Welcome to a celebration of classic Rare releases spanning three decades and multiple generations of gaming! In Rare Replay you can experience these games in a single package for the first time, enjoy the many enhancements offered by the Xbox One (including achievements and other Xbox Live functionality) and explore exclusive bonus features and documentaries.

You can think of this as your primer for learning your way around Rare Replay: finding your way around the menus, making the most of the extra content and browsing digital versions of classic Game Manuals. Check out the Getting Started section for information on installing and exploring Rare Replay itself. The Playing the Games section will guide you through the 30 titles on offer, while the Features and Extras section explains the brand new challenges on offer and the rewards for tackling them.

Finally, the Legal and Support section provides contact details for the Xbox Support team and game developer if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks for purchasing Rare Replay, and we hope you enjoy this VIP pass to 30 years of videogame history!

Installing Rare Replay

To begin installing Rare Replay, insert the disc into your Xbox One console. As long as you have sufficient free space, installation will begin automatically. Ten new games will appear in My games & apps as part of the installation process. Rare Replay itself will act as your gateway to 30 games – including nine that were previously available on Xbox 360, such as Banjo-Kazooie and Viva Piñata. Note that if you installed these games from the Rare Replay disc, you’ll need the disc in the tray in order to play them.

If you choose to uninstall any of these titles and wish to reinstall them later, first insert the Rare Replay disc. Rare Replay itself will reinstall automatically, but you’ll find the other titles in a Ready to Install list – just scroll to the far right of your Games list in My games & apps to find one. Select the title and choose Install. When the installation is complete, the title will be available once more.

Getting Ready to Play

As soon as Rare Replay is ready to play, you can launch it from either the Home screen or My games & apps. You’ll see a short introduction and then be invited to press the A button on your Xbox One Wireless Controller to begin playing. Whoever presses the A button will be considered the Primary Player. Their save games and progress will be accessible, and they’ll earn the awards and achievements while playing.

If you’re not signed into a profile when you press the A button, you’ll be requested to do so at this point. You can still enjoy Rare Replay without signing in, but you won’t be able to save your progress, view mature content or retain access to features you’ve unlocked.

If the game is still installing, you’ll find that certain games and features may not be available right away. Once the installation process is complete, these titles will be ready to play.

Basic Features

The first screen you’ll see in Rare Replay is the Main Menu, through which you can access the Game Gallery, Snapshot Gallery and Rare Revealed. (See the Features and Extras section for more detail on these.)

In the top left corner of the screen, you’ll see the Primary Player’s Ticket and their current Player Rank. As you play games and complete certain objectives, you’ll earn Stamps for your Ticket and, over time, unlock even more new content.

Press the Menu button while on the Main Menu and you’ll see an overlay containing Rare Replay’s global options. Here you can toggle subtitles during features on and off, or select a different profile to become the Primary Player.

The Game Gallery shows each of the 30 games within Rare Replay and whether or not they’re currently available to play. Selecting a Game Portrait from the gallery will take you to the Game Stage. Here you’ll see an overview of the game and your progress within it, and it’s from here that you launch the game itself.

Menu Navigation

Each of the menu screens within Rare Replay has several common features and controls to help you find your way around. Push the left stick or D-pad to scroll through lists and highlight a particular choice. Press the A button to make a choice (this usually opens a new menu screen or an overlay for fine-tuning options), or the B button to close an overlay or return to the previous menu.

When you’re new to Rare Replay, you’ll occasionally see messages explaining the game’s features as they become relevant. Some messages are purely informative and can be dismissed by pressing the A button after you’ve read them. Others will ask you to make a choice – press the A or B button as appropriate.

At the top of each menu screen, you’ll see a control legend detailing which button performs which action. Some actions are common to all screens, while others are contextual depending on the current screen. Here are some advanced features and shortcuts to help speed up navigation for experienced players:

YOUR TICKET: On the Main Menu, press the X button. You’ll be able to examine your Ticket, see any Stamps applied to it and check your current Player Rank.

GAME MANUALS: When on the Game Stage, you’ll see a brief description of that game. If you’d like more information, press the Y button to jump directly to that game’s digital Game Manual. (Some recent games have detailed help information available online or within the game itself; in those cases, the digital Game Manual will tell you how to reach that information.)

QUICK LAUNCH: On the Game Gallery, press the Y button to jump straight into a game. If you’ve played the game before (and it supports the auto-save feature) you’ll pick up where you left off, otherwise you’ll begin at that game’s title screen.

FILTER GAMES: On the Game Gallery, games are displayed in the order they were originally released. Press the left or right bumper to cycle through ordering options: A-Z alphabetical ordering and Z-A reverse ordering are also available.

GAME OPTIONS: On the Game Stage, push left or right on the left stick or D-pad until Options is highlighted and then press the A button. You’ll see an overlay allowing you to adjust visual filters for that game, examine its controls in more detail or turn cheats on or off. Return to the Game Stage by pressing the B button.

MILESTONES: To check your progress against a game’s Milestones, press the View button while on the Game Stage. Return to the Game Stage by pressing the B button.

SNAPSHOTS: Some games have special Snapshot challenges. You can access these from the Game Stage by pushing the left stick or D-pad until Snapshots is highlighted and then pressing the A button. You can also use the Main Menu to access the Snapshots Gallery and select a suitable game from there.

FULL GAME: When viewing a game’s Snapshots, you can quickly and easily switch back to the full version of the game: just push the left stick or D-pad until Full Game is highlighted and then press the A button. (See the Features and Extras section for more information on Snapshots.)

Understanding Game Ratings

Rare Replay contains a wide variety of titles for players of all ages. As such, some of the games themselves – and extra features that refer to them – may not be suitable for younger players. If the Primary Player’s account is subject to parental restrictions, certain options may not be available.

Games and Rare Revealed features that are unsuitable for younger players will also display a content warning in their description. Be sure to check these if you’re uncertain whether or not a particular game or feature is suitable for everyone in the room.

Starting a Game

The Game Gallery should be your first port of call if you’re ready to dive into any of Rare Replay’s 30 titles. You can sort the list of games chronologically or alphabetically, although titles that are still installing, age-restricted or otherwise unavailable will be covered up and inaccessible. You’ll see the title of each game below its animated Game Portrait.

Selecting one of the portraits will take you to the Game Stage for that title, a theatrical reconstruction that celebrates the game’s iconic moments. Each includes a brief descriptive overview, but you can press the Y button to view the digital Game Manual for more information. If you’ve recently made progress towards a game’s Milestones, this will be shown on the left-hand side along with any Stamps earned from completed Milestones (see the Features and Extras section for more information on these).

Press the A button to start the game, or press the B button to return to the Game Gallery. Looking for multiplayer options? Head into the game and additional players will be added when the game begins (see the Multiplayer section below for details).

Saving & Loading

Your progress can be saved in any Rare Replay title, even the ones that didn’t originally support Game Saves, although the method and frequency varies from game to game.

Older titles in the collection will auto-save regularly, and you’ll also be given three Game Save slots to manually record your progress. When you choose to play one of these titles, you’ll be shown a list of manual saves along with your most recent auto-save. Select one by pushing the left stick to highlight it and then pressing the A button to confirm your choice. Your game will resume from that point. If you’d rather start afresh, select the New Game option instead. (If you Quick Launch into a game from the Game Gallery, your most recent auto-save will be used. If you don’t have one, you’ll start from the beginning of the game.)

At any point during the game, you can summon the Rare Replay Menu Pane by pressing and holding the Menu button. You’ll see Save and Load options in certain titles that will allow you to manually create one of three Game Saves or overwrite an existing one. You’ll also be able to load an existing Game Save (including any auto-saved progress) or start a new game.

More recent titles in the Rare Replay line-up will offer their own Game Save options after you begin the game. See the Game Manuals section for information on how to manage Game Saves within these titles.

Options and Cheats

In addition to the Game Save feature, the older titles in Rare Replay have been augmented with brand new features: options to provide a more authentic experience, a selection of cheats, and at-a-glance summaries of how each game’s controls have been mapped to the Xbox One Wireless Controller.

You can access Per-Game Options from the Game Stage or by bringing up the Menu Pane while playing. You’ll be able to toggle a visual filter, choosing between a clean image or the recreated scan lines of old-school televisions.

Additionally, you’ll be able to activate and deactivate cheats within each game. Note that any cheats currently active when you save (either manually or via an auto-save) will be recorded along with your progress. Active cheats do not carry across to Snapshots. If a Rewind cheat is active, you can pull and hold the left trigger to undo up to ten seconds of play.

This is also the place to view the game’s controller map. Press the left or right bumper to see an overview of the most commonly used controls. Refer to the Game Manuals section for a full rundown of what you can do in each game.

Newer titles will allow you to adjust their options after the game has begun, though not all of them will have an effect in Rare Replay. Refer to a title’s Game Manual to see what’s available in more detail.


The Primary Player in Rare Replay will always take the role of Player 1 in any game, and will also take control in single-player adventures. Some games also support multiplayer modes. When the game is expecting more players, whoever is next to press the A button on their controller will join as Player 2, then Player 3, until the maximum number of players has been reached.

If an active player leaves their controller alone for a while, they’ll time out. If they’re still taking part in the game, the action will pause and they’ll be prompted to press the A button to re-join. Alternatively, Player 1 can press the A button to continue playing if they’d rather press on alone.

Game Manuals provide more information on a specific game’s multiplayer modes (if any) and whether players take it in turns or play simultaneously.

Exiting a Game

To finish playing a game and return to the Game Stage, press and hold the Menu button until the Menu Pane appears, and then choose Exit. After confirming that you want to leave the game (note that any unsaved progress will be lost) you’ll return to the Game Stage. In multiplayer games, any player can summon the Menu Pane.

You can also use the Menu Pane to exit the game during a Snapshot (or a Playlist), but you’ll automatically forfeit if you do so.

Note: when playing a game that was previously released on Xbox 360, exiting the game returns you to the Rare Replay title screen rather than a specific Game Stage.

Your Ticket

Your Ticket is an important part of Rare Replay. Not only does it grant you admission to the games, it keeps a record of your Player Rank.

There are a number of Player Ranks in Rare Replay. You’ll start as a humble Spectator and work your way up through the ranks to be acknowledged as a true Rare veteran. You can increase your Player Rank by collecting Stamps, which will sometimes unlock rewards such as new Rare Revealed features.

Earning Stamps

Stamps are proof of your accomplishments throughout Rare Replay, and there are more than 300 to be earned. Getting your ticket stamped is vital to increasing your Player Rank, as your rank will only increase when your ticket is full and you’re given a newer, glitzier replacement. You’ll earn Stamps as you reach Milestones, conquer Snapshots and Playlists, and explore Rare Revealed content – so whether you choose to focus on grabbing every last Stamp in a favourite game or filling your Ticket with a broad assortment is up to you. Earning some Stamps will prove to be relatively straightforward, while others require serious skill to earn. Only the Primary Player can earn Stamps.

Reaching Milestones won’t interrupt a game in progress – any Stamps that you’re owed will be added to your Ticket when you next return to a Rare Replay menu screen.


Milestones are indicators of progress through a particular game. Examples include reaching a particular stage or dealing with a certain number of enemies over time. Unless specified, Milestones don’t have to be completed in a single sitting – you’ll contribute to your running tally every time you play.

When you reach a Milestone, you’ll be awarded a Stamp. You can see the Stamps you’ve earned under Milestones on each title’s Game Stage, along with recent progress towards Milestones you’ve yet to reach. Press the View button to see a full list of the Milestones for that game. You’ll often find that completing a Milestone also earns you an achievement.

Milestones for titles previously released on Xbox 360 work a little differently: these games already have their own achievements, so Milestones are reached when one of these titles awards a certain amount of gamerscore. Check out each Xbox 360 game’s list of achievements and decide which ones to chase in order to reach new Milestones.

If you’ve played any of these games before and already earned some or all of the achievements, don’t worry. Simply visit the Game Stage for that title, where the gamerscore you’ve earned will be tallied against Rare Replay’s Milestones, and Stamps duly awarded as a result. If you unlock new achievements in these games at any time, remember to revisit Rare Replay and receive your Stamps.

Snapshots and Playlists

Snapshots are bite-sized challenges available for many of the games in Rare Replay. Some are tests of skill or perseverance, while others ask you to think about a game in a new way or mix up the rules of play entirely.

There are two ways to experience Snapshots: choose a particular challenge and try it as many times as you like, or tackle a Snapshot Playlist. These gather together Snapshots based on a theme, and challenge you to defeat them all with a limited number of lives.

To reach an individual Snapshot, head to the Game Stage for a particular game and select Snapshots (note: not all games have Snapshots). Alternatively, select the Snapshot Gallery from the Main Menu, then select Snapshots, then enter your game of choice.

When you reach the Game Stage, you’ll see that the standard options have been replaced by a list of Snapshots. Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to browse, and then press the A button to select the one you want to play. While browsing, you’ll see a brief description of the Snapshot’s objective, your personal best effort and whether or not you’ve earned a Stamp for completing it. Alternatively, select Full Game to return to the full version of the Game Stage.

After selecting a Snapshot, you’ll see a reminder of the rules followed by a prompt to get ready before the challenge begins. When the Snapshot is over, press the A button to make another attempt or press the B button to return to the Game Stage. You can also abandon a Snapshot in progress by pressing and holding the Menu button until the Menu Pane appears, and then selecting Exit.

When taking on a Playlist you’ll see the special Rare Stage and just one option: Play. Each Playlist is made up of five Snapshots. Succeed at one and you can press the A button to move on to the next Snapshot in the Playlist, or you can forfeit and press the B button to return to the Rare Stage.

If you fail to beat a Snapshot, press the A button to jump back in for another attempt – unless you’ve run out of lives, in which case you’ll restart from beginning of the Playlist instead. Alternatively, press the B button to return to the Rare Stage.

Rare Revealed

Rare Revealed is your gateway to bonus documentaries, extra content and glimpses of previously unseen games! All this goodness falls into five categories:

THE MAKING OF…: Documentaries delving into the creation of Rare Replay’s classic titles, interviewing key team members on the process of bringing these games to life.

TOP-SECRET TUNES: A selection of music composed by Rare’s talented audio team. These tracks chronicle the aural evolution of classic Rare titles.

CONCEPT SHOWCASES: An in-depth look at the imagery that formed the foundation of many projects. Some will be familiar, some has never previously been released.

FEATURETTES: Bonus features and shorts from 30 years of game production.

PREVIOUSLY UNSEEN: Not every project makes it into the players’ hands! Take an exclusive look at ambitious prototypes created to explore new technology and ideas.

After selecting a category from the Rare Revealed Gallery, you’ll see the Rare Stage. As with any Game Stage, push left or right on the left stick to see the available options. You’ll also see a description of each feature, any criteria that must be met to unlock it (such as reaching a certain Player Rank) and whether or not it’s still installing.

