Some say that the world is coming to an end. Maybe they are right.

For more than a year Gaia has been plunged into chaos.
The Sacred Holy Empire of Abel, once the greatest power in the world, is now fragmented and broken.
The Emperor is death, the throne is empty, and the shadow of an insane war threats to engulf everything.

Oblivious to the conflict, The Order of Nathaniel, founded centuries ago to keep humanity safe from what lurk in the night, continued its restless fight against the dark.

Many secret wars were fought in the shadows while mankind never knew how close it had been to the very end.
But two days ago something unexpected happened.
While the head of the Order were negotiating a way to avoid the conflict, a high ranking member of Nathaniel stole one of the artifacts that the organization had sealed in the dark long ago.

A simple book, the Byblos, written with the blood of the founder of the Order.

Nobody knew why she did it, nor the contents of the book, but Romeo Exxet, leader of Nathaniel, sent the best agents of the organization to recover the artifact at any cost.

Ironically, it would be a nameless monster, another woman bearing a cursed book, who would find it.
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