the most sought-after manufacturers, the most beautiful street bikes on the market, thrilling high-speed races, and a tour that will take you around the world, riding on tracks with their own unique styles (race tracks, country tracks and city tracks).

Getting started:

To begin the game, create your Ride avatar and choose a complimentary bike to set out on your journey in the world of Ride. If this is your first time playing the game we recommend starting with the Tutorial to learn the basics, and for an introduction to the main features of the game.
Ride gives you complete freedom to select events, but we recommend starting with the Naked Bikes: Middleweight Group. The balanced performance of these bikes makes them perfect for familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics, and at the same time offers a compelling challenge without being too difficult for rookies.

Some game modes require a team mate. You can select one of the game characters (new characters will be unlocked as you proceed through the World Tour mode), or download your friends' Ride avatars.
Remember that your friends' Ride avatars will reflect their riding styles, their bikes, and their tastes in clothing.

Rider customization:

Ride offers hundreds of different items of clothing to allow you to customize your rider. You can also change their physical features, hairstyle, and even riding style! You can access the customization options from "my rider".

Bike customization:

You can make your bike unique by customizing it: choose from hundreds of different modifications. Some of these, such as the liveries and grips, only alter the appearance of the bike, while others, such as chains or air filters, improve the bike's performance.
What's more, before each race you can tinker with advanced set-ups by selecting the "bike settings" option to customize your riding experience down to the last detail.

World Tour:
The World Tour is the heart of Ride. It's a championship that brings together riders from all over the world and ranks them on the basis of Reputation points. Only the most acclaimed riders can gain access to the Elite Trophy events: exclusive challenges where the best riders in the world face off.

You can build your Reputation and climb the World Tour rankings by participating in the following events:
  • Single Race: compete in a single race and do your best to take the podium.
  • Championship: a championship is made up of a number of races. At the end of each race you receive points on the basis of your finishing position. The winner is the rider who has accumulated the most points at the end of the championship.
  • Time Attack: Time Attack races put your speed to the test on a specific track. You have three laps and your reward depends on the reference time you manage to beat.
  • Drag Race: Drag Races are a series of acceleration challenges on straights of varying lengths. Remember that shorter distances require better acceleration from a standing start, while on longer straights a greater maximum speed is preferable.
  • Track Day: motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy nothing more than spending the weekend putting their own bikes through their paces on real racetracks. On Track Days you take to the racetrack with other riders and try to pass as many as possible within the given time limit.
  • Head to Head: sometimes the rivalry between two riders grows to the point where they just have to take each other on. In these races you challenge another rider during a Track Day event.
  • Team Race: Team Races are events where the end result depends on the final positions of two riders belonging to the same team, so choose your team mate wisely.
  • Endurance: Endurance races are the ultimate expression of sheer physical effort combined with riding technique. The resistance of both rider and bike are pushed to the limit in races that are much longer than normal. The traditional Le Mans-style start makes these events even more compelling.

Quick Modes:

Quick Race:
Choose any bike and any track to compete in a quick race with 16 riders.

Time Trial:
Choose a bike and a track and put your skills to the test in a race against the clock. There are no adversaries on the track: your aim is to get the best time possible to upload to the online rankings and share your results with the world.


Split Screen:
Two players race each other on the same console in split screen mode.

Single Race:
Up to 12 human players meet up at a track and compete for first place in a race to the finishing line.

Players challenge each other on their favorite tracks for a set number of consecutive races and accumulate points on the basis of finishing positions in each single event. At the end of all the races the player who accumulated the most points wins.
Default configuration:

Rear Brake
Gear Up
Gear Down
Front Brake/Reverse
Weight Forward
Weight Backward
Steer Left
Steer Right
View Left
View Right
View Down
View Up
View Back
Increase TCS
Decrease TCS
Change Camera
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