Some features make reference to games containing mature content. If the Primary Player has age restrictions applied to their profile, these videos won’t be accessible; otherwise, you can check the feature description to make sure it’s suitable for everyone in the room.

While watching a Rare Revealed feature, press the A button to pause playback (or resume playback if paused). Press the B button to return to the Rare Stage.


“I never did believe in ghosts or monsters… Not until now, not until the main doors of the castle closed and locked themselves behind me… There’s no key here! I’m trapped! HELP! HEELLLPPPP!!!! … No-one can hear me… I’m alone… Why do the doors open and slam shut?... Is anybody there?... HHEELLLLPPPP!!!... I can see strange shapes materialising on the other side of the room… Evil eyes glaring at me… Footsteps… Something’s coming down the corridor… Something large… Something cold… I must run quickly… QUICKLY… HHEELLLLPPPP!!! I must escape before it’s too late!”

Now that you have been trapped in the evil haunted castle, your object is to find the hidden Golden Key of ACG and escape via your only exit, the main doors.

The castle consists of five floors, including the ‘Atic’ and the caverns, which contain countless rooms. Within the many rooms you may find furniture, food, drink, objects, ghosts, ghouls and monsters. Eat and drink sparingly so that you do not deplete your food supply. Collect and utilise any objects you find to your best advantage, be wary of slamming doors and working trapdoors which will try to trap you, and avoid contact with all ghosts and monsters as each of these will use their best endeavours to hamper your search.

Each of the warriors – Knight, Serf and Wizard – is armed with a specific weapon, individual movement type and use of one set of secret passages unbeknown to the others.


How to Play

Select a warrior from the three available characters and travel through the sprawling castle, fending off hunger and the many monsters that roam the halls. The only way to escape is to reassemble the Golden Key of ACG. Recover its pieces and then head to the main doors before your warrior starves!

Most rooms are filled with an endless onslaught of monsters; smaller enemies can be dispatched using your warrior’s weapon of choice, but certain guardians will shrug off attacks unless confronted with a particular item. Figuring out which of the castle’s many treasures will be useful on the quest is essential.

Your warrior’s health is represented by a constantly depleting roast chicken, and a life is lost when this gets picked clean by time or contact with enemies. When all lives are lost, it’s game over, though your warrior can replenish health by finding food and drink scattered throughout the castle.


MOVE: Push up, down, left or right on the left stick or D-pad to have your warrior walk in that direction. They can also move diagonally.

ATTACK: Press the A button to use your warrior’s weapon. Your warrior will attack in the direction they’re currently facing or moving.

PICK UP / DROP: Press the B button to drop an object, or pick something up if your warrior is in contact with it. Only three objects can be held at any given time and will be dropped in the order they were collected. Food and drink is picked up and used automatically by walking over it.


· Certain objects in the castle disguise secret passages, and each character can make use of different shortcuts.

· The cavern’s mushrooms may look tempting, but beware – they’re poisonous!

· More food and drink will appear over time, but should be used sparingly.

· Inventory space is limited, so keep careful track of where important items are left - they might be needed later!

· Small keys will only open gates that match their colour.


For a detailed explanation of how to play Banjo-Kazooie, launch the game and select "Help and Options" from its main menu. You'll find comprehensive instructions on the game's controls and features.


Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".


For a detailed explanation of how to play Banjo-Tooie, launch the game and select "Help and Options" from its main menu. You'll find comprehensive instructions on the game's controls and features.


“Escort the Princess Angelica back to her father, the Terran Emperor.”

For the Battletoads, three of the meanest, most bodacious fist-swingers in the known galaxy, that seemed like a pretty sweet gig. After all, the Dark Queen and her armies had been sent packing after the battle of Canis Major, and they’d have the wit and wisdom of their cranky mentor Professor T. Bird to rely on - what could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, actually. Especially when Pimple and Angelica leave the safety of T. Bird’s ship, the Vulture, and take an outer-space cruise to a nearby leisure station. When they’re ambushed by the not-so-defeated Dark Queen and her minions, even Pimple’s muscles can’t save the day.

So Pimple and the Princess are now embarrassingly helpless hostages in the Tower of Shadows – the Dark Queen’s stronghold on a forbidding planet known only as Ragnarok’s World. Rash and Zitz only have one chance to rescue the distressed duo. They must make their way through the uncharted depths of the planet, reach the Tower of Shadows and teach the Dark Queen not to mess with history’s coolest amphibians. Along the way they’ll face pugilistic pigs, rowdy rodents and surprisingly sentient snowmen before the final showdown with the Dark Queen herself…

How to Play

In Battletoads, you’ll take control of either Rash (in a one-player game) or Zitz (if you’re player two) and lead them across multiple levels, taking out the Dark Queen’s minions using punches, kicks, weapons and special Smash Hit attacks. Some levels need to be completed on foot, while others see the ’Toads turn to climbing gear, jet bikes and hoverboards to get around.

Each Battletoad has a supply of lives represented by hearts at the top of the screen. Being hit by a strong attack, succumbing to other hazards (such as bottomless pits) or running out of health will mean losing a life. Most attacks will take a chunk out of a ’Toad’s health, but it can be replenished by chowing down on juicy flies. If a ’Toad runs out of lives, one of five continues can be used to carry on fighting.

Rash and Zitz have a variety of attacks, so try experimenting with different combinations of running, walking, jumping, punching and kicking to discover them all. Powerful melee weapons can also be scavenged from certain defeated foes.

From time to time, the ’Toads will be unable to progress through the level until all on-screen bad guys have been dispatched. Notable enemy encounters include:
BIG BLAG: Leader of the Dark Queen’s rodent forces, and an enemy who likes to throw his weight around. Watch out for his spiky tail!
ROBO-MANUS: A genetic experiment gone awry or a cyborg with delusions of grandeur? Robo-Manus isn’t saying – he’s too busy smashing ’Toads off the walls with his laser blasters.
GENERAL SLAUGHTER: This oversized bull doesn’t have much between his ears, but makes up for that with the gigantic horns on his head. Avoiding his stampede is strongly recommended.


MOVE: Push up, down, left or right on the left stick or D-pad to make your ’Toad move in that direction. Double-tap a direction when on foot to break into a run. More powerful attacks can be unleashed while running!

JUMP: Press the B button to make your ’Toad jump.

ATTACK: Press the A button to unleash an attack, pick up a fallen enemy or rock, or throw whatever’s currently being carried.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin a game while on the title screen or during the attract mode. Player 2 should press the Menu button on their controller to begin a two-player game. Press the Menu button during play to pause the game, or to resume a paused game.


· Watch out for the strange alien invaders – they’ll fly to the top of the screen and steal segments directly from the health bar!

· In a two-player game, the stockpile of continues is shared. Be careful not to get carried away and hit your buddy… unless you think it’s totally necessary.

· ’Toads can pick up and throw each other in a two-player game. Really stylish ’Toads might find a way to use this to their advantage in tricky situations!


With the evil Dark Queen’s latest plan – conquest of the planet Earth – stomped firmly into the ground by the Battletoads, their mentor Professor T. Bird decides to press home the heroes’ advantage. Zitz, Rash and Pimple soar into space aboard their ship, the Vulture, on an audacious quest to hunt down the Dark Queen’s most trusted henchmen and put an end to her galaxy-dominating ambitions once and for all. Little do the ’Toads realise that devious cyborg Robo-Manus has a brand new body and a maniacal scheme all of his own…

How to Play

In this arcade instalment of Battletoads, never previously released on home consoles, you’ll take control of Zitz, Rash or Pimple throughout six stages of hard-hitting, gun-toting, jump-kicking action.

Waves of enemies must be crushed in order to progress. All three ’Toads can attack while standing or walking around the stage, but the most powerful attacks – known as Smash Hits – are best unleashed with a good run-up. It’s also possible to pick up certain objects, including weapons and dazed enemies, and use them to clobber their cronies.

Up to three players can join the brawl simultaneously: player one will take on the role of Battletoad leader Rash, while a second and third player can play as Pimple and Zitz respectively. Each ’Toad has a different fighting style and Smash Hit attacks, making for an unstoppable amphibian alliance.

One of the Dark Queen’s most fearsome commanders is lying in wait at the end of each stage. These oversized overlords need to be taken down with a vengeance before the ’Toads can push on to their next destination.

Each Battletoad begins with three lives and an energy bar that can be depleted (or emptied entirely) by enemy attacks. Running out of energy means losing a life; running out of lives means it’s game over. The game can be continued before the timer reaches zero, in which case an additional two lives are granted.


MOVE: Push the left stick or D-pad to move your ’Toad around the stage.

ATTACK: Press the A button to pick up nearby objects and swallow nearby flies. The type of attack unleashed depends on whether your ’Toad is walking, running, jumping or flying at the time.

JUMP: Press the B button to make your Battletoad jump.

PAUSE: During play, press the Menu button to pause the game or resume a paused game.

PICK TOAD: When starting or joining the game, press the X, A or B button to play as Zitz, Rash or Pimple respectively - assuming they're not already in play, that is.


· Chow down on any tasty flies spotted along the way to restore some of your ’Toad’s energy.

· Keep an eye out for dropped enemy weapons. These can come in very handy for crowd control when surrounded by the Dark Queen’s ranks.

· The game is set to Free Play, meaning that new players can join in the fun at any time – no physical coins necessary!

· At the end of each level, the stats will show which ’Toad did most of the heavy lifting when it came to dealing damage, and who was just along for the ride…


Blast Corps. Founded as an elite military squadron with heavy duty vehicles that could turn the tide of war. They operate today with a nobler purpose: renovation and restoration of cities around the world. The Blast Corps team are summoned into action when nuclear missiles, on their way to a disposal site, begin to leak.

With radiation levels soaring and the carrier’s defective systems locking it down to a route through densely populated areas, the Blast Corps team must clear its path to avoid a disastrous explosion. Along the way, they’ll make use of every vehicle in the Blast Corps garage to bulldoze, blast and bludgeon buildings and ensure that the nuclear juggernaut reaches a safe detonation zone.

How to Play

In Blast Corps, you’ll use a wide array of armoured vehicles to deal with any buildings or other obstructions that lie in the path of a runaway nuclear carrier. The carrier moves forwards automatically; if it hits something, a devastating explosion is triggered and you’ll need to start over. To succeed, make sure the carrier reaches the Blast Corps semi truck waiting at the end of each stage.

There are a number of different ways to destroy buildings, but for the most part you’ll rely on Blast Corps’ fleet of vehicles, beginning with Ramdozer. As a broad rule, striking a building with the silver sections of a vehicle – such as Ramdozer’s front blade – will be the most effective, but you’ll soon discover that each vehicle has unique attributes. As you progress, you’ll need to use multiple vehicles (including some civilian ones) within a single stage.

Your position relative to the carrier is shown on a radar in the bottom left of the screen, while the rotating arrow acts like a compass and points the way to the carrier’s nearest obstacle. The arrow turns from green to red as the carrier approaches the obstacle, also highlighted with pulsing arrows in the stage itself.

Not all stages revolve around the nuclear carrier. Sometimes you’ll encounter areas that have been repurposed as vehicle training courses, or even racetracks to test your driving skills. Completing these challenges won’t necessarily contribute to saving the world, but it will increase your Blast Corps rank and assist in uncovering new areas.


The Blast Corps team have a number of unique vehicles at their disposal to help clear a path. Some resemble the everyday equipment you’d see on a construction site, while others have a more imposing appearance.

RAMDOZER: A bulldozer with a reinforced front blade. Driving into buildings head-on is the most effective method of demolition.

BACKLASH: Resembling a dumper truck, Backlash comes equipped with armored hindquarters. Master its destructive potential by swinging Backlash around in a powerslide and allowing momentum to scythe its back end through buildings.

BALLISTA: This lengthy two-wheeler won’t do much damage in a collision, but its twin missile launchers can devastate buildings and other obstacles – as long you’ve stocked up on ammo.

SKYFALL: This swift vehicle possesses a turbo boost and a reinforced undercarriage. Ramps and rough terrain allow you to send the Skyfall soaring with a well-timed boost and come crashing down onto obstructions from above.

SIDESWIPE: Slow and steady, this articulated lorry packs a surprising dual punch: piston-driven panels drive out from its left and right sides simultaneously, taking out multiple obstructions at once.

THUNDERFIST: More mech than motor, Thunderfist is the largest of Blast Corps’ machines. Run towards an obstacle and somersault to connect with a massive fist and reduce it to rubble.

CYCLONE SUIT: A smaller, faster counterpart to Thunderfist, the nimble Cyclone Suit can destroy buildings by rolling and tumbling right through them. A sufficient run-up is needed to unleash its unique brand of civic reconstruction.

J-BOMB: This model comes equipped with twin jets, which not only make it the best vehicle for crossing stretches of water, but allow the operator to soar high into the sky before slamming down with a stomp attack.

CARS AND VANS: These have little to no offensive capabilities, but their high top speeds make them useful for getting around quickly.

TRAIN: Confined to rails, the train’s most useful attribute is its flatbed carriage. When the train is lined up with a platform, other vehicles can be loaded onto the flatbed and transported swiftly across the current stage.

CRANE: Like the train, the loading platform attached to this construction tool can be used to carry vehicles, even across gaps. Unlike the train, the crane’s limited reach means you’ll only be making short journeys.

SEMI: When the carrier’s route is clear, you can climb into the Blast Corps semi truck to end the stage.

Items of Interest

As well as the carrier and vehicles, every stage contains a number of people and items:

AMMO CRATES: Provide extra missiles for the Ballista. These are collected automatically upon contact.

SURVIVORS: Demolish certain buildings to free these trapped civilians and allow them to escape. In some stages, you’ll also discover scientists whose rescue is key to stopping the carrier once and for all.

RDUs: These light up and activate automatically when a Blast Corps vehicle approaches, and will help disperse radiation levels in the area. Following them can help you find your way.

COMMUNICATION POINTS: Allow you to establish contact with HQ, unlocking new training and bonus stages on the World Screen.

TNT: These explosive crates can take out nearby obstacles, and will detonate shortly after being touched.

Stages and Stats

After completing a stage, you’ll be awarded with two medals: one for clearing the stage, and the other for how many secondary objectives (such as demolishing buildings or finding items) have been completed. You can re-enter a stage after dealing with the carrier to seek out missed items and take down the remaining buildings.

Each stage along the carrier’s journey is shown as a circle on the World Screen. As you complete a stage, new areas will become available. Grey circles on the World Screen indicate carrier stages that haven’t yet been completed. Green circles mean that the carrier has left safely but there are Communication Points still to be found, while red circles mark out fully complete stages.

The more medals you’re awarded, the higher your Blast Corps rank will rise. You’ll start out as a Rookie Wrecker on your long journey towards rank 30.

