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A targeting reticle appears in the center of the screen and changes depending on the currently equipped weapon or equipment.

Health Meter
The meter along the left side of the screen depletes as you take damage. Health can only be replenished by the Medic under most circumstances.

Jetpack Meter
The meter along the right side of the screen depletes as you use your jetpack. It recharges over time when not in use.

Hunter Loadout
Displays the weapons, equipment, and abilities available to your class. The background behind each loadout component starts fully blue and depletes as you exhaust your supply. It flashes red as a warning when a component is nearly empty. Press to manually reload; weapons will otherwise automatically reload or recharge when depleted. Note that certain equipment and weapons recharge or replenish their ammunition or energy over time. Others, such as mines, have a maximum number that can be deployed at any given time. Deploying additional items beyond the maximum will result in the oldest active item self-destructing.

When coordinating with other Hunters, use the compass to keep track of your current heading.

Monster Tracks
These glowing tracks appear in the environment and indicate where the Monster has traversed. The Monster’s tracks fade over time.

Monster Alert
Provides relevant information on the Monster’s status. (e.g. Monster Tracks, location of wildlife disrupted by the Monster, etc.)

Active Buff
A circular countdown meter appears in the upper-right corner of the screen when a Buff is acquired from Elite Wildlife. The effects of the Buff last until the Buff timer fully depletes.

Hunter Switch
Use the D-pad to switch to a different Hunter at any time, provided that the Hunter is still alive.

A targeting reticle appears in the center of the screen. The red segments beneath it each represent the Monster’s stamina and its ability to execute special mobility maneuvers.

The blue meter indicates Monster armor. Recover lost armor by feeding on wildlife or human corpses.

The red meter indicates Monster health. This resource cannot be regenerated or reclaimed once it has been lost, although a portion can be reclaimed by Evolving or acquiring specific health-related Buffs.

Each of the Monster’s abilities, along with their button assignments, are displayed here. After use, an ability requires a cooldown period during which it will be greyed out. The icon lights up red when the ability is available again.

While feeding, this segmented, circular meter appears over the Monster. As you feed, you gain more energy. Once the meter is full, you may hold + to evolve and stage up. You can also gain energy by incapacitating Hunters.

Animal Sense
The Monster’s sense of smell allows you to see nearby wildlife and hunters, even through walls and terrain.

Active Buff
A circular countdown meter appears in the upper-right corner of the screen when a Buff is acquired from Elite Wildlife. The effects of the Buff last until the Buff timer fully depletes.

Pause Menu

Press during gameplay to access the Pause Menu.

Exit the Pause Menu and return to gameplay.

Restart the current round.

Adjust your controller, audio, and graphics settings.

Allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game.

Leave Game
Exit the current round and return to the main menu.

Options Menu

Reset the Help Text or adjust your sprinting options.

Controller Settings
Adjust the game controls, including Hunter controls, Monster controls, stick layout, look sensitivity, look inversion, vibration, and aim assist.

Toggle the subtitles or adjust the music, effects, and dialog volume levels.

Change the in-game language for spoken dialogue and written text.

Multiplayer Menu

Select a game mode to join a match with up to four other players online.

Play one round at a time, cycling through maps in Hunt mode.

Play 5 missions in a dynamic campaign where all game modes are played and the environment is affected by wins and losses.

Play a private game with your friends using modified rules.

Invite Friends
Access a list of your Friends and invite them to join a game.

Multiplayer Modes

Hunters must find and kill the Monster before the Monster kills them. When the Monster reaches Stage 3, it can destroy the objective.

The Monster must destroy the transport ship’s power source before the time expires. Hunters must defend the power source until the time expires or kill the Monster.

The Monster must kill the Hunters before the Hunters destroy all of the Monster’s eggs and minions. The Monster can hatch an egg to spawn a minion, but does so at the cost of an egg.

Hunters must revive and evacuate 5 survivors before the Monster kills 5 survivors.

Solo Menu

Quick play
Play one round at a time, cycling through maps and game modes.

Play 5 missions in a dynamic campaign where all game modes are played and the environment is affected by wins and losses.

Set up a game of Evolve tailored to your parameters.

Replay Tutorial
Replay the tutorial levels to gain awards and badges.

Custom Hunt Menu

Start Match
Select this option and press to begin the Hunt.

Map and Mode
Specify which game mode and map you wish to play. You may also select Quick Play to select a random map and game mode.

Map Effect
Modify your map and mode by selecting one of these modifiers.

