Our story begins inside a prison where our Kaoru Tamanegui finds himself locked up, in dishonor and for betraying the Shogun Kyuri. While thinking his life no longer has meaning, guards put Broccoli Joe in the same cell. Within minutes, both characters agree that the Shogun Kyuri is the real traitor who is manipulating the Emperor.
Kaoru Tamanegui and Broccoli Joe decide to escape from prison and embark on a great adventure to defeat Kyuri, with the help of other Samurai orders.

Yasai have two modes of play:
  • One Player: Play as both characters, Kaoru Tamanegui and Broccoli Joe, alternating between them, according to the special moves of each character.
  • Two Players: Choose your character and play with a friend to experience the adventure. Solve the puzzles together!

Kaoru Tamanegi

Kaoru Tamanegi is the perfect Samurai, according to the training rules, his obedience to his sensei, his shogun Kyrui and the emperor. His training makes him a disciplined and faithful fighter, displaying polished combat style, with smooth and coordinated movements. His naiveté is the quality that shows he is a good guy, often being the butt of Broccoli Joe's jokes.

Broccoli Joe

Broccoli Joe is a free-spirited adventurer who travels aimlessly, carried by the wind. Throughout his adventure he begins to understand the true meaning of friendship and loyalty. He eventually comes to understand what honor is, and he fights with Kaoru Tamanegi to restore peace to the empire.

The final goals are to eliminate all the allies of the shogun, unlock various levels, confront Kyuri ... Will the adventure end here?

In both single-player and two-player modes, collaborative gameplay is essential. It is created between the two characters, thanks to the special actions of each.
Yasai consists of a combat system where new skills and combo systems are unlocked. The player gradually achieves them advancing through the game. Each character has his own combos, according to his charisma.
Move objects and activate switches. Each character has special abilities to unlock Yasai Ninja levels.
Unlock Yasai Ninja achievements, becoming a true samurai!
Button Descriptions:
Block / Dodge
light strike
Heavy strike
Change character