When you’ve rescued the missing scientists and delivered the carrier to its final destination, extra missions will become available. If you revisit stages to earn all the gold medals, you’ll find even more challenges awaiting you…


Some control methods are consistent across all vehicles:

EXIT VEHICLE: Press the Y button while standing next to a vehicle to get into the driver’s seat. Press the Y button while controlling a vehicle to climb out, if there’s room to do so.

ZOOM: Push up on the right stick to bring the in-game camera closer to the vehicle, or push down for a wider view of the action.

PAUSE: Press the Menu button during gameplay to pause the game and access the Options Menu.

STEER: Push left or right on the left stick when controlling a wheeled vehicle to steer in that direction, relative to the way you’re currently facing.

WALK/FLY: Push the left stick when controlling a bipedal vehicle to walk or fly in any direction.

Some vehicles also have unique controls:

RAMDOZER: Pull the right trigger to accelerate and pull the left trigger to reverse.

BACKLASH: Pull the right trigger to accelerate, pull the left trigger to reverse and press the X button to slide.

SIDESWIPE: Pull the right trigger to accelerate, pull the left trigger to reverse and press the X button to fire the side panels.

BALLISTA: Pull the right trigger to accelerate, pull the left trigger to reverse and press the X button to fire missiles.

SKYFALL: Pull the right trigger to accelerate, pull the left trigger to reverse and press the X button to boost.

THUNDERFIST: Press the X button to somersault while moving.

CYCLONE SUIT: Press the X button to tumble while moving.

J-BOMB: Pull the right trigger to thrust with the J-Bomb’s jets, and press the X button to stomp.

Saving, Loading and Options

When you first start playing Blast Corps, you’ll need to create a Game Save. Pick one of the four empty slots and enter a name for your Game. If all four slots are full and you want to start afresh, you’ll need to erase a Game to free up its slot. Select an existing Game Save to resume playing from that point.

Note: Your progress in will be saved automatically whenever you complete a stage. If you quit the game while a stage is in progress, you may lose unsaved progress.

During play, you can access the Options Menu by pausing the game. A number of options are available on the first page:

VIEW STATS: See a percentage total of buildings destroyed and items found in the current stage.

RESTART: Start the stage over. Useful if you get stuck or want to try a new approach.

QUIT LEVEL: Abandon the stage and return to the World Screen. You’ll lose any progress made since starting the stage.

MORE: Move to the second page.

The second page contains the following options:

CONTROLS: Enable a special mode that controls your speed using the left stick.

VOLUME: Choose whether the game audio is Quiet or Loud. The default setting is Loud.

MISSION BRIEFING: Review your current main objective within the stage.

CONTINUE: Close the Options Menu and return to the game.


Cobra Triangle puts you in control of a Cobra class speedboat and challenges your piloting prowess throughout a series of water-based challenges. Whether you’re racing against competitor drones, battling through raging rapids or taking on a giant sea monster, you’ll need sharp reflexes – and a good selection of power-ups – to make it through in one piece!

How to Play

There are a total of 25 challenges in Cobra Triangle. Successfully completing a challenge allows you to move onto the next one, while failing to clear the challenge or taking too much damage causes you to lose a life.

Running out of lives will end the game, but additional lives can be collected as you play. When the game’s over you’ll be given the option to continue from the current challenge. You can only continue twice before being returned to the start of the game.

Power-up pods can help you overcome the trickier challenges. These resemble hexagonal buoys and are collected automatically when touched. Pods can be exchanged for power-ups at any time, and the number of pods you’ve collected will determine the power-up type you get in exchange.

You can see your boat’s instrument panel at the bottom of the screen: it details the time left in the current challenge, your speed, lives remaining, current energy and score. The panel also displays power-up types (the flashing icon indicates the power-up currently available).

There are five power-up types:
TURBO: Increases your boat’s acceleration.
FIRE: Increases the rate at which you can attack.
SPEED: Increases your boat’s maximum velocity.
MISSILE: Allows you to fire missiles, which do more damage than regular shots.
FORCE: Temporarily equips your boat with a protective shield.
Power-ups will be carried over between challenges until you run out of continues, even if you lose a life. Some power-ups can even be acquired multiple times to enhance their effects!

There are eight challenge types in Cobra Triangle, each with its own rules and objectives:
RACE TO THE FINISH: Can you reach the finish line, avoiding rival boats and ravenous sharks, before time runs out?
COLLECT THE PODS: Stay ahead of the energy field and launch off the ramps to grab as many pods as possible. Question Mark collectibles might deliver a bonus when touched, or they might be booby-trapped!
DISPOSE OF MINES: Drag the mines to the disposal area while avoiding turret fire and a rival boat out to steal any mines you’re carrying.
BEAT THE MONSTER: There’s no reasoning with these aquatic leviathans, so you’ll have to use your weapon to halt their reign of terror.
GUARD THE PEOPLE: Protect the swimmers from rival boats – and the occasional alien spaceship – until the challenge is over.
REACH THE FINISH: Weave your way through treacherous whirlpools and tumbling logs to reach the finish line before time runs out.
JUMP THE WATERFALL: Split-second timing will be needed to launch your boat over the waterfall and reach the finish line.
SHOOT TARGETS: There are targets dotted along the riverbanks – shoot as many as you can before time runs out.


STEER: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to steer your boat in that direction (relative to the way it’s currently facing).

ACCELERATE: Press and hold the A button to accelerate, and release it to slow down.

FIRE: Press the B button to fire your weapons.

GET POWER-UP: Press the View button to exchange pods for the power-up currently flashing on your instrument panel.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin the game, pause the game during a race, or resume a paused game.


· Different pods are marked with different numbers: the higher the number, the more that pod is worth. If you save up more than five pods without exchanging them, the flashing power-up will cycle back to the start of the list.

· Shooting every target in a single challenge will reward you with an extra life.

· Colliding with the shore, sharks, enemy fire or other hazards will cause your boat to lose energy. If you take too much damage, your boat will explode and you’ll lose a life. Your energy is replenished at the start of each challenge.

· When fighting a monster, its remaining energy will be shown beneath your own on the instrument panel.


Several hours and many, many beverages after he promised to be home, Conker’s in trouble. Having taken a wrong turn at some point during his hazy misadventures, and somewhat strapped for cash after a good night out, the sore-headed squirrel’s gotten very lost indeed. Nothing around him looks familiar and the locals seem like a particularly disreputable bunch of weirdos.

Will Conker be able to make his way home from parts unknown? How will he deal with the uncouth, potty-mouthed individuals he meets along the way? Most importantly, will he figure out a suitable excuse to give to long-suffering girlfriend Berri? For Conker, this has the potential to go down as a very Bad Fur Day indeed…

How to Play

You’ll guide Conker through many unusual situations as he searches for a way home (and tries to make some dosh along the way). There are a few basics to keep in mind: generally, Conker can run, jump and swim, but there may be times when some of these actions are disabled. He can also use his tail while jumping to perform a sort of helicopter… tail… thing… that extends his jump distance and provides a softer landing. Check out the Controls section for other actions that Conker can perform.

Conker’s not the rough and buff type at the best of times, and after the night he just had, he’s not at his best. Still, any chocolate he finds along the way can be collected to restore part of his health bar.

A chance encounter will teach Conker the value of squirrel tails: finding these scattered around the world will give him extra chances if something unfortunate befalls him. Once Conker’s out of chances, it’s game over, and that means restarting from the last Game Save.

Keep an eye out for areas where a lightbulb appears over Conker’s head – usually accompanied by a large ‘B’ symbol on the ground nearby. Press the B button and Conker will do or earn something appropriate to the situation. Spotting that bulb can mean the difference between failure and success...

On Foot

This is Conker’s usual method of getting around the world (Berri insists on hogging the car).

MOVE: Push the left stick to move Conker around the landscape.

JUMP: Press the A button when Conker’s on the ground to make him jump. Press and hold the A button while in the air to engage his helicopter tail thing... when he remembers how.

ATTACK: Press the B button when Conker’s armed to swing the weapon and attack nearby undesirables.

CROUCH: Pull and hold the left trigger to make Conker crouch, then push the left stick to crawl around. Jumping from a crouching position triggers a higher jump. It’s squirrel physics, apparently.

SWIM: Push the left stick to make Conker swim on the surface. Press the B button to dive as soon as he’s recovered his confidence. Press and hold the B button and push the left stick to swim underwater.

START: Press the Menu button to bring up the pause menu. From here you can either resume playing or exit the game.

CAMERA: Push left or right on the right stick to rotate the camera. Push up on the right stick to adjust camera distance, and push down to position it immediately behind Conker.


If Conker should ever find himself riding a sentient pitchfork (well, you never know), try the following:

MOVE: Push the left stick in any direction to move the pitchfork around.

JUMP: Press the A button to make the pitchfork jump.

ATTACK: Press the B button to make the pitchfork attack with its prongs. Spiky!


Anti-gravity surfing? Why not?

STEER: Push left and right on the left stick to steer the ’board.

ACCELERATE: Push and hold up on the left stick to increase speed.

BRAKE: Push and hold down on the left stick to slow down or turn sharply.

JUMP: Press the A button to make Conker stamp his foot, causing the jetboard to jump.

ATTACK: Press the B button to make Conker reach out and slug someone.


Better to be in the saddle than in front of these clever girls:

MOVE: Push the left stick to send the Raptor stomping in any direction.

JUMP: Press the A button to make the Raptor jump.

ATTACK: Press the B button to make the Raptor bite (if standing still), headbutt (if moving) or eat whatever happens to be in their mouth. Ooh, nasty…

HEADBUTT: Pull the left trigger to make the Raptor deliver a standing headbutt.


Mounted guns that pack a sizeable punch:

AIM: Push the left stick to swivel the turret and aim its crosshairs.

RELOAD: Press the B button to reload the turret guns. Try not to get caught reloading as an enemy wave attacks!

FIRE: Pull the left trigger to fire the turret’s guns. Pull and hold for a sustained burst.

ZOOM: Push the right stick to adjust zoom level.

ENTER/EXIT: Press the A button when standing close to the turret to use it. Press the A button when using the turret to step off.

Shotgun/Machine Gun

These weapons are similar in function, though they differ wildly in style:

EQUIP/PUT AWAY: Pressing the B button to switch between weapon and on-foot controls.

MOVE: Push the right stick in any direction to make Conker move when he’s aiming a weapon.

AIM: Pull and hold the right trigger to enter aiming mode. Push the left stick to move the crosshairs when aiming a weapon.

FIRE: Pull the left trigger to fire a weapon. Pull and hold to continually fire the machine gun, or to take aim with the shotgun (release the left trigger to fire).

RELOAD: Press the A button to reload the machine gun. Conker will automatically reload the shotgun after each shot.


Conker’s turned into a bat? Isn’t that a spoiler? Oh well:

FLY: Push left or right on the left stick to steer the bat in that direction. Push up on the left stick to dive (descend while gaining speed) or push down to climb (ascend while losing speed).

TAKE OFF: Press the A or B button when on the ground to launch Conker into the air.

FORWARD: Press and hold the B button during flight to make Conker flap his wings and fly forward.

BACKWARD: Press and hold the A button during flight to make Conker flap his wings and fly backward.

ATTACK: Pull the left trigger and Conker will attack as only a bat can. This might be useful for stunning angry locals…

The Tank

A formidable vehicle and the very latest in squirrel technology:

MOVE: Push left or right on the left stick to rotate the tank’s body, then push up on the left stick to drive forward or push down to reverse.

FIRE: Pull the left trigger to fire a shell from the tank’s turret.

AIM: Pull and hold the right trigger to enter aiming mode. Push the left stick to move the tank’s crosshairs when aiming.

ROTATE: Push left or right on the right stick when not aiming to swivel the tank’s turret.

ZOOM: Push up or down on the right stick when aiming to adjust the level of zoom.

ENTER/EXIT: Press the A button when standing close to the tank to get in. Press the A button when using the tank to hop back out.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day offers seven different multiplayer modes for up to four players. Some games support team play, while in others it’s every man (woman, squirrel, etc.) for themselves. Players with good memories or internet access may also know some sneaky cheats to bulk out the multiplayer character roster.

In multiplayer modes, the main profile will always be Player 1. The next player to press the A button on their controller will become Player 2, and so on until the maximum number of players has been reached.

Beach (Solo/Team)

In this mode, the Tediz must try to stop the squirrels making it up the beach to safety.

The Tediz have three rooms in their imposing fortress, each containing a unique weapon. Keep those button-eyes peeled and use the rocket launcher, turret gun or sniper rifle to defend the borders. Tediz control just like Conker when he’s using weapons. Points are earned for every squirrel that fails to escape the beach.

Squirrels have no weapons to speak of, but there are Power Boost Pills around to temporarily increase running speed. Reach the TNT plunger unscathed to detonate the Tediz and earn some extra points, though it’s also possible to score by reaching the escape truck in one piece.

Raptor (Solo/Team)

In this stone age showdown, the Ugas are trying to steal and cook the Raptors’ eggs. The Raptors must respond in kind, chowing down on Uga meat while defending their nest.

Ugas have a weak melee weapon to defend themselves against Raptors, but these primitive tools barely dent their scaly hides. Worse still, while Raptor Eggs are automatically picked up by touching them, an Uga is then utterly defenceless when making the journey back to toss an Egg into their team’s frying pan! Frying Eggs is usually an easier way to score points than taking down Raptors.

Raptors, naturally, need to watch out for Ugas that get within snatching distance of their Eggs. A Raptor’s powerful bite attack will take out nearby Ugas in just one chomp, and their team will earn points for doing so.


The squirrels and Tediz face off in a disused fortress. In the Total War mode, a chemical weapon canister must be stolen from enemy territory and delivered to the insertion point. When this is done, anyone – friend or foe – caught without a gas mask will suffer the consequences.

The Colors mode requires soldiers to steal the enemy flag and return it to a predetermined point in their home base, while also defending their own flag. Successfully ‘capturing the flag’, to coin a phrase, will result in the enemy’s humiliation and rake in the points.

Heist (Solo)

There’s no honour among weasels in this free-for-all, as each player attempts to grab the money bag from the bank vault and return to their starting point. Movement is slow and self-defense impossible when carrying the bag, but pressing the B button will ditch the cash if things get intense. Unattended money bags will make their own way back to the vault.

Tank (Solo/Team)

It’s a squirrel squabble over deadly chemicals in this mode! Grab the canister by driving into it and return it to base to poison the air. Any tanks caught outside when this happens will be destroyed, so be ready to hide indoors. It’s also possible to equip one – and only one – of the scattered tank upgrades by driving into it.

If Turret Players is selected, four players will duke it out in two tanks as driver and gunner.

Race (Solo)

Hop on a hoverboard and race to the finish line! Controls are the same as in a single-player outing, with the extra touch of missiles and nitros to pick up. Pull the left trigger to use them.

