It’s time to fly. To float in the midst of hellfire, dash like thunder, bring the blue steel of justice, bend space, and save the day.
It’s time to become a metalface agent.

The quickest way to learn how to play Cobalt is to just play it.
For that reason there's an in-game tutorial. Give it a try!
Default Layout:

Throwable Slot
Melee Slot
Ranged Slot
Duck / Aim
Sneak / Aim

Alternate controller layouts are available.
You have potential to hold three different types of weapons - melee, ranged and throwables. An agent always has immediate access to their arsenal, no matter the situation.

  • Switch between the three weapon types with , , and
  • Press to use whatever you have selected

  • Your weapon will reload automatically once its clip is exhausted, but you can initiate a reload at anytime by pressing
    A skilled operator will take advantage of the Reload Boost.

  • Press at the perfect time (indicated by the marker visible when reloading) to get a reload boost.
  • You are equipped with futuristic tech that rewards timing over accuracy. This lock-on technology works in any situation, even when airborne or under duress.

  • Hold Left Stick down to crouch and lock onto visible targets in your line of sight
  • Hold Left Stick up to sneak and lock onto visible targets in your line of sight
  • While rolling, you will automatically aim at targets in your line of sight
  • You automatically aim at nearby opponents when attached to a wall

  • The lock-on will not function while flashed.
    Once mastered, rolling will provide extra speed, reflect or deflect bullets, give extra distance to grenade throws, allow for offensive retreats, and impress onlookers.

  • Press to execute a roll

  • If a bullet hits your head it will be reflected back to the offending source
  • If a bullet hits you anywhere else you will deflect the bullet elsewhere
  • If a bullet hits your soft, vulnerable feet, it will still hurt

  • Rolling won’t deflect grenades or missiles. Bring out your melee weapon and punch the offending explosive. It’s easier than you’d think.
  • Shieldbelts are passive and protect when enabled. A battery is required for activation. Some have additional effects which are triggered when activated.

  • Basic shieldbelts have no additional effects
  • Harden shieldbelts provide additional protection for a short time after deactivation
  • Reflect shieldbelts bounce back projectiles for a short time after deactivation
  • Stun shieldbelts stun nearby enemies for a short time after deactivation

  • Handheld shields are deployed when crouched, and will protect against non-explosives.
    For additional help, check the “How To Play” section under “Help & Options” or the tutorial located under “Play Game”.

    For further support, go to https://help.mojang.com/.

    Soon, you will be a master metalface, performing on instinct. You will be in the zone; no longer thinking, just doing. Standing at the river of mind, watching it flow by.

    This is the way of a metalface agent.