Set up additional game parameters of your choosing.

Map Effects

The number and type of Map Effects available change depending on the map selected.

Cargo Ship
A cargo ship patrols the map and helps the Hunters spot the Monster.

Second Monster
A Monster minion follows the Monster and attacks Hunters.

Teleport Gates
Teleport gates allow Hunters to teleport to a central location.

Teleport Rifts
Teleport rifts allow the Monster to teleport to different locations.

Clear Skies
Clear skies force predators into hiding and make Monsters easier to see.

Carnivorous Plants
Additional carnivorous plants make environments more dangerous for Hunters.

Forcefield walls limit the available space for the Monster to run and hide.

Man-Eating Eels
Flooded areas with man-eating eels make environments more dangerous for Hunters.

Fair Weather
Natural lighting, no adverse weather effects.

The type of storm depends on the chosen map.

Scent Masking
Scent masking inhibits the Monster's ability to smell.

Hostile Wildlife
Wildlife becomes more dangerous and hostile to the Hunters.

Medbays allow Hunters to heal and remove strikes.

Mutated Plants
Mutated plants allow the Monster to restore health when eating them.

Space Laser
A laser from space periodically fires at the Monster to severely damage it.

Falling Satellite
Pieces of satellite fall to the earth that damage Hunters.

Colonists join the Hunters to fight the Monster.

Canyon Striders
Additional canyon striders give more food for the Monster.

More birds makes it easier to find the Monster.

Phantoms create more hostile encounters for the Hunters.

EbonStar Ally
An EbonStar ally joins the Hunters to fight the Monster.

EbonStar Corpses
EbonStar corpses provide more food for the Monster.

Sentry Guns
Sentry guns defend areas against Monster attacks.

Radioactive Clouds
Radioactive clouds damage Hunters in their vicinity.

Attack Drones
Attack drones patrol the map to spot and attack the Monster.

EMP blasts temporarily cancel and shut down Hunter abilities.

Hunter Configuration

Use the Left Stick to choose a Hunter from those you have currently unlocked. When you’ve selected a Hunter, press to select which Perk your Hunter will take into the match.

Monster Configuration

Here you can assign three points to four different ability categories unique to each monster. A maximum of three points can be assigned to an ability category, improving it up to three levels. Press to reset point assignments and start over. Once all ability points are assigned, you can choose a Perk for the Monster.

Choose Your Class

Before queuing up for a match of Evolve, you have the opportunity to choose the roles you prefer to play, and Evolve will try to place you in a match where you can play your preferred role. You will rank each role from 1-5, with 1 being the most preferred class, and 5 being the least preferred class. After the initial set up, you can rearrange your preferences at any time by selecting the "Choose Role" option from the Matchmaking menu.

If you are in a party of 2-4 players, your role preferences will be restricted to Hunters only. However, if you are in a party of 5 players, you will automatically be placed into a Custom Match, and the Monster role will be available to everyone.

Searching for Games

After choosing your Role Preferences and creating a Party with friends, you can search for available matches to play. As you play more Evolve, you will gain Rank based on your XP (experience) earned. Your Rank will help to determine which players you are matched with, in order to keep games competitive and fun.


In Evolve, effective communication makes the difference between predators and their prey. While you can press the Right Stick to place a waypoint marker to attract your teammates’ attention to points of interest, we recommend plugging in your favorite headset to enjoy Evolve’s cooperative play experience at its fullest.

Going on a Hunt requires an experienced, skilled team of Hunters who each specialize in a key role integral to stopping the Monster’s rampage.


The Assault Hunter’s role is to deal damage to the Monster. Playing as this class means going toe-to-toe with the Monster, simultaneously dishing out and bearing the brunt of damage. Heavily armed, Assault Hunters deal massive damage to groups of hostiles at close range as well as dole out rapid-fire medium range punishment. A personal shield allows them to charge in fearlessly, while a complement of specialized weaponry allow for tactical firefights.


The Trapper’s role on the team is to track, trap, and contain the Monster. Trappers have unique methods and tools that enhance their ability to track down elusive prey. Their mobile arena traps the Monster within its bounds when they close in on the creature. This, in combination with movement-inhibiting traps, creates an opportunity to deal massive damage.


The Medic’s job is to keep the team alive. Medics keep a team of Hunters in top condition, wielding powerful technology that can heal wounds and sometimes even revive the dead. With the ability to heal both themselves and nearby teammates in a flash, it is important for Medics to steer clear of the Monster’s attacks to ensure their team’s survival.