Deathmatch (Solo)

A classic free-for-all battle. Grab some offensive weaponry and hunt down opponents in one of several arenas. The bunker in particular is well-suited to deathmatches, sporting several features to make the inevitable confrontations even more gruesome.

Multiplayer Options

When selecting a multiplayer mode, the rules, options and victory conditions can all be fine-tuned to suit your preferences. Settings include:

AI: Select the competence and aggression of any computer-controlled opponents.

RADAR: Turn the radar on or off. With the radar on, everyone’s relative position is displayed.

STOPWATCH: Sets a time limit. Whoever has the most points when time runs out wins the game. Lives are infinite when a time limit has been set.

LIVES: Victory goes to the last player(s) with lives remaining. There is no time limit if lives are the deciding factor.

SCORE: Victory is achieved by being the first player or team to reach this target score.

MONEY BAG (Heist only): Determines how many money bags must be recovered to win the match.

KILLS (Deathmatch only): A player must take out this many opponents to win the match.

LAPS (Race only): Sets the number of laps that must be completed to win the race.

TURRET (Tank only): Determines whether or not two players will share a tank as driver and gunner.

Once you’ve set the options, those players who wish to take part should press the Menu button on their controller to join the game. Player 1 should press the Menu button to proceed when all players are ready.

On the next screen, push the left stick left or right to select characters (or join teams). Push the left stick up or down to toggle AI participants.

Saving and Options

The game’s main menu is located within the fine establishment that Conker thinks of as his second home, The Cock and Plucker. From here, three Game Save slots can be accessed. Select an empty slot to start a new adventure, or select a previously used slot to resume your game from that point.

Progress will be regularly saved to the slot currently in use. If all the save slots are in use and you want to start from the beginning, you can delete a Game Save by selecting it and choosing the appropriate option.

Alternatively, if you’d like to relive a certain part of Conker’s day without affecting one of your Game Saves, check out the Chapters option. Here you’ll find Conker’s misadventures chopped up into handy bite-sized scenes.

The Cock and Plucker also acts as an entry point to the Multiplayer Menu, in addition to the Options Screen. Here you can choose between mono, stereo or surround sound (note: these settings have no function within Rare Replay) and try out any cheats you’ve discovered with the assistance of a friendly neighbourhood Fire Imp. Just be careful not to upset him by saying anything rude.


As miners go, Digger T. Rock may not be the biggest or the strongest, but he’s got a great big shovel and a courageous heart to match! That’s why, on the day he stumbled upon a buried sign – one that pointed the way to the legendary Lost City – Digger didn’t hesitate before plunging into the forbidding caverns deep below. Will Digger find fame and fortune in the Lost City, or will the earth’s dark secrets prove too much for this plucky plunderer to overcome?

How to Play

There are eight treacherous caverns standing between Digger and the Lost City, each more imposing than the last. Digger’s goal is always the same: locate and stand on a secret pillar to open the exit door, then make it through in just 60 seconds before it slams shut again. Failing to reach the door in time means repeating the ordeal!

Unfortunately for our meek little miner, the caverns are home to a whole bunch of undesirable enemies who won’t take kindly to Digger invading their privacy. Colliding with an enemy will cause Digger to lose some of his energy, as will falling too far or getting caught in the way of dynamite blasts or plummeting boulders. When Digger runs out of energy, he’ll lose a life – and when there are no lives left, the game is over.

Fortunately, Digger is well-prepared for his subterranean scramble with a trusty shovel to help him traverse the caverns. He’ll automatically clear out soft dirt by moving through it, leaving behind a rough surface that can be used to climb in any direction – handy for reaching high areas. Digger’s shovel can also be used to scrape hidden supplies from the ceiling, assuming he’s close enough.

There are several other types of supplies that Digger will need to make his way through the caverns. Some reserves can be found scattered around, but there are also trading stations where any jewels found can be exchanged for additional equipment.

Items that Digger can use include:
THROWING ROCKS: Must be collected from the ceiling. If Digger has a supply, he’ll use them to attack far-off enemies. If enemies are very close, he’ll hit them with his shovel instead.
ROPE LADDERS: Can be lowered when standing at the edge of a drop to descend safely.
DYNAMITE: Some of the walls that block Digger’s path can only be demolished using these hazardous explosives. Dynamite can also take out stronger enemies (not to mention Digger himself), so try giving it a swift kick towards dangerous foes!
JEWELS: Can be exchanged for other supplies at trading stations in the deeper caverns.
MUSHROOMS: Will restore some energy while temporarily making Digger extra-strong and invulnerable to attack. Kick columns and boulders to remove them while under the effects of a mushroom!

The display panel at the bottom of the screen shows the status of the exit door and how long before it closes, along with the amount of energy and number of lives remaining, current depth, score and supplies.

After each cavern, Digger will enter a bonus room containing eight valuable goblets. Collect all of them before the cavern collapses to earn an extra life! Unlike standard stages, boulder collisions in bonus rooms don’t result in the loss of a life.


MOVE/DIG/CLIMB: Push the left stick or D-pad to move Digger in a particular direction. He can move up or down only when he’s next to soft dirt, a climbable wall or a ladder. Digger will automatically duck to squeeze through small spaces.

JUMP: Press the B button to jump. Press and hold the B button to jump further. If Digger jumps up to the edge of a suitable ledge, he’ll haul himself up automatically.

ATTACK/KICK/USE SUPPLIES: Press the A button to make Digger kick an object next to him or use one of his currently selected supplies. If the shovel is selected, press the B button to make Digger attack.

SELECT SUPPLY: Press the View button to cycle through Digger’s supplies. The highlighted supply on the display panel shows what’s currently selected.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin the game. During play, press the Menu button to pause the game or resume a paused game.


· If Digger mines away the dirt beneath a boulder, it’ll fall after a couple of seconds and deal a lot of damage!

· Ladders can be deployed end-to-end by climbing down to the lowest rung of one ladder and then using another.

· Certain walls contain hidden shortcuts that will lead Digger to other parts of the game map. Bonus points can be earned for using these!

· The number next to each supply indicates how many are left. A number higher than nine is indicated by a plus symbol. A tick means that no more of that particular supply can be carried.

· If Digger reaches the exit door with more than 40 seconds to spare, he’ll travel to a super bonus room containing extra treasure!

Any Haven in a Storm?

After walking for hours, Cooper’s map-reading skills are proving less impressive by the minute, the storm is almost upon them, and the latest development reveals Cooper and Amber squinting up at a building that looms suddenly from the darkness…

Perched like a watchful vulture on top of a cliff, Ghoulhaven Hall broods over the shadowy landscape that forms its domain, lit by well-timed melodramatic zig-zags of lightning. It’s also noticeably absent from the map.

Cooper shudders. Personally, he’d rather brave the storm than seek shelter in what appears to be the set of some over-the-top 1960s horror film. Amber’s not listening to his concerns, however; she’s had enough, and manages to drag Cooper as far as the main gates before he insists on checking the map one last time, trying to work out the quickest route to real civilisation. Big mistake.

The next time he looks up, the creatures of Ghoulhaven have materialised out of thin air, bundled up the thrashing Amber and whisked her away into the depths of the haunted house! Within seconds, no trace of Amber or her captors remains and Cooper’s world is turned totally upside-down. Stunned, he realizes he has no choice but to attempt a rescue.

What Cooper doesn’t know is that there’s more to Ghoulhaven Hall than meets the eye. A lot more. This first fateful appearance of its inhabitants has given him an inkling that it’s not just your everyday dilapidated old mansion, but until he sets foot inside, he has no idea just how many Ghoulies cram the place from floor to rafters, where they came from, or how they fit into the master plan of Ghoulhaven’s shadowy owner!

Getting Around in Ghoulhaven

Just as Cooper is never quite sure of what he’ll find around every twist and turn of Ghoulhaven’s spooky corridors, it might come as a surprise to you that Grabbed by the Ghoulies isn’t structured in the way you might expect.

More specifically, Cooper’s fated route through the Hall isn’t entirely straightforward. Hints and tips will be received from unexpectedly helpful strangers, prompting nervous retracing of steps in search of secret passages, newly opened doors and lesser-known pathways. Sometimes the advice offered may even seem a little too helpful, but under the circumstances, who can afford to ignore it?

Certain rooms could end up being visited more than once, but don’t expect to face the same situation behind those familiar doors each time. Cooper could pass through a room relatively unhindered once, twice, maybe three times, only to find a whole army of Ghoulies awaiting him on his next visit!

Cooper’s entire trial by fear in Grabbed by the Ghoulies is split into Chapters. Each Chapter delivers a new main goal, beginning with the rescue of Amber from right under the Ghoulies’ slimy noses. Chapters can take place over a number of rooms, some telling a more tangled and far-reaching tale than others. Having the story divided into Chapters also makes it easy to return to specific areas or restage favourite battles through the Features menu.

Battling the Ghoulies

While Cooper might not have willingly chosen to be in this situation, he’s certainly not going to let it get the best of him. Undaunted by numbers, he’ll press the attack against oncoming Ghoulies with a vengeance, trusting in sheer bravado (and occasional blind panic) combined with a repertoire of armed and unarmed combat moves to see him through.

Regardless of whether or not Cooper’s lucky enough to have picked up a weapon, the right stick is always used to launch his attacks. Movement is controlled separately by the left stick. In combination, the two sticks give Cooper the freedom to aim punches, kicks and weapons in any direction, not just the one he’s facing. You’ll soon see how essential this is to overcoming the (sometimes terrifying) odds!

The range and variety of unarmed combat moves open to our hero comes as a surprise even to him, and the type of move executed depends upon distance from the target and position in the chain of attacks. See the Weapons and Items section for more details on the arsenal of Temporary and Permanent weapons stored deep within the mansion, and what advantages each of the different types has to offer.


A single pulsing red heart is used to represent Cooper’s energy, shrinking and beating faster as he becomes weaker and more scared. In a further twist to the Ghoulies tale, initial energy levels upon entering a room are never fixed and can vary, potentially making encounters a lot trickier than they first appear!

Energy is lost by taking hits from the Ghoulies or falling victim to Super Scary Shocks. Should Cooper lose all his energy, he’ll go into a Faint. This is far from the end of the road, however, and you’ll see no Game Over screen in Grabbed by the Ghoulies. Instead, Cooper returns to the start of the Scene or another suitable point, ready to give it another shot.


These come in a whole range of ectoplasmic flavours and provide most of the frantic in-game action. Variety is key here, as Challenges can involve achieving something within a time limit, taking out frustrations on the background scenery while in search of a hidden key, or simply surviving in the face of overwhelming odds.

Challenges don’t automatically happen every time Cooper visits a room, but you’ll know it when they do. A Challenge begins when an exit door suddenly becomes a Challenge door. The Challenge requirements appear on screen, and Cooper has no way out until the requirements are fulfilled. Beat the Challenge and the door opens; suffer a Faint and you’ll have to learn quickly from the experience in time for the next attempt.

Break a rule or exceed the time limit and the Grim Reaper Ghouly appears, a truly alarming foe who can induce Fainting with a single touch. Cooper can persist at a Challenge even with the Grim Reaper hot on his heels, but it certainly won’t be easy.

There are many sets of Challenge criteria, which will be combined and shaken up later in the game to create increasingly wild situations.


Although Cooper’s kept permanently on edge by Ghoulhaven’s chilly atmosphere and lurking tenants, it’s the Hall’s capacity for sudden Scares that can have the most shocking effect.

Scares are surprise events such as telephones ringing without warning or Ghoulies popping up at windows, and if Cooper fails to avoid the visible Scare Sphere that these create, he’ll lose control and become numb with fright. Not only does this make him almost impossible to move and too terrified to defend himself, it also means he’ll receive double damage if he’s unlucky enough to fall victim to attacking Ghoulies while scared!

Super Scary Shocks

Think of these as more dangerous, high-risk Scares. A Super Scary Shock can crop up either as part of normal play or during a special sequence, and is easily recognizable from the row of buttons that pops up onto the screen. It’s a ghoulish test of reactions in which those buttons must be pressed, in order and as quickly as possible, to help Cooper shake off the paralysing fear. Taking too long to snap out of it will result in a loss of precious energy!

In the classic tradition of Sinister Enemy Hideouts everywhere, the main collectibles in Ghoulhaven Hall are weapons that can be picked up and used to great effect against the local shambling denizens. Cooper’s not complaining about this, but there are other items to be found which could prove even more valuable. Some of these will be supplied at the appropriate time, such as the all-important map (pause the game and press the left bumper to see this). Others lie scattered throughout the rooms, there for the finding by anyone who takes a break from Ghouly-bashing to seek them out.

Breakable Scenery

During Cooper’s initial scuffles with the Ghoulies, it’ll quickly become clear that various elements of the background scenery can be picked up or demolished. This in turn will lead to the discovery of some useful Temporary Weapons (see below). However, note that thorough destruction of the Baron’s ill-gotten property can yield further bonus items, such as…

Soupswill's Super Soups

Ma Soupswill is known for the restorative properties of her soups, and Cooper is likely to find more than a few cans littered around the household (Ma’s way of making it available to a wide audience). Just be aware that some batches have had unexpected side-effects, and not always welcome ones.

Bonus Books

Bonus Books can be found in every room of the Hall. Some rooms have more than one Book to offer, though only one at a time: different volumes from the same room must be picked up on later visits. Collecting Bonus Books is by no means essential, but the number of Books found will have a direct impact on the range of extras laid out in the Features menu.

Even when the game has been completed, individual Scenes can be replayed to make the whole of Ghoulhaven easy to scour for Bonus Books with a minimum of backtracking – the game will automatically save any new Books discovered, even if the Scene isn’t completed.


A handful of the mansion’s rooms are reluctantly populated by the Baron’s bound and helpless victims, who unfortunately can’t be freed during Cooper’s initial journey. Only in the later stages of his quest will he have the opportunity and the means to come back and save them. Maybe then he’ll find out whether there’s any kind of reward for doing so!

Permanent Weapons

These are weapons passed on to Cooper at key stages in the game by other characters. Each is ‘permanent’ in that Cooper will have use of the weapon until the time comes for it to be unceremoniously whipped from his hands. Permanent Weapons are generally crucial to success at these key points, either because they can damage an otherwise invulnerable Ghouly (such as the Vampire-unfriendly garlic blunderbuss) or because they provide another function alongside their value as a weapon (such as the candle, which lights Cooper’s way as well as being a hot item to use against Mummies).

Each Permanent Weapon has a fixed level of ammo that decreases with use, but mercifully the meter refills itself when the weapon is not in action. While this means that ammo has to be used sparingly at the risk of Cooper being attacked when the meter hits rock bottom, it also means that he’ll never be unarmed and helpless for more than a few seconds at a time.

Temporary Weapons

These notable features of Ghoulhaven Hall’s interactive environments can certainly make things easier in a tight spot. From chairs to cues, vases to bottles and books to burgers, they can be found in a wide array of forms just waiting to be swung or hurled at Cooper’s drooling foes. Of course, all have their limits – either in supply or in the number of hits that they can take before falling apart. The glove-like grab icon above an object indicates its suitability as a Temporary Weapon.

Special Temporary Weapons

Used as above, these are larger parts of the scenery that can’t be picked up but can be manipulated as powerful fixed weapons, such as billiard tables and couches – watch for the grab icon. Again, each of them will only take so much damage before becoming useless. Cooper might want to address these shortcomings with Baron von Ghoul’s interior decorator the next time he sees him.

Getting Started

Can’t wait to take a Ghouly by the horns? That’s the spirit!

After the game’s introductory sequence you’ll see the Game Save screen, gateway to the main game. There are three separate slots available for you to save your progress, each as vacant as a zombie’s head upon your first visit. Push the D-pad to highlight an empty slot, then press the A button to open it. Next, enter a name using the left stick (move cursor), the A button (select), the left and right triggers (move text cursor) and the X button (toggle symbols).

If you’d prefer to clear a slot and start afresh, you can do so by highlighting it and pressing the X button to delete its contents.

Finally, you’ll reach the slot’s Menu screen with three further options:

PLAY: Select this to throw yourself straight into the game. In a slot with existing game data you’ll pick up Cooper’s story at its most advanced stage, so if you’d rather start elsewhere, use the Replay Chapter option in the Features menu. Playing the game this way will automatically save your game whenever you collect a Bonus Book.

FEATURES: From here (depending on your progress in the current save slot) you can replay completed Chapters and Scenes, watch storybook scenes, listen to the soundtrack, view the credits and tinker with in-game options such as the camera mode and rumble.

BONUS CHALLENGES: Track down and acquire hard-to-find Bonus Books (see the Weapons and Items section) to unlock special Bonus Challenges. Successfully complete these to win trophies, which in turn unlock further tantalizing extras. Initially none of these Challenges will be accessible, so get searching!


MOVE: Push the left stick in any direction to move Cooper around the mansion.

ATTACK: Push the right stick to make Cooper attack in that direction. When holding a Permanent Weapon, push the right stick to swing it, or push and hold to fire.

PICK UP: Press the A button to pick up a nearby Temporary Weapon.

DISCARD: Press the B button to drop a Temporary Weapon.

CAMERA: Pull the left trigger or right trigger to rotate the camera around Cooper, or pull both at the same time to center it behind him.

PAUSE: Press the Menu button to pause the game.

RESUME: Press the B button while the game is paused to resume playing.

QUIT: Press the Y button while the game is paused to quit and return to the Menu screen.

RULES: Press the Y button while the game is paused during a Challenge to see a summary of what you should (and shouldn’t) do.


· Cooper can deliver a single blow by quickly pushing the right stick, or a combination of attacks by pushing and holding it.

· Keep an eye on the Challenge requirements at the left of the screen, as playing by von Ghoul’s rules is the only way to progress… and to prevent a visit from the Grim Reaper!

· Much like Cooper himself, each Ghouly has a heart that represents their remaining energy. It’s displayed over the head of any nearby Ghoulies.

· They’re few and far between, but some Ghoulies will fight alongside Cooper for reasons of their own. Look for the smiley face icon that indicates a friendly Ghouly, and try to avoid attacking them in case they have second thoughts.

· If the Butler's Brew mode is enabled via the Options Menu, Crivens will offer refreshment should Cooper fall foul of too many Ghouly assaults. Accepting will double Cooper's resilience in that Scene, helping to even the odds against von Ghoul's minions.

· The Grim Reaper’s not fussy – any Ghoulies that get in his way while he’s pursuing Cooper will pay the price. Knowing this, it’s possible to buy yourself some extra time or even use him as a weapon against particularly troublesome Ghoulies…

Gunfright Lawbook

Now y’all listen up. Seems we got ourselves a new Sheriff in town – reckons he’s gonna clear the town of the meanest and fastest gun-totin’ bunch of outlaws that ever did hit the Wild West. Goes by the name of Sheriff Quickdraw, but even he gots ter’ follow the rules, yes sirree...

1. Your Super-Slung Six Shot Slinger will reload as soon as the chamber is empty.
2. Prices of bullets may vary during your Term of Office at Black Rock. You will have to pay the going rate at the time of reloading.
3. During gunfights, should any of the townsfolk be inadvertently shot by either yourself or the baddies, then the Sheriff will have to pay the consequences.
4. Salary must be collected to provide funds to buy further ammunition.
5. Bandits may be shot on sight, but hardened Wanted Criminals and Gunfighters will want to fight the fast-draw way.
6. The townsfolk will point the way to the nearest baddie.
7. The Sheriff’s Horse Panto must be used to make chase when pursuing horse-mounted Bandits.
8. Rewards can be collected for any baddies successfully apprehended during gunfights.
9. Special bonuses are available for complete gangs successfully brought to justice.
10. When in fast-draw combat, beware of Hardened and Fast-draw Criminals!
11. Read your telegrams and stay in touch with the rest of the town.

How to Play

Step into the boots of Sheriff Quickdraw and bring order to the lawless town of Black Rock. Hunt down Bandits and Hardened Criminals, take part in fast-draw gunfights and restore justice to the Wild West!

To start, line up the gun sights and shoot the plummeting money bags to collect them. It takes plenty of cash to finance such a demanding lifestyle, from replenishing ammo to saddling up the Sheriff’s trusty steed, Panto.

Sheriff Quickdraw can top up funds by successfully taking on Wanted Criminals in gunfights. Hunt them down and hit them with a well-aimed shot to initiate fast-draw combat. Duels involve lining up an opponent in the sights and firing to take them down before they can draw and fire first.

Losing a gunfight will cost Sheriff Quickdraw one of his lives, as will colliding with a Bandit or one of the townsfolk. When the Sheriff has no lives left, the game is over. Harming civilians in any way will also land Sheriff Quickdraw with a hefty fine, so no reckless shooting!

In a two-player game, each player begins with their own stock of lives and supply of cash. When one player loses a life, the other player takes their own turn.


MOVE: Use the left stick or D-pad to move Sheriff Quickdraw around the town, or aim his gun sight during fast-draw mode.

FIRE: Press the A button to make Sheriff Quickdraw fire his weapon.

CHANGE VIEW: Press the Y button to change the camera view.

PAUSE: Press the Menu button to pause the game, or resume if the game is already paused.


· Mounted Criminals are too fast to catch on foot and have to be pursued on horseback.

· All the gold in them thar hills is wreaking havoc with the local economy – keep a close eye on the price of bullets, horses and fines.

· Keep an eye out for scared townsfolk who will helpfully point the way towards Wanted Criminals.

· Sheriff Quickdraw can’t be harmed by collisions when riding Panto, but he’ll still have to pay the fine!


When the interplanetary tyrant Mizar seizes control of the peaceful Tribals and their homeworld, not to mention crippling Jet Force Gemini – the Federation’s elite patrol squad – Juno, Vela and Lupus soon come under fire. Forced to abandon ship, the team find themselves torn apart in a sector of space overrun by Mizar’s Drones and their mechanical minions.

Will the team be able to foil the machinations of Mizar and put an end to the war? Will they even survive long enough to reunite? At the start of this latest and deadliest mission, Juno finds himself alone in a battle of weapons and wills with a galaxy hanging in the balance…

How to Play

In Jet Force Gemini, you’ll guide siblings Juno and Vela and their faithful squad mascot Lupus from alien worlds to city-sized spaceships in pursuit of their goal: a last-ditch attempt to regroup before bringing down the insidious Mizar and his despotic regime.

As you progress through the campaign and re-engage with Vela and Lupus, you’ll be able to switch between characters at any time via the Options Menu. Whoever you’re controlling, the threat remains the same: Mizar’s forces infest many of the places you’ll visit and must be defeated before you can progress.

Each Jet Force Gemini team member is kitted out with a recharging pistol by default, but you’ll discover many more weapons along the way. Stay on the move and make good use of your surroundings to avoid enemy fire.

Routes are segmented by doorways, some of which can be opened by activating target switches or finding keys, but others are Life Force Doors that only unlock when the immediate area has been cleared of Mizar’s troops. Occasionally, you’ll encounter friendly characters willing to offer their assistance, or at least participate in a trade.

Areas tend to be divided into dangerous regions, each containing a large number of enemies. Regions will reset when you move between them, so keep an eye out for green and red markers placed near doors. Green regions indicate you’re about to leave a region for a place of safety, red markers inform you there’s a new region beyond the door, and both markers mean you’re about to leave one region and enter another without finding respite in between.

From docking your ship at a new location, you’ll either need to journey on foot until you locate another launch pad, or use your map to return to previously visited places. Some worlds contain hidden launch pads that can lead the team into uncharted territory.

As you travel, keep your eyes peeled for the bear-like Tribals. This peaceful race has been abducted from Goldwood to further Mizar’s galactic ambitions, and can be rescued just by bumping into them. Whenever you leave a region, the highest number of Tribals you’ve saved there is recorded, so don’t worry about saving all the hapless creatures every time you visit. (Equally, if something goes wrong during your rescue attempt, you’ll be able to try again when you return to the region.)

When all three Jet Force Gemini members have followed their initial set paths to reunite at Mizar’s Palace, you’ll be able to return to locations along those paths with any character. Juno, Vela and Lupus each have unique abilities that may lead you to uncover new secrets:

JUNO: Has armour that allows him to withstand extreme heat, and can make his way across lava and other molten hazards.

VELA: Possesses excellent swimming skills, and can swim underwater to uncover new routes while Juno and Lupus are left paddling on the surface.

LUPUS: Can use his rocket jets to glide. Jump a second time while airborne to cross wide gaps and reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

FLOYD: A renegade droid saved from the scrapheap during your journey. At certain points in your adventure, you’ll take direct advantage of his compact size and flight ability.

Health and Combat

Each character’s remaining life energy is indicated by the energy meter in the lower corner of the screen: the green segments of its central icon represent four energy reserves. If your energy meter is emptied, it will be refilled at the cost of one of your reserves. If the meter is emptied when you have no reserves left, that character will fall and you’ll lose a continue.

When you load a game you’ll begin with two continues to spare. If a character falls when you’re out of continues, it’s game over and you’ll return to your last saved location the next time you play. Fortunately, your energy reserves can be restocked by collecting Gemini Units, large gems that restore a certain amount of energy depending on their size and colour. These are most often found lying around thanks to the Tribals’ Gem Quarry mining efforts, but can occasionally be salvaged from fallen enemies.

Speaking of which, Mizar’s forces can be taken out with a range of distinct weapons. Characters will automatically try to target enemies ahead of them when in Movement Mode, but you can also use Targeting Mode to manually line up your sights for precision shots.

Weapons and Objects

Every weapon has its own ammo type, supplies of which can be found in weapon crates. Ammo for weapons you haven’t found yet will be ghosted out, while useful crates can be collected by touching them. Thoroughly explore areas and you’ll also come across capacity crates, which permanently increase the ammunition you can carry for a particular weapon.

The team will amass an imposing arsenal before this mission is complete. Some of the most useful armaments are detailed below:

JET FORCE PISTOL: Standard issue to members of the team, and capable of firing emergency shots when its normal ammo supply is depleted. Not a viable long-term option, so try not to eat through your ammo with wasted shots.

MACHINE GUN: Even in the future, machine guns have a high rate of fire with a rate of accuracy that suffers as a result. Even a capacity upgrade won’t stop you from rapidly emptying ammo clips if you get carried away in combat.

PLASMA SHOTGUN: A surprisingly versatile weapon. Its weak quickfire shots can be vastly improved by holding down the fire button to charge and unleash a blast that’ll make even hardened foes think twice.

HOMING MISSILE LAUNCHER: Unsurprisingly, this launches homing missiles. As projectiles go they’re slow-moving, but they’ll track any enemy you’ve locked onto with explosive efficiency.

You can view detailed information on any weapons you find by selecting Weapons on the Pause Menu.

There are other item types scattered around the worlds, not weapons in the traditional sense but certainly of use to help even the odds against Mizar’s Drones:

FLARES: Bring light to your surroundings, allowing you to more easily find your way in dark places.

MIZAR TOKENS: The unit of currency across the worlds conquered by Mizar. You’ll need to amass tokens to take advantage of services normally offered to his Drones.

FLOOR PADS: If you have enough Mizar Tokens, these handy pads can offer a variety of perks: a jetpack fuel top-up, a night vision resupply or even a convincing disguise.

SHIELDS: Energy barriers that make members of the Jet Force Gemini team invulnerable for a short while.

CONSOLES: Summon a cheerful service robot who’ll be more than happy to replenish your supplies in exchange for Mizar Tokens.

Saving, Loading and Options

Each time you begin a single-player game, you’ll be presented with the Game Save screen, where up to six adventures can be stored. By highlighting one of the six save slots, you’ll see detailed information about that particular Game, and can choose to continue your quest from that point.

If you’d like to begin a new adventure, highlight an empty save slot marked New Game. If all six save slots are filled with missions in progress, you’ll need to erase one before you can start afresh – select the Game you want to overwrite and choose Erase Game.

To save your adventure while playing, press the Menu button to bring up the Pause Screen, then pull the right trigger to create a record of your current adventure.

Note: an auto-save feature is not supported in Jet Force Gemini, so be sure to save your game before you quit (or return to the Game Stage) to avoid losing progress.

When on the Title Screen, you can access the Main Options menu. There are a number of different ways to configure the game:

MUSIC & SFX VOLUME: Lets you adjust the slider to tweak the overall audio volume of Jet Force Gemini.

WIDESCREEN SETTINGS: Allows you to switch between a bordered or full-screen display.

STEREO SETTINGS: These options have no effect within Rare Replay.

CONTROLS: Toggles between Normal and Expert control schemes. See the Controls section for more information.

2-PLAYER SETTINGS: Allows you to choose whether the screen is split vertically or horizontally in battle mode with two players.

CHEATS: Displays any cheats unlocked during a single-player game, and whether or not they’re active during gameplay.

EXIT: Returns you to the Title Screen. This option will end your current adventure if selected during play, so save your game first!

During gameplay, pausing the game will display unique Pause Screen options:

CHARACTER: Switches between Juno, Vela and Lupus, abandoning progress in the current region and switching to wherever that team member was last used.

OPTIONS: Accesses the Main Options menu (see above).

HEALTH: Displays the remaining life energy of your current character.

WEAPONS: Lists the weaponry currently in your inventory. You can also assign weapons to the D-pad here for easy access during a firefight.

MAP: Shows all the planets explored so far. A previously visited world can be selected from the map to travel there immediately, though you’ll lose any progress in your current region.

INVENTORY: A list of the tokens, items and other important objects collected so far.

TRIBALS: Shows your most successful attempt at saving Tribals in each region, allowing you to see where in the galaxy you should be searching for stragglers.