The Support’s role is to provide an offensive or defensive tactical advantage for the team depending on the situation. Whether it’s shielding a teammate from damage or deploying automated sentries, Support is there by your side. In addition to wielding long-range heavy firepower at critical moments, their cloaking field facilitates quick escapes for both themselves and any teammates within range.

More than one wild creature lurks on the planet Shear. These three Monsters that these Hunters will face are as diverse as the world in which they live.

Animal Sense
Despite their differences, all three Monsters have a keen sense of smell. Click the Right Stick to use their animal sense to briefly reveal nearby Hunters and wildlife.

All three Monsters are also capable of stealthy movement. Press to sneak. While sneaking, Monsters leave no tracks behind, and they can pounce their enemies, striking silently and killing without alerting any nearby Hunters or wildlife.


Boasting brute strength matched by staggering agility, Goliath scales obstacles and vertical surfaces with ease. From a distance, it can throw boulders large enough to crush multiple hunters at once. It closes distances with a devastating Leap Smash, or a Charge guaranteed to crush anyone caught underfoot. Up close, its Flame Breath chars anything to a crisp.


The Kraken soars over the battlefield. A dangerous opponent that controls the skies, it summons down an electrifying Lightning Strike or whiplash-inducing Vortex winds to knock back Hunters. In close quarters, its Aftershock fries those in the Kraken’s immediate vicinity. Strategic retreats are facilitated by Banshee Mines that automatically home in on Hunters.


Slithering across the fields of Shear, the Wraith is a master of speed, stealth, and subterfuge. Its powerful Warp Blast teleports the Wraith across short distances and unleashes a powerful explosion. Abduction allows the Wraith to quickly grab a Hunter, pulling its prey away from the action. The Wraith can turn invisible and create a temporary duplicate of itself with the Decoy ability, allowing it to distract even the cleverest Hunters. Finally, its Supernova ability charges the Wraith with massive amounts of bioelectric energy, greatly increasing its melee attack speed.

There are diverse ecosystems scattered across the surface of the planet Shear, abundant with natural flora and fauna. Tread lightly. Absent-minded Hunters quickly fall prey to carnivorous plants, wild beasts, and other environmental hazards which leave them vulnerable to Monsters.

Evolve or Die

An apex predator at the top of the food chain, Monsters prey on everything around them. Kill wildlife and hold to feed on their corpses.

Feeding & Armor
The blue meter on the Monster HUD indicates your armor. Damage depletes your armor, and feeding on wildlife and dead hunters replenishes it. When no Armor remains, the Monster begins to lose Health and, once lost, can only be restored by evolving or by gaining specific buffs.

Pay close attention to the circular energy meter that fills as you feed. Once full, you can evolve by pressing and holding +. Evolving increases the size, strength, and overall power of your Monster. In addition, you can allocate additional points to your Monster’s abilities to improve their effectiveness.

Elite Creatures

Keep an eye out for Elite Creatures: albino wildlife that reward you with Buffs when you kill them. Both Hunters and Monsters benefit from taking one of these beasts down.

Welcome to Shear! As with hundreds of planets before it, mankind arrived to tame the wilderness, bend nature to our will, and harvest Shear's resources for humanity’s prosperity. Only this time, something hasn’t gone according to plan. There’s something out there. Something hungry. Something we haven’t seen before. It terrorizes the colony, trails death and destruction in its wake, and, more importantly, it’s absolute murder on our profit margins. The corporation needs someone of your talents, an experienced Hunter who can finally purge Shear of its problematic pests. You’ve got the skills and the tools—now get out there and bag yourself a trophy worthy of your wages.


After beginning the installation process, you can play Tutorial missions for Goliath (your first Monster) and Markov (your first Hunter) before the entire game has completed installation. Until installation is complete, you will be restricted to specific menu choices on the Main Menu.
Host or join a multiplayer Hunt.

Play a solo Hunt with AI Hunters and Monster. You can also replay the tutorials.

Switch User
Change which user is currently signed in to Evolve.

View Leaderboards for each Monster and Hunter type, check your progress toward various Accolades, or create a custom Badge. You can also access your Profile by pressing .

View the credits, link/unlink your my2K account, or browse the video gallery.

Access the Options Menu, where you can adjust various gameplay and system settings.

Visit http://support.2k.com for the latest on help and support for Evolve, including resolutions to common error messages.

Visit http://www.2k.com for information regarding my2K accounts or to change your my2K profile.