SPECIAL: A top-secret mission awaits you during your adventure…


Jet Force Gemini supports a number of competitive multiplayer options, accessed via the Multi option on the game’s Title Screen. This will take you to the Multiplayer Menu, where you can cycle between game modes and fine-tune the rules before heading into battle.

Each of the modes has unique goals and rules of play:

BATTLE MODE: A traditional deathmatch allowing the team (as well as Mizar’s Drones and other familiar faces) to duke it out across a number of arenas. The controls are the same as in a single-player game, and various options including match limits, win conditions and in-game radar can be customised.

TARGET PRACTICE MODE: No players are shown, only sets of crosshairs, and it’s a race to blast away the Drones (but not the Tribals!) that appear. Accuracy will be considered when determining the victor of this reflex-testing competition.

RACING MODE: This mode must first be unlocked within a single-player game. When that’s done, you’ll be able to adjust match limits and win conditions before heading to the track in a high-octane race viewed from either a top-down or trailing perspective.

After encountering Floyd in a single player adventure, you’ll also be able to select Co-Op Mode from the Title Screen. In this mode, Player 1 continues as normal while Player 2 can take control of Floyd – and a second set of crosshairs – to help thin out Mizar’s hordes. Floyd can’t take damage, so having Player 1 take cover while Floyd attacks may get you out of tricky situations.

When taking part in a multiplayer mode, the Primary Player will always be Player 1. The next player to press the A button on their controller will become Player 2, and so on until the maximum number of players for that mode has been reached. Players who haven’t used their controller in a while will be removed from the game.


There are two main types of control: Movement Mode, which allows you to easily run and jump around the environment, and Targeting Mode, which allows for precision aiming. Movement Mode controls are:

MOVE: Push the left stick to guide your character around the environment.

FIRE: Pull the right trigger to fire the selected weapon. Pull and hold the right trigger to unleash continuous fire from a rapid-fire weapon.

JUMP/STAND/INTERACT: Press the A button to jump and again to hover. If your character is crouching, they’ll return to a standing position. Press the A button while standing next to an important object or character to interact or engage in conversation.

CROUCH: Press the B button while standing to make your character crouch. Crawling around while crouched helps maintain cover but slows movement speed.

WEAPON SELECT: Push up or down on the right stick to cycle through the weapons in your character’s inventory.

SIDESTEP/ROLL: Push left or right on the right stick to make your character dodge in that direction.

TARGET: Pull the left trigger to centre the camera behind your character, and hold it down to enter Targeting Mode.

When in Targeting Mode, the right stick will be used to move your character while the left stick controls the crosshairs for precision aim. Release the left trigger to return to normal movement.

(Note: If the Expert control scheme has been selected, jump and crouch functions will be assigned to up and down on the right stick instead, leaving weapon selection assigned to the A and B buttons.)


HIGHLIGHT/ADJUST: Push the left stick or D-pad to move between menu options, select a particular choice or adjust a slider. Some options may not be available immediately and will need to be unlocked.

SELECT: Press the A button to select a particular choice or move to a sub-menu.

RETURN: Press the B button to return to a previous menu.

SAVE: Pull the left trigger when displaying the Pause Menu to save your game.

QUICK-ASSIGN: Push a direction on the D-pad when displaying the weapons sub-menu to assign a weapon. Push the same D-pad direction during gameplay to immediately switch to that weapon.


When piloting a vehicle, there are a number of unique controls:

MOVE: Push the left stick in the direction you wish to travel. This applies to racing in top-down and trailing viewpoints alike.

BOOST: Press the A button to trigger a speed boost (if acquired).

USE ITEM: Pull the right trigger to activate a special item (if acquired).

BRAKE: Press and hold the B button to bring your vehicle to a halt.


The ‘Acme Interstellar Transport Company’ is delivering Spaceship Kits to various planets in the solar systems throughout the galaxy, and as chief test pilot, all you have to do is assemble the rockets and thrust on to your next destination.

But as you don’t often get the chance of a free trip across the galaxy, and space travel is oh so expensive, now is your chance to get rich. You might as well stop off at several planets on your journey, collect the odd sack of precious gems, elements or gold, and take them back with you.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But before you go and make yourself the richest person in the whole universe, you must remember to refuel your rocket every time you land on a planet with six fuel pods. Any other goodies you collect are yours to keep.

Upon landing you will find yourself equipped with the very latest Hydrovac Jetpac, which can automatically airlift almost any rocket stage, fuel pod or valuables you care to land upon, and release them over the rocket base; plus the mega powerful Quad Photon Laser Phaser to blast any nasty, mean little aliens who might object to your visit.

And my, do those aliens get upset when you collect all of their valuables and sneak off without so much as a by-your-leave.

How to Play

Move Jetman around the screen to collect the scattered rocket parts and fuel pods needed to escape, while fending off the unending alien attacks with the Quad Photon Laser Phaser.

Jetman will automatically pick up rocket parts and fuel pods on contact and hold them until he walks or flies directly over the rocket base, when they’ll be dropped and automatically integrated. Any other objects collected will add to the current score.

As soon as the rocket is built and fully fuelled, enter it to blast off and travel to the next destination.

Contact with hostile aliens will cause Jetman to lose a life. When he’s out of lives, it’s game over!

In a two-player game, each player receives a stock of lives and a score counter. When one player loses a life, control switches to the other player as shown by a flashing indicator in the score display.


MOVE: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to make Jetman walk or fly in that direction.

FIRE: Press the A Button to fire Jetman’s Quad Photon Laser Phaser. Press and hold the A button to fire rapidly.

THRUST: Hold up on the left stick to activate Jetman’s Hydrovac Jetpac thrusters and launch him into the air – by far the fastest way to get around!

HOVER: Hold down on the left stick while in the air to make Jetman hover in position.


· Moving off one side of the playfield causes Jetman to reappear from the other side. But be warned: the same goes for the aliens!

· If Jetman loses a life while carrying a rocket part or fuel pod, it’ll fall straight down to the surface where it can be picked up again.

· A bonus life is awarded every time Jetman successfully blasts off from a planet.


For a detailed explanation of how to play Jetpac Refuelled, launch the game and select "Help and Options" from its main menu. You'll find comprehensive instructions on the game's controls and features.


Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".


Having defeated Eyedol and thwarted Ultratech’s plans during the last Killer Instinct tournament, many of the luckless combatants find themselves caught in a time warp and hurled back into the distant past. With the demon lord Gargos freed from limbo and threatening history itself, fighters old and new must face each other in combat before their goals can be achieved. Some seek to undo the damage and cut short this demonic reign of terror. Others just want to find a way home…

How to Play

Each round of the Killer Instinct tournament sees fighters challenging each other in a set of one-on-one battles lasting up to 99 seconds, during which time they attempt to land attacks and drain both of their opponent’s Life Bars. If both fighters have life remaining when the timer hits zero, the player with the most life will be declared the victor.

Every fighter has unique Special Moves, but also a few basic attacks common to all combatants: punches and kicks at three power levels (quick, medium and fierce) and the ability to block incoming attacks. Depending on the fighter, melee weapons or more feral attacks may replace punches and kicks, but the effects are the same.

Success in Killer Instinct Gold relies upon mastery of Combos: a series of linked attacks that can cause devastating damage to an opponent. Combos are created by using moves from certain categories in the correct order.

OPENERS are moves that initiate Combos. They can include jumping attacks and certain Special Moves, but ideally won’t knock your opponent down as this will end a Combo before it’s begun.

AUTO-DOUBLES are single attacks that allow you to continue the Combo after using an Opener; the attack you should use depends on the type of Opener it follows. If you opened with a FIERCE PUNCH or KICK, use a medium punch or medium kick as your Auto-Double. If you opened with a MEDIUM PUNCH or KICK, use a quick punch or quick kick, and if you opened with a QUICK PUNCH or KICK, follow with a fierce punch or kick.

END FINISHERS are Special Moves that can end a Combo. These are known as End Specials and every fighter has four by default. Use an End Finisher after an Auto-Double or a Linker move (see below) to complete a Combo!

LINKERS are moves that let you extend a Combo. They can be performed after an Auto-Double to deal more damage, then followed by either an End Finisher or another Auto-Double. Remember, the longer the Combo, the more chances the opponent has to break it.

If someone’s using a Combo on you, it’s time for the C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! These are Special Moves which must be performed at the right time and using the right attack. When an opponent triggers either an Auto-Double or a MANUAL DOUBLE (see Master Tactics), watch their movements carefully. If they’re throwing a punch, perform your Breaker along with a kick to successfully break their Combo. If they’re using a kick, perform your Breaker along with a punch.

Additionally, each fighter has a both a THROW and a THROW REVERSAL (used to turn the tables when an opponent tries to throw you) as part of their set of Special Moves.

If you’re new to Killer Instinct, your first port of call should be the Training section to settle on a favourite fighter, practice combos and throws, and learn those crucial Special Moves.

Game Modes

ARCADE: A full tournament battle culminating in a showdown with Gargos. Either Player One or Player Two can enter; if both players are active, they’ll face off against each other before continuing up the tournament ladder.

TEAM: Each player can pick between two and 11 characters to form a team. Team members enter the battle one at a time, jumping in when the previous fighter is defeated. Put an opponent’s entire team out of action to win!

TEAM ELIMINATION: In this mode, team members can only be defeated using an Ultra, Ultimate or (for the final team member) Stage Knock-Off move.

TOURNAMENT: Up to eight players can take part in this mode. The winner of each fight stays on to compete in the next.

PRACTICE: Sets you up with an opponent who won’t retaliate.

TRAINING: Shows a complete list of your Special Moves and teaches the fundamentals of Combos and Combo Breakers.

FOCUSED TRAINING: Allows you to refresh your memory on a specific part of the training regime.

Advanced Fighting

All fighters have a SUPER BAR beneath their life bar at the top of the screen. The Super Bar’s segments fill up when damage is taken or a blocking opponent is attacked. Certain Special Moves, known as SUPER MOVES, require a number of full Super Bar segments before they can be unleashed. You can even unleash Super Linkers and Super End Finishers to land many more hits within a single Combo!

POP-UPS are Special Moves that also help your character to get back on their feet quickly if they’re unleashed while you’re knocked down. Each character has at least one Pop-Up move.

During a Combo, try using your character’s Throw move after an Auto-Double. They’ll be thrown higher than usual, allowing you to JUGGLE them in the air. Experiment with your Special Moves to find ways of keeping an opponent aloft.

Master Tactics

Each fighter has three Special Moves with ‘rock, paper, scissors’ attributes: a character’s ‘paper’ move will always beat a ‘rock’ move, but be beaten by a ‘scissors’ move, and so on. Experiment to find which moves take priority over others and you’ll find there’s no such thing as an unbeatable attack.

Manual Doubles can replace Auto-Doubles in your Combos, but can also be performed afterwards – or even as your Combo’s Opener! There are four Manual Doubles per fighter: a fierce punch or a fierce kick, followed by a medium punch or a medium kick. Certain characters can ready the next Special Move with the left stick or D-pad even while they’re performing a Manual Double.

The infamous Ultra Combo can be unleashed by performing the appropriate Special Move while your opponent’s Life Bar is flashing red. If you’ve pulled off various different End Finishers (rather than the same one repeatedly) throughout the fight, the Ultra Combo will be longer, so be sure to vary your Combos! And remember that fighters with a full Super Bar may well be able to break your Ultra Combo…

There are many other master tactics, including Air Doubles, Ultimates, Parries and Stage Knock-Offs. Visit the Training and Practice areas to uncover the secrets behind these top-tier techniques!


MOVE: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to move across the screen in that direction.

JUMP: Push up on the left stick or D-pad to jump straight up. Push diagonally up and left (or up and right) to jump in that direction.

DUCK: Push and hold down on the left stick or D-pad to duck.

BLOCK: Push and hold the left stick or D-pad away from your opponent to defend against their attacks. Push and hold diagonally down and away from your opponent to perform a crouching block instead of a standing block.

FIERCE PUNCH: Press the left trigger to unleash a heavy punch. Alternatively, press the right bumper.

FIERCE KICK: Pull the right trigger to unleash a heavy kick. Alternatively, press the left bumper.

MEDIUM PUNCH: Press the Y button to unleash a medium punch.

MEDIUM KICK: Press the B button to unleash a medium kick.

QUICK PUNCH: Press the X button to unleash a quick punch.

QUICK KICK: Press the A button to unleash a quick kick.

VIEW MOVES: Press the View button when in In Practice Mode to see a list of your current fighter’s Special Moves.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to start a new game, join in to challenge a human player in Arcade Mode, pause the game or resume a paused game.


· Every fighter has at least one Special Move which allows them to avoid projectile attacks.

· When two attacking fighters meet in the air, this is the order of priority: quick beats fierce, medium beats quick and fierce beats medium.

· Using all four End Specials in a single fight allows access to a fifth End Special. Using all five during the match enables a fighter to perform an extended Ultra Combo!

Sabreman's Diary


My journey’s end is near, as the last few ebbs of daylight dance fleeting in the cooling twilight and then suddenly dart off to chase the red sinking sun. Behind me I feel night’s dark icy fingers slither up into looming shadows, hiding behind large mounds and boulders, watching my every move… Silently waiting…

For days I have journeyed from the realms of the jungle ’Wulf to KNIGHT LORE Castle to seek the old dying wizard and ask for his help to free me from this deathly curse… For countless nights I have slept chained to trees to keep my deathly curse at bay, but now I am here…

My footsteps echo around the damp mossy walls of the large chamber; as I enter through the open main gateway, colossal doors judder open in an untouched groaning symphony, beckoning me forward on my quest.

I sense the old wizard’s gaze playing upon me, encapsulated within the labyrinth of traps and tests, to keep out all but the most persistent of unwanted guests who seek an audience with the great wizard MELKHIOR.

Suddenly a cool blue mist starts to ebb forth from the cracks in the ancient stonework. As it does so it begins to take form and becomes a powerful, swimming, swirling vortex of energy. Over all the noise can be heard the chanting and singing of long-forgotten tunes, all sung in a blur of forgetfulness.



The mist suddenly ceases its action and dissipates as quickly as it came. I drop to the floor and with full knowledge of the old wizard I begin my quest. Dimly-lit torches light the massive stone walls, their tired flickering flames never seeming to penetrate the inky darkness for more than a few feet…

Crystalline Merkyls, hideous Hobgoblins, stand frozen on huge monoliths, glittering in the cool trembling moonlight. Encapsulated by the old wizard long ago, they await their fate in an unending task of defence, silent and stony. This is to be their everlasting fate as guardians of KNIGHT LORE Castle, until the ultimate death of the old sorcerer…

The moon has risen quickly and in the fullness of its cool blue light, I become a werewulf…

My fate is now all too clear. I have but forty days and forty nights to find the old wizard and seek his help and magical instruction, before my tormented soul becomes forever a werewulf.

How to Play

Guide Sabreman through the twisting hallways of the castle, avoiding traps and monsters, seeking out ingredients for a potion that can free him of his werewulf curse. Sabreman has just forty days and nights to complete the potion before the effects of the curse become permanent.

The wizard Melkhior and his magic cauldron can be found at the heart of the castle; each charm ingredient in turn must be located in the castle and placed in the cauldron. Only when all fourteen charms have been successfully added will the potion be ready to restore Sabreman.

When night falls, Sabreman’s curse will take effect and transform him into a werewulf. Not only is Sabreman vulnerable during these transformations, but certain creatures – including Melkhior’s cauldron spirit – will become especially hostile.

Contact with monsters or any of the castle’s many traps will cause Sabreman to lose a life regardless of his current form. Running out of lives will end the game, although extra lives can be found within the castle’s many rooms.


MOVE: Use the left stick or D-pad to move Sabreman in a particular direction.

JUMP: Press the A button to make Sabreman jump. Press and hold the A button to make Sabreman jump further.

PICK UP/DROP: Press the B button to shuffle objects through Sabreman’s inventory. If an object is in the third space when the button is pressed, Sabreman will drop it. If he is standing on an object when the button is pressed, Sabreman will take it. Extra lives are collected automatically when touched.


· Keep an eye on the on-screen sundial to know when Sabreman will transform, and plan your actions accordingly!

· Some objects in the castle are light enough to move by pushing against them, which can create temporary platforms to reach higher areas and open up new routes through the castle.


“I can’t hold her… She’s breaking up… She’s breaking up!” *CRACKLE*

After Jetman’s poorly assembled multi-stage rocket starts to disintegrate in warp space, he manages to crash-land on a strange, undiscovered world inhabited by hundreds of restless aliens intent on the total destruction of the planet Earth.

Desperate to regain the lost minerals, the aliens initialise their ancient attack mechanisms. All around, huge missile installations erupt from deep within the bounds of the planet, surrounded by their own strategic defence stations. Their huge linoleum-shelled missiles glisten in the distant sunlight as the multitronic warheads auto-arm and poise for attack.

With no hope of help from the nearby and unaware Earth, Jetman has to destroy all of the installations single-handed before the imminent destruction of his home planet, using only his Hyperglide Moon Rover to supply Bridging Units and carry any strange equipment he can find to complete his mission.

Pity he can’t find the operation manuals!

How to Play

Control Jetman as he seeks out missile bases dotted around an alien landscape and destroys them with explosives, all while keeping hostile forces at bay with his trusty Quad Photon Laser Phaser.

The alien world is vast and dangerous. Fortunately, Jetman has his trusty Hyperglide Moon Rover to refuel his Jetpac and help carry equipment to his next destination – as long as he can build a path using his supply of Bridging Units.

Jetman’s safe inside the Moon Rover, but is otherwise vulnerable to attack. Contact with aliens or their weapons will cause Jetman to lose a life. Once he’s out of lives, it’s game over.

If Jetman can successfully carry a bomb within range of a missile base and release it, that base will be destroyed. Be warned: if he lingers too long the base will launch a missile towards his Moon Rover and if it’s destroyed, the game will end regardless of how many lives are left.

The display at the top of the screen will show the position of the missile base and Moon Rover relative to Jetman himself, as well as the current score, high score and lives remaining.

In a two-player game, each player receives a stock of lives and a score counter. When one player loses a life, control switches to the other player as shown by a flashing indicator in the score display.


MOVE: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to make Jetman move in that direction.

FIRE: Press the A button to fire Jetman’s Quad Photon Laser Phaser. Press and hold the A button to fire rapidly.

THRUST: Hold up on the left stick to activate Jetman’s Hydrovac Jetpac and launch him into the air. right trigger can also be used.

HOVER: Hold down on the left stick while in the air to make Jetman hover in position.

PICK UP/DROP: Press the B button to make Jetman drop whatever he’s carrying. Press the B button while empty-handed and next to an object to pick it up

ENTER/EXIT: Press the Y button to interact with a piece of equipment such as the Hyperglide Moon Rover.


· Keep an eye on the fuel gauge! Once it’s empty, Jetman will be confined to the ground until he can refuel at his Moon Rover.

· Bombs can be loaded onto the back of the Moon Rover to transport them in safety, or a gun turret can be attached for added protection – the choice is yours.

· Don’t panic if a missile is launched. Try to track it down and destroy it before it reaches the Moon Rover.

· If Jetman successfully destroys enough missile bases, an extra life will be awarded.


For a detailed explanation of how to play Perfect Dark, launch the game and select "Help and Options" from its main menu. You'll find comprehensive instructions on the game's controls and features.


Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".


In R.C. Pro-Am, you’ll race your radio-controlled car against a pack of competitors, picking up the power-ups littered around the track while avoiding puddles and other hazards. The performance of your R.C. car will be enhanced by any rare items gathered while racing. Truly skilful drivers will be given the chance to upgrade to a brand new vehicle to maintain that competitive edge.

How to Play

32 tracks lie between you and the Super Trophy that signifies ultimate victory in R.C. Pro-Am. To progress from one to the next, you’ll need to race your red R.C. car against three competitor drones. A first, second or third place result will earn a trophy for that track and take you forward in the competition, while placing last means that your game is over.

As you race, you’re likely to encounter several different types of offensive and defensive power-ups which you can collect by driving over them:

ROLL CAGES: Act as a shield, protecting your car from a single attack before being destroyed. If you have a roll cage, any competitor vehicle you make contact with will spin out of control.

MISSILES: Travel in the direction you’re facing when fired, and will briefly incapacitate any competitors they hit. Missiles also add to your ammunition when collected.

BOMBS: Like missiles, these incapacitate competitors but are dropped behind you as you drive. Bombs also add to your ammunition when collected.

STARS: Give you extra ammunition, allowing you to fire bombs and missiles. Your supply is shared regardless of which power-up you’re using.

Remember, competitor vehicles can and will collect power-ups too, so keep an eye out for incoming fire while you race!

Certain rare items will permanently increase the performance of your R.C. car if collected:

TURBOS: Improve your acceleration, allowing you to pull away more quickly from a standing start.

HOTTER ENGINES: Improve your R.C. car’s top speed.

STICKY TIRES: Improve your car’s handling, allowing you to make sharper turns.

You can see the improvements that have been made to your current R.C. car between races. Try to grab these items before your competitors do!

Tracks also contain hazards such as oil slicks and rain squalls. These can put you in a spin or leave you temporarily out of action, so avoid them if possible. Also steer clear of skulls that deplete your ammunition supply.

Bonus letters are scattered around the track. If you can collect them all, your R.C. car will be upgraded from a truck (the slowest model) to a 4-Wheeler and finally an Off-Roader. You’ll then be able to collect even more upgrades to further enhance your R.C. car’s performance.

Useful information is shown in the display at the bottom of the screen, including your current score, current lap (and total number of laps in the race), course map, any bonus letters collected so far and your supply of ammunition.


STEER: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to steer your car in that direction (relative to the way it’s currently facing).

ACCELERATE: Press and hold the A button to accelerate, and release it to slow down.

FIRE: Press the B button to fire the current weapon if you have one.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin the game, pause the game during a race, or resume a paused game.


· Your ammunition supply will be preserved between races, so save your attacks for when they’ll be most helpful.

· You can add to your score by overtaking your competitors, collecting items and placing highly in each race.

· If you try to attack when you don’t have a weapon, you’ll honk your horn to warn other drivers you’re approaching. Slower drivers may even move aside to let you past!


It’s back to the track in R.C. Pro-Am II, with more than 24 levels of radio-controlled multiplayer mayhem! Race around the courses and battle competing cars while avoiding hazards and scrambling for prizes. Only by scooping up cash will you be able to upgrade your R.C. car and make it into the big leagues. Place highly in each race to earn Championship Points and bring home the gold!

How to Play

In R.C. Pro-Am II, you’ll take control of a radio-controlled car and race against computer-controlled opponents (or your friends, in a multiplayer race) to be the first over the line. Study the course map carefully and watch out for hazards including puddles, logs and oil slicks as you tear up the track.

If you can finish a race in the top three, you’ll move on to the next event. Finish last and it’s game over!

Cash is earned based on your final position in each race, and can be used to upgrade your vehicle in the R.C. Model Shop. There are several aspects of your R.C. car that can be improved:
MOTOR: Increases your R.C. car’s top speed. The more expensive motors offer the best performance.
TIRES: Improve your R.C. car’s grip when cornering. As with motors, spending more gives the best results.
WEAPONS: Allow you to attack your enemies with everything from missiles to control-reversing mega pulses, but you can only carry one type of weapon at any time.
AMMO: Provides shots for any weapon you happen to have equipped, but the cost will increase each time you purchase more.
SHIELDS: Protect your car from weapon damage. They won’t save you from crashing in the traditional way, so be careful!
SLICKS: Drop a nasty puddle of oil behind your car that’s sure to give opponents the slip.
NITRO: Gives your car an emergency speed boost, which can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a tight-knit race.
CONTINUES: Allow you to salvage your R.C. career even if you finish last. The more of these you purchase, the more expensive they become.
Select a category from within the Model Shop, then press the A button when an upgrade is highlighted to purchase it (if your cash supply allows). Select ‘Exit’ to return to the Model Shop’s main menu, then select ‘Race’ to finish upgrading and move on to the next event.

Additionally, there are several kinds of power-ups littering the track. You can collect these by driving over them during the race:
CASH: Comes in two financial flavours. Dollar signs are worth $100 and money bags are worth $250.
AMMO: Awards more shots for your weapon, just like the shop-bought variety. Flashing stars give you one additional shot, while ammo boxes award five. Colour-coded ammo can only be collected by a matching R.C. car. Your remaining ammo is preserved between races.
ROLL CAGES: Make your vehicle temporarily immune to crash damage, but you’ll still be vulnerable to weapon fire.
CONTINUES: Offer an extra chance if you finish last, just like the type you’d buy in the Model Shop. Colour-coded continues can only be collected by a matching R.C. car.
LETTERS: Allow you to upgrade your R.C. car to a higher-performance model. Collect enough to spell out “PRO-AM II” and a new vehicle is yours for the taking! Any letters that you find are preserved between races.

To start a multiplayer game, players 2-4 should enter themselves into the contest on the name entry screen. Any slots not filled by players will be taken by computer-controlled opponents instead. After a few seconds, the final entrants will be decided and the game will begin.


STEER: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to steer your car in that direction (relative to the way it’s currently facing).

ACCELERATE/PURCHASE: Press and hold the A button to make your R.C. car accelerate, or to purchase upgrades in the Model Shop.

FIRE/PURCHASE: Press the B button to activate your upgrades and fire weapons during races (if you have any), and to purchase upgrades in the Model Shop.

SELECT UPGRADE: Push up or down on the left stick or D-pad while in the Model Shop to choose between upgrade categories (and the upgrades within each category).

SHOP MENU: Press the View button while looking at items in the Model Shop to return to the list of item categories.

BEGIN RACE/PAUSE: Press the Menu button while on the title screen or in the Model Shop to race. During a race, press the Menu button to pause the game, or press it while paused to resume racing.


· If you’re the first to pull away once the starting light turns green, you’ll earn a speed boost and a cash bonus. Jump the gun by accelerating too early and you’ll miss out on both…

· You can steal money from other racers by attacking them with buckshot. It’s highway robbery!

· From time to time, you’ll take part in bonus games to earn additional cash and Championship Points. Repeatedly press the A and B buttons to tear down the drag race strip or win the tug-o’-war, depending on the bonus game.

· If you don’t have a weapon equipped, keep trying to grab ammo – it’ll earn you cash instead.

Sabreman's Diary


Down and down I plunged, through rocky glades, steep ravines and shady hollows… No grip, no footholds, slipping, tumbling, spinning, darker and darker, deeper and deeper. Glinting eyes, clutching hands, clasping claws, as I swiftly twist and tumble onwards.

Darker and darker, deeper and deeper. It is the end that I fear, of this untrodden voyage… To where I do not know… AARRRGGGG… THUDDD…

Fall and end meet on soft mossy soil… With weapons drawn and senses full I move quickly and quietly around the mounded clearing… All safe except for a message… An ancient warning etched deep into the lifeless stone.




I edge through the shady mounded clearing and on through the dense thickets of hothouse rainforest undergrowth, of sorts I cannot tell, and wait… And listen… Distant rumblings of heavy feet crashing, large animals leap from the damp green stubble, to fight and destroy.

I stay hidden… The rumblings grow louder and louder, as a huge Goliath animal crashes past, horns swiping and tail lashing, still I hide as its thunderous noise dies away.

All is clear as I leap over the clumps and onto the well-trodden pathway. Its deep ruts and prints reveal the multitude of life forms inhabiting this hollow. Danger threatens so I should move quickly… But where?


Wide-eyed, I stare as the dense surroundings reveal their hidden secrets… Strange food orchids suddenly bloom, their staining toxins strong on the air then, in an instant, gone. Hunters, trackers, vampire bats and huge beasts spring forth from the very ground, swimming, slithering, diving and crawling… I must hide… Stay safe… With weapon strong and cunning nature, I will survive…

How to Play

Control Sabreman as he explores a mysterious jungle, hunting for the scattered pieces of an amulet that grants access to the Underwurlde. Fend off wild beasts with a trusty sabre while fleeing or outwitting larger creatures, including the malevolent ’Wulf itself.

The jungle’s twists and turns form a natural labyrinth in which four amulet fragments lie. These must be collected before Sabreman can pass the Guardian and reach the entrance to the Underwurlde.

Dangerous animals roam the pathways and clearings. Sabreman’s swordfighting abilities can dispatch smaller creatures, while larger foes will merely be driven away. Contact with animals will cause Sabreman to lose a life – when he runs out of lives, it’s game over.

Fortunately, he can find colourful orchids on his travels that bestow certain effects when collected. The jungle is also littered with other treasures that won’t aid Sabreman on his quest, but will give a score bonus if collected.

In a two-player game, each player receives a stock of lives and a score counter. When one player loses a life, control switches to the other player as shown by a flashing indicator in the score display.


MOVE: Push up, left, right or down on the left stick or D-pad to move Sabreman in that direction. He can also move diagonally.

SWORDFIGHT: Press and hold the A button to unleash a flurry of sword attacks in the direction that Sabreman is facing.


· Sabreman will automatically pick up collectible objects such as orchids by walking over them.

· Maneuver Sabreman carefully around his enemies to ensure his attacks hit their mark.

· The vicious ’Wulf prowls the deepest regions of the jungle and is impervious to Sabreman’s attacks. Fleeing is the only sensible course of action!

· Red, purple and blue orchids grant temporary immunity but affect Sabreman’s movement. Yellow orchids destroy smaller enemies but also stun Sabreman himself, while white orchids nullify the effects of other varieties.

· If Sabreman lingers for too long in one area of the jungle, a dangerous bushfire will start to spread. Keep moving!


It’s time to strap on your skis, head to the hills and prove your slaloming prowess! There are three mountain circuits to choose from, each with a number of courses packed with twists, turns and obstacles to overcome.

Weave between the flags and head for the finish line as swiftly as possible to earn first place on the scoreboard, but watch out for sleds, snowmen and other hazards as you race!

How to Play

The main aim of each course is to reach the finish line before time runs out. To do this, you’ll need to keep up a high speed – so avoid crashing, going off-course or anything else that might slow you down.

To begin, select a one or two-player game and then choose your mountain from the three circuits available. Snowy Hill is recommended for novice skiers, Steep Peak is slightly trickier and Mt. Nasty is… well, you get the idea. Each circuit contains eight courses. In a two-player game, players will take it in turns to attempt each course.

Be sure to watch out for slalom flags as you race, and pass them on the correct side as indicated by the arrow. Missing a flag will slow you down, while colliding with it will cause you to stumble. Colliding with other obstacles such as drone skiers, trees and snowmen will also cause you to stumble and possibly fall, costing you time.

Tucking as you race increases your top speed, but makes it harder to steer. Colliding with moguls – bumps in the course – will launch you into the air. This slows you down, but confident players can take the opportunity to show off!


STEER: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to steer in that direction.

TUCK: Hold up on the left stick or D-pad to tuck and speed up.

BRAKE: Hold down on the left stick or D-pad to slow down.

JUMP: Press the B button to jump.

CIRCUIT SELECTION: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to choose from the three mountain circuits while on the main menu.

MODE SELECTION: Press the View button to choose a one or two-player game while on the main menu.

START GAME: Press the Menu button to select a mode or circuit and begin the race. The Menu button will also return you to the main menu if the demonstration sequence is playing.

PAUSE: Press the Menu button to pause or resume the game while racing.


· Hold down on the left stick or D-pad while airborne to freestyle and earn bonus points. The longer you freestyle, the more bonus points you’ll earn, but be sure to release the left stick before you land or you’ll stumble.

· At the end of each race, your remaining time and freestyle points will earn you a Solo Bonus. Each bonus point grants you one extra second of time in the next race before those pesky drone skiers appear.

· The distance meter at the top of the screen shows how far away your skier is from the finish line, as well as the time remaining in the race.

· Each of the 24 courses has its own scoreboard.


In Snake Rattle N Roll, you’ll help two snakes who’ve found themselves marooned on a strange alien world. Rattle and Roll may be pretty hip, but they’ll need more than style to reach the top of the mountain and find their way home. In each stage, they’ll have to devour enough Nibbley Pibbleys to weigh down the scale that opens the exit.

How to Play

Every stage in Snake Rattle N Roll has an exit, but it’s locked! To open it, the snakes will need to eat until they’re heavy enough to tip the scale and ring the bell. Today’s menu? Nibbley Pibbleys – colourful creatures hidden around the landscape or ejected by dispensers. Rattle and Roll can grab Nibbley Pibbleys with their tongues to gobble them up.

As Rattle and Roll eat the Nibbley Pibbleys, extra segments will be added to their bodies, causing them to grow longer and heavier. Their tails will flash once they’re heavy enough to open the exit. Taking damage from enemies will cause the snakes to lose segments.

Each snake starts the game with three lives. A life is lost if they collide with an enemy and have no extra segments left. The same applies if a snake falls too far, gets squashed by a falling object or lets the timer run down to zero. Running out of lives means game over unless there are any continues remaining – if there are, the game resumes at the same spot and grants a fresh stock of lives.

Luckily, Rattle and Roll are able to defend themselves. They can either strike at certain enemies with their tongues or try to jump on their heads, although some enemies are impervious to these attacks and will deal damage instead.

In a two-player game, both Rattle and Roll are on-screen at once. Both snakes need to work together to progress, but remember that the first snake to exit the level earns 5000 bonus points!

There are plenty of strange objects hidden around the landscape for Rattle and Roll to use. Objects are collected automatically when touched:
TONGUE EXTENSIONS: Increase the length of your snake’s tongue, making it easier to attack enemies and catch Nibbley Pibbleys.
DIAMONDS: Make your snake invincible for a short time.
SPEED-UPS: Resemble clockwork keys, and make your snake faster for a while.
EXTRA LIVES: Add one to your snake’s life stock.
REVERSES: Should be avoided, as they temporarily confuse your snake’s controls.
CLOCKS: Add 25 seconds to the level timer.
FISH TAILS: Can be used to swim up waterfalls.

The strange mountain on which the snakes are stranded is full of nasty enemies. Some will pursue Rattle and Roll, others will move in a set pattern, and all should be avoided. Notable enemies include:
SHARKS: Appear in the early stages if a snake lingers in the water for too long.
BIG FOOT: This isn’t a yeti – it’s an actual foot, and can drop an extra life when defeated. Sometimes it’s a real reward, sometimes it’s a trap!
ICE FOOT: Similar to BIG FOOT, but stronger. It also recovers its strength if left alone.
BLADEZ: These nasty traps pop up from the floor with no warning. They don’t move, so it’s possible to learn their locations and steer clear.
ANVILZ: These try to squash Rattle and Roll as soon as they get close.
SNAKEDOZERS: Attempt to push the snakes off ledges.
PIN CUSHIONS: Shoot out poisonous spikes when the snakes are nearby, so watch out!


MOVE: Push the left stick or D-pad in any direction to move Rattle or Roll around the landscape.

TONGUE/SWIM: Press the A button to make your snake stick out its tongue. This can be used to eat Nibbley Pibbleys, open lids or attack enemies. Press the A button repeatedly to swim faster when in a strong current.

JUMP: Press the B button to make Rattle or Roll jump.

MODE SELECT: Press the View button on the title screen to switch between a one-player or two-player game.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin the game, pause the game while playing, or resume a paused game.


· Keep an eye out for flashing snake heads with their mouths open – these will grant an extra continue when they’re collected.

· Eating Nibbley Pibbleys that match a snake’s colour will earn more points and help them grow heavier. Rattle and Roll can still eat Nibbley Pibbleys of the opposing colour, but they won’t have as much of an effect. Yellow Nibbley Pibbleys are the most valuable of all, and both Rattle and Roll find them delicious.

· Rattle and Roll can use their tongues when on top of a lid to reveal its contents. They might uncover Nibbley Pibbleys, bonus stages or even secret warps!

· Upon reaching a stage exit, any Nibbley Pibbleys and tongue extensions collected will be converted into bonus points.

· As Rattle and Roll progress through each stage, they’ll encounter different types of Nibbley Pibbleys. Some will be tougher to catch than others…


Having saved the world from hostile aliens, Jetman returns to Earth a hero. The Federation of Space Loonies grant him command of the precious Golden Warpship – the most powerful, not to mention valuable, vessel in the Galactic Fleet. In fact it’s so desirable that the Warpship is scuttled by Space Pirates on its very next mission!

With the Warpship disassembled and its pieces set to be auctioned off to the Federation’s most wanted, Jetman must scour the galaxy to recover the missing parts and rebuild his prized possession. His search will take him to strange new worlds, each filled with alien armies, gravitational anomalies and spatial ruptures. Will Jetman survive for long enough to uncover the true horror lurking in the darkest reaches of warp space?

How to Play

There are 13 different planets in Solar Jetman, each with unique features and secrets to uncover. Jetman will land his mothership on the surface of the planet and go on to explore its strange terrain in search of Golden Warpship pieces, useful alien technology and enough fuel to blast off again.

Emerging from the mothership inside his fully fueled Jetpod, Jetman will engage with hostile aliens while fighting the effects of the planet’s gravity. The Jetpod has a tractor beam which Jetman can use to ferry objects back to the mothership, but the beam will only operate if the Jetpod’s shields are down. The Jetpod also has an infinite supply of standard ammunition with which to protect itself.

Colliding with the terrain or taking damage from enemies will cause the Jetpod to lose fuel – if it runs out, the Jetpod will be destroyed and leave Jetman vulnerable. He can still move and fire his weapon in this state, and won’t drain fuel while exploring, but he won’t be able to carry objects. Making it back to the mothership in one piece grants a free replacement Jetpod so that Jetman can continue his mission. If he takes too much damage, he’ll lose a life. When all lives are lost, it’s game over!

Larger objects must be carried above the mothership’s central column and released before they can be used. Certain treasures (such as those dropped by defeated aliens) will be collected automatically just by touching them to earn Jetman additional points.

Any points accrued can be spent between planets with a visit to the Interstellar Marketing Co. Trading Post. Jetman can purchase Jetpod upgrades and additional weapons – note that these have a limited supply of ammunition and should be used sparingly! Ammunition can be replenished by returning to the mothership.

A number of selectable options may appear inside the mothership. To begin with, the only option available will be Explore: this sends Jetman back out into the wild. When upgrades have been purchased, the Equip Pod option will appear. A limited number of upgrades in Jetman’s supply can be selected for use on the next Jetpod launched, but if that Jetpod is destroyed, any upgrades applied will also be lost.

When all essential objects have been recovered, the Blast Off option will appear. This sends Jetman to the next planet on his journey, forfeiting any treasure left behind. If the planet has been completely picked clean, Jetman will blast off automatically upon entering the mothership.

The display at the bottom of the screen shows Jetman’s current fuel and weapon reserves, number of lives remaining and points accumulated so far.


MOVE/ROTATE JETPOD: Push and hold left or right on the left stick or D-pad to rotate the Jetpod in that direction. Push left or right on the left stick or D-Pad to move Jetman in that direction when he’s not in the Jetpod.

SHIELDS: Push down on the left stick or D-pad when Jetman has found shield technology to raise the Jetpod’s shields, and press up to lower them.

FIRE WEAPON: Press the B button to fire Jetman’s standard weapons.

FIRE SPECIAL: If the Jetpod has special weaponry equipped, hold the View or X button and press the B button to fire it.

THRUST: Press and hold the A button to thrust. The Jetpod will thrust in the direction it’s facing, while Jetman will thrust ‘upwards’ depending on the planet’s gravity.

BOOST: Press and hold the View or X button and press the A button to engage boosters if the Jetpod has them equipped.

SELECT OPTION: Push up or down on the left stick or D-pad to highlight an option while in the mothership, and press the B button to select that option.

START/PAUSE: Press the Menu button to begin the game. While playing, press the Menu button to pause the game or resume a paused game.

CHECK MAP: Press the View button while paused to examine the map after Jetman has recovered the appropriate technology.

ENTER PASSWORD: Press the View button while on the title screen to enter a password. Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to select a character to change, and push up or down to adjust its value. Press the A button to confirm the current password or the Menu button to start a fresh game.


· The warp holes that hide pieces of the Golden Warpship can’t be accessed until the mothership has been completely refuelled.

· Each new planet encountered has a unique password. Make a note of these and they can be used to start the game at a specific location.

· Carry objects into a teleport zone to transport them directly to the mothership. Jetman can also use these as a shortcut home if he’s not inside a Jetpod.

· Collect all ten gems in the Cyberzone to earn an extra life. Collisions don’t cause damage while in the Cyberzone, so go all out to beat the clock!

Sabreman's Diary


Long dark paths have I travelled, through caverns and hidden labyrinths, my path grown darker… Deathly chill as I approach the Well of Evil… Forewarned by lost and lonely travellers of the forces guarding the UNDERWURLDE.

I approach, fix my rope, and with a firm leap, swing down into the depths of THE BLACK VOID. The still air rushes past as I descend into the dark, dank hollow, disturbing the dust, debris of long since fought battles and struggles.


Silent fossilised creatures stir, emerging from centuries of hibernation, awakened by my echoing gropes and thuds. Their dormant evil, hungry from ages past, sparks itself into life. Suddenly the whole cavern erupts into a scurrying, slithering, shadowy grave of beating wings and desperate gnashing jaws.

Winged Harpies soar and swoop down with beaks wide and talons spread. Hungry monsters and reptiles desperate not to lose their first meal in eons batter and punish me until I can take no more, waiting for me to fail.


All about are strange sparkling plants: Sirens of the UNDERWURLDE, waving their poisonous, gnashing, deadly tendrils, beckoning me on toward them, their stifling odours a prelude to their vision of hideous ugliness. To touch their sticky putrid foliage would mean certain death.



The old traveller’s words still singing in my head...


In the distance the low rumbling of UNDERWURLDE volcanoes can be heard. Huge plumes of poisonous, sulphurous, devilish gases roll along the cavern roofs. The enormous bubbles of inert plasma ascend the natural chimney stack causeways, eroded and forged from centuries of ancient fires and flames.

My journey has only just begun. I must travel on through this deadly labyrinth of the UNDERWURLDE to find the ULTIMATE palace of darkness, in which lies the way to my escape.

How to Play

Control Sabreman as he journeys through the underground labyrinth of the Underwurlde in his desperate search for an exit, climbing ever higher and fending off an unending assault by ancient creatures.

If Sabreman collides with a monster or other hazard, he’ll be flung uncontrollably aside. This has potentially lethal consequences as the Underwurlde is filled with deep chasms and shafts! If Sabreman falls too far, he’ll lose a life. The game ends when he has no lives remaining.

Monsters can be fended off if Sabreman finds a suitable weapon. Certain kinds are particularly effective against the larger creatures that block progress through the Underwurlde. Sabreman can carry up to three weapons at any one time, wielding the one he picked up most recently.


MOVE: Push left or right on the left stick or D-pad to move Sabreman in that direction.

JUMP: Press the A button to make Sabreman jump. Sabreman will automatically make a small jump when he approaches the edge of a platform.

ROPE CLIMBING: Push up or down on the left stick or D-pad while on a rope to move Sabreman in that direction. Sabreman will deploy a rope automatically near the roof of a cavern and will reattach to a rope automatically if he touches it.

DETACH: Press the Y button when attached to a rope to let go.

FIRE: Press the B button to make Sabreman attack if he’s currently holding a weapon. Press and hold the B button to attack continuously.

PICK UP/DROP: Press the X button to shuffle objects through Sabreman’s inventory. If an object is in the third space when the button is pressed, Sabreman will drop it. If he is touching an object when the button is pressed, Sabreman will take it. Other treasures are collected automatically.


· There are three exits from the Underwurlde, all located in the highest regions of the labyrinth.

· Eagles will grab Sabreman in their talons if they get close enough, potentially carrying him into danger.

· Most of the things that lurk in the Underwurlde are dangerous, but collecting a blue gem will grant Sabreman a burst of speed and temporary invulnerability. Extra lives can also be found scattered throughout the labyrinth.


Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".


Download the manual for this game by locating the game on http://marketplace.xbox.com and selecting “See Game Manual".

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